A team of softball players get lost in the woods after their bus breaks down. They get attacked, beaten, raped and murdered by some psychotic men. The women fight back with baseball bats and bows and arrows.

Also Known As: Baseball Bimbos in Hillbilly Hell, Jogos Sangrentos, Blood Games, Jogos de Sangue, Baseball életre-halálra, Juegos sangrientos, Véres játékok

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  • aaron

    Pls upload Necessary Roughness (1991).

  • maaltii-ddaar
    maaltii ddaar

    Yet another one on my list of Hard-to-Find DVDs and actually a horrendously bad movie in several different ways. The six stars all go to Laura Albert. Had she been like the others, this movie would have been mercifully forgotten, where it actually belongs. But Ms. Albert really caught my fancy despite this being basically a slasher movie and thus generally lower than snail droppings. It is at least a whole goddamn universe better than AEROBICIDE, but that’s another story. Any movie that’s going to focus on blood flowing down a girl’s leg in a glorification of violence against poor, little innocent girls, with throwaway characters I couldn’t care less about, isn’t going to get my vote, no way. Anyway, I can’t get this one, and remember too little for an actual fair review, and this shoddy little entry, just begging to be deleted, has proved to be one of my least-liked attempts, but guys, I can’t help it, it’s really just a cry for assistance, so if anybody can come to the rescue, especially with a pre- recorded memory card, that would be of such a merciful relief I’d gladly reward you. Currently, mid-November 2015, there is a spark of hope on this front, with negotiations being made with a board member. Until I note otherwise, I continue searching. Reward still being dangled!There clearly was room for a much better flick than what emerged. Poor script with poor acting shot it to hell, but they definitely did not go Oscar-hunting with this one. This is a Class A exploitation movie and the director (Tanya Rosenberg) lucked out with Laura, the rest wasn’t worth mentioning.Thank you to the boring dude on the Net who spoke and spoke for what seemed like hours and hours about the movie, repeating himself over and over, but then added the trailer. Yes, it’s a cheesy flick, but there were enjoyable moments. Especially Laura, mostly Laura. Only Laura, really…addendum: April 2019. There just ain’t no mercy. Currently watching this on YouTube. I don’t know how to download there. So I surrender. I’d always be willing to pay for a proper release. It doesn’t matter to me how grotty the movie is, I would still want it. I’M A LAURA ALBERT FAN.

  • ana-de-batista
    ana de batista

    This is a 90’s b horror flick with 70’s drive-in sensibilities. Although I’m sure most of you are familiar with this movie since it so permeates our culture, I’ll go over the basics for the few Amazon customers who haven’t heard of this Cinematic Masterwork. Back in the 90’s before crystal meth, simple country folk had to go to great lengths to entertain themselves. One of their favorite ways to pass the time was to play baseball against roving bands of barnstorming all girls’ baseball teams. Thus do Babe and the Ball Girls enter the modern zeitgeist. Babe and her team, managed by her father, are a kick-butt squad of baseball hotties. I don’t know if any of the girls are actual baseball players but they were certainly among the hottest aerobics instructors at the mall at the time this film was cast. There isn’t a single scene that doesn’t feature finely toned young women wearing short shorts, tight jeans or mini-skirts. But lest you think it’s all about the T&A, the women were all written with finely defined personalities. For example, they don’t just feature blondes in the movie, but blonds with both short AND long hair. Same with the brunettes. While there are several brunettes with long hair the filmmakers go to great length to distinguish between them. One has blue eyes, one has brown eyes, and one has eyebrows you could knit an Irish sweater with. The girls beat the tar out of the rednecks in a game that borders on felonious assault and then retire to their showers while their manager tries to collect the prize money. The guy who brought the team to town, in order to celebrate his 30-year-old son Roy’s birthday, is a hard case. He’s angry that Roy and company lost to a bunch of girls, and he shore isn’t going to pay those girls for humiliating his son (and by extension himself) This leads to a confrontation which I won’t spoil for you but which, a gun, a knife, a baseball bat and a toilet later, finds the girls hot footing out of town on the team bus with the drunken in-bred villagers in hot pursuit, armed with all manner of guns, axes and even a crossbow. What follows is very reminiscent of Stallone’s first Rambo, if you were to substitute a busload of leggy models for John Rambo and a pack of drunken hillbillies for Brian Dennehy/state police. The girls use their courage and wits in a battle for survival as they try to reach the nearest civilized town before the boozed up, slavering rednecks catch them. It’s a lot of fun watching the ladies turn the tables on their attackers, although there are some very close calls and one is never exactly sure how it will all turn out. One word of honest warning. There is a pointless and brutal rape scene about 3/4 through the movie. It’s pointless because we all know what is going to happen to these women if the bad guys catch them. We don’t need to see it. I don’t like rape scenes and they aren’t necessary here. This one is typically ugly and nasty and its graphic explicitness really dispels the sense of b movie fun that builds up during the earlier scenes. Having said that, if you are the type of person who isn’t bothered by such things or if you can fast forward past it, and if you liked “A League of Their Own” but felt that Madonna and Rosie O’Donnell didn’t provide enough cheap sex and in-bred humor, not to mention violence, then Blood Games will probably hit a home run for you.

  • ivan-ionescu
    ivan ionescu

    Just got done watching this. I read the description and it seemed like it was a “most dangerous game” type storyline in the sense of “Surviving The Game” and “Hard Target”. Of course, the difference between this film and those two is that there is no Van Damme, no John Woo style action sequences, nor is there Ice-T, Rutger Hauer and big name actors in a low budget movie. Just beautiful women and a bunch of rednecks. Anyway, the storyline is that this baseball team of scorchingly hot women beating the team of rednecks in their neck of the woods. The main guy on the team and his buddy want a peace of action and try to rape two women on the opposing team but end up being saved by their manager, only to be stabbed. Since the main guy of the team got killed by being rammed by a bus, his father wants his friends to take out the women. Reminded me more of “Surviving The Game” than “Hard Target” since it mostly took place in the woods and that the women were doing everything they can to survive. I watched this on Comcast On Demand, and figured that this would’ve been the only chance I would have to watch it. I enjoyed it, but I know it was far from the greatest I’ve ever seen. Of course, the acting was bad and the budget was really low, but still, it was an enjoyable bad movie. Watch it some way you can. You’d be surprised.

  • brianna-herring
    brianna herring

    Tanya Rosenberg, the director of this flick only made one movie. Blood Games, and it surely shows that she is a girl. It’s some kind of revenge on a revenge. let me explain. The girls in this, for me exploitation, are in a baseball team. They play against some rednecks and the rednecks loose. So they have to pay the coach but they don’t. The coach goes out for the money and get’s killed while the rednecks are raping some of the baseball girls. The girls take their revenge by killing on of the opponents. But they are now also out on revenge to kill the girls. As I said, the director was a woman too so you can see were it’s going. Being made in 1990 it’s a bit low on gore or even blood but here the girls do deliver the stuff. They all look sexy, eighties style!, and some of them even go naked. There are some nice killings shown in ultra slow motion and of course the language used by the rednecks is laughable. Some of the actors never appeared in another flick afterwards and for some it was their only flick but Laura Albert for example, the leader of the baseball girls made it into blockbusters like Pirates of the Caribbean, Wanted or Batman Begins. Ken Carpenter, the main lead of the rednecks became the camera cenobite in Hellraiser 3