Writer and Director Bob Rafelson has stated that this is the final part of an informal trilogy he started with Five Easy Pieces (1970) and continued with The King of Marvin Gardens (1972). In the three, Nicholson has now played son, brother, and father. In this one, Nicholson is a wealthy wine dealer who has distanced himself from his wife with his philandering, and from his son with his negligence. After he steals a diamond necklace with the help of a safecracker partner, Victor, things start coming apart. His wife sets out to interrupt what she thinks is another one of his weekend dalliances, but is really his trip to pawn the jewels.

Also Known As: Gente peligrosa, Verta ja viiniä, Krv i vino, Sangre y vino, Διαμάντια και αίμα, A nyakék nyomában, Blood & Wine - Ein tödlicher Cocktail, Sangue e Vinho, Le négociant, Blood and Wine, Кръв и вино, Κρασί και αίμα, Laberint criminal, Sânge si vin, Кровь и вино, Sangre y Vino, Kraujas ir vynas, Blood &, Sangue & Vinho, Blood & Wine, Kan ve şarap, Krew i wino

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  • lasse-ahonen
    lasse ahonen

    After watching “Blood and Wine” I had an almost physical urge to immediately put on something much more cheerful (like a new “Friends” episode). Hardly do I stumble upon a film so brutal and tasteless, in which the main characters come across only as people in various stages of moral disintegration, with whom the viewer is compelled to feel no attachment whatsoever. The “good guys” seem appealing only by virtue of committing the least disgusting wrongdoings. The characters’ motivation is not to become better, but not to become worse than they already are, and redemption is nowhere in sight. One depressing, bleak piece of a movie, with little – if any – value. Nicholson presents a disappointing lack of class, Lopez puts off by her strong Cuban accent, and only Michael Caine seems to tower above the rest of the cast, in a role which is nevertheless a bad waste of his talents. In short: avoid if you can. (And for a really good caper flick – go see “The Thomas Crown Affair”, any of the two versions, although I recommend the newer one.) (4/10)

  • henry-andrews
    henry andrews

    All star cast and great plot possibilities are wasted on this movie. First of all, the love triangle turns out to be unsatisfying because nothing really comes of the “triangle”, so why bother. The “crime” itself is given no more than a few minutes and produces little drama. The promised double and triple-cross and changeable loyalties that ensue after the theft in fighting over the booty play out like an episode of “Nash Bridges”. Now that I think about it, this whole movie reminds me of an episode of some similar TV crime drama and could be played out easily in an hour or less with better writing and be much more entertaining.

  • timothee-dijoux
    timothee dijoux

    This movie leaves a totally pointless impression. It adds noting new or original to the genre and on top of that the movie is just not a well made one.They desperately tried to make things more interesting with its script but the movie in fact remains nothing more but a generic genre movie, that unnecessarily makes things hard on itself with its script and redundant characters.The story also doesn’t always flow, which is due to some bad pacing and editing. At times it feels like sequences are missing and things occur too fast after each other. The story lacks proper back-story for the characters and when the movie tries to put in some emotions they work out blank and come over as artificial and forced and completely unrealistic or believable. You can also blame the director for this. I’ll bet the movie would had been way better if it didn’t took itself as serious as it did. Some more ‘fun’ wouldn’t had damaged the movie.Because of the failed script not much works out in the movie. It’s not tense, it’s not mysterious, it’s not surprising. The action feels lame and the love-story misplaced and unrealistic. Some of the dialog is horrendous and it makes the characters at times seem like dumb Neanderthalers. A real offense to the viewer’s intelligence.Despite the fact that the movie is filled with stars, the movie still is miscast. In all fairness, I think Jennifer Lopez is a good actress but it just doesn’t show in this movie, in which she plays a character with a thick Cuban accent, who is supposed to be the love interest of the movie of the two main characters. Stephen Dorff feels out of place since he’s only ever real good and convincing as an actor when he plays a villain, which is mostly due to his looks. Still it’s interesting to see Jack Nicholson and Michael Caine as partners in crime. Especially Nicholson makes the movie worthwhile at times and his character is perhaps the only real good and enjoyable one of the movie. Though Caine is also good at times but mostly when he acts as a different person in the movie.A movie to forget really fast.4/10http://bobafett1138.blogspot.com/

  • bernard-cousin-de-la-dupre
    bernard cousin de la dupre

    You would think the tandem of the glorious Michael Caine, the always stunning Jack Nicholson and the adorable Judy Davis would set a movie’s heels on fire but “Blood and Wine” falls far from expectations as the sparks never start on set. All these esteemed actors give a good showing in their own right but their characters are flat and lifeless. The script seems compelled only to move the action along and nothing else. Mr. Caine, Mr. Nicholson and Ms. Davis give punctuation and try their best to put a breath of life into this lifeless film with an all too obvious plot. Stephen Dorff gives a better performance than usual (no cheers for Blade or Cecil B. Demented) but his character is far from complex, and Jennifer Lopez can’t keep her faux Cuban accent up throughout the course of the film.The plot is rather generic and the suspense that the movie is trying to portray is better invoked by the musical score than the cinematic or script climax.As a saving grace the location scouting is great, really espousing the feeling of the Floridian backdrop. But that doesn’t save the movie. There are as well a couple of slightly memorable stunt scenes but is not an action film.Skip this one and watch Chinatown again. And if you haven’t seen that see it twice.

  • liane-weitzel-b-eng
    liane weitzel b eng

    I watched this movie on the basis of the cast alone – how could something with Jack Nicholson, Michael Caine & Judy Davis in the cast be other than brilliant? The answer, if this is an example-is “easily”.The plot is convoluted, unbelievable, the acting patchy and in the case of Davis – drastically overplayed. Michael Caine once again proved what a versatile actor he is, but was stumped by the stupid storyline. Jack Nicholson did what he increasingly seems to do these days – just drifted through the role (I had the impression he could hardly wait to go home and get the whole thing over). Stephen Dorff did his best with a part that never really defined itself – Jennifer Lopes should not give up her day job – no further comment!I feel that the writers and producers should have watched some of the excellent heist movies from the past and learnt the lesson that it is OK to have a convoluted plot as long as you keep the action going.A waste of time and talent.

  • gianantonio-longo
    gianantonio longo

    This movie tries to be a modern day film noir and just quite doesn’t work. This was directed by Bob Rafelson, who also directed Nicholson in his first great starring role in Five Easy Pieces. This movie has a great cast that has Nicholson, Michael Caine, Judy Davis, Jennifer Lopez and Stephen Dorff. Nicholson owns a wine cellar but is having some money troubles and hatches a plan with Michael Caine to steal a million dollar necklace while some rich clients are on vacation. Lopez plays their maid who is going to help them but is fired right before the robbery and can’t help them. Once they actually steal the necklace, everything starts to go wrong and everybody turns on everyone. This movie just doesn’t work as a film noir and is just a major disappointment

  • megan-daniels
    megan daniels

    I thoroughly enjoyed the twists and turns of Blood & Wine’s plot as I steered through it by some very interesting characters who were brought to life magnificently by a talented cast, especially Nicholson and Caine. None of the characters are white as snow but all of them, even the Caine character, elicit some sympathy. My only complaint is that the ending although poetic is slightly unsatisfying. Then again that could be because of my sympathy and bias for Nicholson’s character. All in all very enjoyable, 8/10.

  • tat-ewik-at-erzyan
    tat ewik at erzyan

    This was a nice little heist yarn. Nothing special or spectacular, but still an enjoyable viewing.I really enjoyed the role that Michael Caine played. His character was creepy and vulnerable at the same time. Caine played it exceptionally well. In fact, Caine’s acting was the best part of the movie.I’ll rate this movie a solid 7. Not a masterpeice, but still an enjoyable view.

  • maie-ratsep
    maie ratsep

    With the talent on board, Jack Nicholson, Michael Cane, Jennifer Lopez, and Stephen Dorff, “Blood and Wine” must be regarded as a misfire. The film seems strangely detached, with no real involvement for the audience. Jennife Lopez especially comes across as if she wasn’t sure how to present herself. What you get are domestic disputes, disappearing diamonds, and disagreements among thieves, none of which are particularly interesting. Even the heist is depicted as an afterthought. With no likable characters, a script that seems underdeveloped, and little reason for the viewer to care about any of this, everything just sort of drifts along to nowhere. – MERK

  • dr-kovacs-a-erzsebet
    dr kovacs a erzsebet

    This is one of those underrated movies . What I like about this movie is simple : the acting is very good, the settings are credible, the situations are credible, the dialogs are very good. What more ? it doesn’t have the usual Hollywood honey spread over it with luscious soundtracks, over-romantic scenes or overblown action. Nicolson and Michael Caine are super in acting and there is enough going’ on to keep you awake. No special effects , no blasting soundtracks , no stupid dialogs , just plain simple perfect cinema that does not need an happy ending. Very good directing as well. This is better than 3/4th coming out of Hollywood. Who needs blockbusters anyway.

  • kulikova-sinklitikiia-tarasovna
    kulikova sinklitikiia tarasovna

    This is a pretty good suspense/crime/intrigue flick about a jewelry heist gone terribly awry. The big draw here is Jack Nicholson and Michael Caine, working together, for the first time, I believe. They provide two nicely contrasted portraits in malice: Nicholson as a two-bit hood with a connoisseur’s taste and delusions of grandeur, down on his luck, and Michael Caine as a grimly desperate safecracker with advanced respiratory disease who feels the grim reaper at his heels and wants one last big score. Their plans are set askew by Nicholson’s wife and stepson, leading to nasty complications. Nicholson and Caine are great together, especially the latter. Worth a see.

  • sali-durmus
    sali durmus

    ‘Blood and Wine’ has a sort of film noire feel to it. It reminds one of the Humphrey Bogart and Alfred Hitchcock classics. Though it’s not as stylish a film Rafelson does make good use of the Florida locations. Some of the dialogues are interesting too. The element of suspense is well maintained but what really works for ‘Blood and Wine’ is the unusual cast. Jack Nicholson is not very different from his other films but it suits Alex Gates. Michael Caine is a knockout as the murderer with a bad cold. He’s quite the scene-stealer. Judy Davis is first rate. Stephen Dorff plays holds his own. Jennifer Lopez is stunning. What is most striking is her natural beauty combined with a natural performance. She more than holds her own and brings a certain humanness and courage to an otherwise fragile Gabriella. Overall, Rafelson’s is an intriguing little thriller with a fantastic cast.

  • joshua-wright
    joshua wright

    BLOOD & WINE (1996) *** Jack Nicholson, Michael Caine, Stephen Dorff, Jennifer Lopez, Judy Davis, Harold Perrineau. Fine devious neo noir and serpentine twists along the way with slick wine salesman Nicholson partnering with chronic, oily Caine (gleefully enjoying his scumbag role) for a get rich quick diamond necklace heist that only gets botched (natch) when his stepson Dorff starts to add up the heinous acts they’ve committed. Nicholson’s attack on Caine is scarily funny. Directed by long-time Jack Packer, Bob Rafelson.

  • kristina-poska
    kristina poska

    The story involves the theft of a multi-million-dollar necklace by thieves Jack Nicholson, who runs a wine shop in Miami, and Michael Caine, a safe cracker on parole. Nicholson packs his suitcase intending to leave his wife, Judy Davis, and his stepson, Steven Dorff, and run off to New York with his innocent girl friend, Jennifer Lopez. In New York, he intends to sell the hot ice to a fence and return to split the cash with Caine.At the last moment, Nicholson has an argument with his wife, she clobbers him with a poker, frantically throws some clothes into Nicholson’s suitcase, and drives off with her son. The necklace is stashed in a compartment of the suitcase, although neither she nor Dorff knows it.They find out soon enough. Nicholson and Caine track them to Key Largo and there are arguments, fights, a car chase, until Davis and Caine wind up dead, Dorff takes off in his new boat for the horizon, Lopez drives off alone with one of the stones, and Nicholson winds up in the hands of the law.It has a lot going for it. Nicholson and Caine rarely go wrong. Judy Davis does hysteria well. Jennifer Lopez is a natural actress, a beautiful young woman with a cantilevered rear end. The locations include some of the more colorful parts of Florida. And there’s one effective action scene during, and immediately after, the car chase.So why doesn’t it work any better than it does? It’s a mean-spirited movie. Every character seems greedy, spiteful, and deceitful. There’s nobody to root for. It’s easy to argue that this is rather more like real life than having good and evil splashed across the screen, but the values don’t go much beyond that. No one has any particularly generous impulses. If someone dies, they simply disappear from the story. The only scene in which a genuine conflict of motives appears is when Nicholson is rooting around the bloodied body of his dying wife in an overturned car, searching desperately for the stupid necklace and sobbing with remorse at the same time. And even this is undercut by pettiness. Her last words to Nicholson: “**** you.” The ill-considered roles cripple the performances too. Nobody is poor, but no one has a chance to do much more than try to outwit the others. It’s also disturbing to see actors we like, like Caine and Nicholson, in parts so petty. They’re fine when they are outrageously malignant and venomous. (Nicholson ululating hoarsely and limping through the snow with an ax in his hands.) But realistically, as reprobate as the rest of us? Nope.I also can’t understand why the location shooting doesn’t take advantage of Miami and the Keys, where it was clearly shot. We see mostly interiors and back yards. Even a fishing boat in the Gulf of Florida feels claustrophobic. There’s no sense of space or even of the city. And the photography doesn’t help, somehow nudging a viewer into the perception that southern Florida is chilly rather than shimmering in humidity and heat. Where’s the sweat? John Huston’s “Key Largo” was all shot on a Warner Brothers’ sound stage and does a better job of establishing the atmosphere. Finally, the MacGuffin — that million-dollar necklace — bespeaking a lack of imagination. Sounds like a job for Charlie Chan.Well, I don’t mean to be too harsh. It’s not badly done. It’s just that so many opportunities for it to have been better were missed in the script and in the direction. Disappointing.

  • raymond-miller
    raymond miller

    This movie is a pure gem for any neo-noir fan. It boasts fine performances from veterans e.g. Jack Nicholson and Michael Caine. The plot is age-old heist gone wrong with new twists and turns. But it never ceases to loose your attention. The direction is top-notch. If you are a fan of film-noir orJack Nicholson and/or Michael Caine , this is a must watch for you.

  • clara-del-rio-castellanos
    clara del rio castellanos

    Back when it was released, I saw this movie. By now, 2018, I kept a good memory of it, especially it was quite interesting and visually recreating. But frankly, I remembered few and bad about the plot. I saw it again last night, and was delighted, literally, because this kind of films are no made anymore. Also allow me to say that this cast is not available anymore. The thriller is very well done, with a very good realistic and original non-cliche plot and again, the cast, although they are still alive, I am already missing them. To me, it was a cinema feast. I can’t recall more than 30 to 40 movies of which I can say the same. Anyway, whatever your taste, this is well done, it will draw your attention throughout its entirety. Very highly recommended!!

  • heosubin

    “Five Easy Pieces” is closed to one of the best movies ever made. I never finished watching “The King of Marvin Gardens” (It got too ponderous and uninteresting)and “Blood and Wine” is no improvement. Rafelson was much better off when he didn’t get influenced from other directors and just stuck to what he did best like in F.E.P., which was about genuine characters facing genuine problems. The characters in Blood and Wine are not realistic. They’re a cliche. They weren’t interesting enough to be sympathied with, even Stephen Dorff, who is supposed to be portrayed as the film’s hero. Charmless, humorless, and overall bleak movie lacking any style or substance.

  • b-varga-attila
    b varga attila

    In Miami, Alex Gates (Jack Nicholson) is a small trader of wines, married with Suzanne (Judy Davies). He does not have a good relationship with his wife and his stepson, Jason (Stephen Dorff). Alex has a Cuban mistress, Gabriela (Jennifer Lopez). One day, he decides to steal a jewel from a rich client, in the house where Gabriela works as a nanny. Alex associates to the tuberculous small-time crook Victor Spansky (Michael Caine). A series of mistakes jeopardize the heist and the selling of the necklace. This amoral and noir movie has a magnificent cast. However, something does not work well, being just an average movie about greed. My vote is six.Title (Brazil): “Sangue e Vinho” (“Blood and Wine”)

  • galina-kvinikaze
    galina kvinikaze

    Here’s a pretty good movie with some name stars in it. Jack Nicholson plays a wine dealer who plans to turn around his failing business by stealing diamonds from a rich client. He’s also having a fling with their nanny, played by a not yet famous Jennifer Lopez. However, his family takes the diamonds unknowingly, setting up chases and conflicts. The performances are tight, and it’s a gritty movie. Nicholson plays a truly detestable character. Michael Caine plays his rather sad partner, who is dying of cancer and trying to get one last score so he can die in comfort. Lopez is actually pretty good, it’s before they actually gave her control over her productions.

  • stergios-giannakes
    stergios giannakes

    I’m not sure why I haven’t seen Blood and Wine from start to finish up until today, but it has always been intriguing as that one Jack Nicholson movie I would see in bits and pieces on TV, with J-Lo in an early supporting role as the not-quite femme fatale, and Michael Caine as a guy with a very bad cough. Seeing it today I’m reminded of the classic work Bob Rafelson, director, and Nicholson did back in the 70s, even if they already reached their peak on their first film, Five Easy Pieces. But at the least Blood and Wine represents a return to form for Nicholson under the director he worked with most, either as actor or writer (he co-wrote Head), especially in the F.E.P. role of a SOB, which, of course, is usually as easy for Nicholson as raising up his eyebrows. His character, Alex, is a criminal, but not a very good one, as he isn’t entirely able to balance out his goals as a jewel thief and as an adulterer with Lopez’s Gabriella. It doesn’t help that his wife (Judy Davis) has a son from a previous marriage (Stephen Dorff), who has it in for Alex big-time. Meanwhile, that jewel necklace is almost up in the air, and all his craggy partner, Vic (Michael Caine), can do is cough a lot and act more as a dumb muscle than as a consummate professional.So in these ingredients, Rafelson and his writers have a classic, cooked-up noir with enough style by its actors and locale to make up for what would be considered ‘too violent’ to show back in the forties (probably too sexy too, what with Lopez’s ‘assets’). Rafelson knows this material needs the best cast, and assembled is the best cast for the job, where desperation, greed, proper morality and just a moment of piece of mind get shifted around but are always the constants that all these characters. Nicholson is, well, Nicholson, cold to the bone but also a great liar, violent, passionate, but won’t stop till he gets his way. He’s not breaking new ground or setting up himself for the usual awards circuits, but it’s still very cool to see him playing Alex as believable work of sleaze, almost in the tradition of Bogart (he actually does just as good, if not better, here than he did in Rafelson’s ‘Postman’ remake). Dorff, meanwhile, could be considered the weakest link with a cast like this, but he holds his own fairly well within his character’s basic lines, especially when considering the roles he’d have to take later on. Caine is a natural at playing against “type”, which doesn’t really exist for him, and disappears into this pragmatic but vicious parolee. And actresses like Davis and Lopez fit into their roles in the “noir” mood with equal levels of ease. I wish I could see Lopez in more roles like this where we might not believe totally her intentions for either of the men in her life, but is not necessarily cruel like the old femme fatales either.Released, as they say, under the radar back in 96, Blood and Wine uses its Miami and Florida locales like they’re still lush and lustful and engaging, and the danger here isn’t diminished from what’s usually expected in the urban cities and dark alleys. Rafelson’s got his A-game on here with an enjoyable story where we can guess pretty much where it will lead- the wills of men tested head-to-head- but it’s a lot of harsh fun getting there.

  • tamara-baranov
    tamara baranov

    Another twist on the heist gone wrong movie. Alex (Nicholson) and Victor (Caine) plan to rob jewels from a house safe. The robbery goes off fine but Alex’s wife leaves him and flees the abusive relationship with her son Jason (Dorff) accidentally taking the jewels. Alex and Victor give chase leading to a double-crossing finale of greed and deception.This is not what it appears – to compare it to the many “heist gone wrong” movies around now is quite unfair. Rather, this is a character driven piece where the diamonds become the signpost to the characters’ true form rather than the reason d’eitre for the whole film. Nicholson plays the main character who seems OK on the surface but is paranoid, greedy, abusive and frustrated underneath. Caine is more sleazy and obviously violent, while Lopez, Dorff and Davis all play supposed innocents sucked into the crime.However the truth is that the film reveals the greed inside each of them, only Judy Davis as Nicholson’s wife comes off as anyway sympathetic, but even she has a drinking problem. Lopez and Dorff display their greed gradually and their characters develop during the film to be as unpleasant as Nicholson. All the main performances are strong and the monstrous sides of their nature are easily believable. Any redemptions are tarnished with lingering greed, greed turns to suspicion turns to deception turns to murder. Human nature is an ugly thing and this element of it is played out at every level here.As a crime thriller it doesn’t work as well as it could have – it is often treated as a plot driver rather than the plot itself. However the characters and performances are all strong and it is this that drives the film. Depending on whether you want a crime thriller or a character piece with big names, you’ll either be disappointed or pleasantly surprised.

  • marjatta-maki-seppa
    marjatta maki seppa

    The team of Bob Rafelson and Jack Nicholson made two of the strongest movies of the 1970s, ‘Five Easy Pieces’ and ‘The King Of Marvin Gardens’. It would be unrealistic to hope that ‘Blood And Wine’ would be as memorable as those two, and of course it isn’t. But it is an excellent piece of modern film noir, one of the most underrated Hollywood movies of recent years, and the best thing Rafelson has made since the early 1980s. Nicholson is perfectly cast as a dissatisfied and greedy wine merchant who hatches a plot to steal a client’s valuable necklace. He is assisted by a slimy British crook (a superb turn from Michael Caine in his best acting role in years) and his sexy young girlfriend (Jennifer Lopez, who is surprisingly good). Things get very complicated very quickly when their plan goes belly up, and Nicholson’s estranged wife (Judy Davis) and his stepson (Steven Dorff) get into the picture. This is a well acted, interesting and unpredictable thriller with some real depth among the plot twists. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  • sophie-knoers
    sophie knoers

    Jack Nicholson is typically brilliant. Judy Davis is positively compelling. Michael Caine does what he does when given a great script: exceptional work. Stephen Dorff is a great young actor, and Jennifer Lopez is stunningly beautiful, if at times out of her league here.The script is good, the direction is excellent, and the film, in total, is a solid 8.5 on the 10 scale. Those who complain that the film is too violent shouldn’t watch movies about crime. Crime is typically violent. (Despite the way it’s depicted in most films.)See this movie. Ignore the idiots.

  • patrik-makinen
    patrik makinen

    Jack Nicholson and Michael Caine are so good in this movie. The temptation to chew up the scenery must have been overwhelming, but neither did. Neither grandstanded, and each played their vastly unappealing characters right down to the last detail. Caine plays an aging and ill thief looking for that last big score on which he can retire. Nicholson plays a middle-class wine distributor locked into an unhappy marriage, failing business, and a young girlfriend to support. They unite to rob one of Nicholson’s clients, an act they feel will solve all of their problems. Of course it doesn’t and everything that can go wrong, does. And then things begin to turn ugly.Dark, noirish, this is not a feel-good caper flick. It’s definitely not “The Sting”. What it is is well acted, directed, and filmed. Highly recommended, I’m just puzzled why it was overlooked at the Academy Awards.

  • takacs-k-tunde
    takacs k tunde

    Michael Caine gives one of his greatest performances, and that really is saying something. How many times have you seen someone overshadow CJck Nicholson? Well it happens here. Caine’s character is at times pathetic, at others funny, and at others deeply nasty, and always believable.Jennifer Lopez looks astonishing in this but her character is a cypher. The script is so-so, as is the direction, but it is worth watching once for the Caine masterclass.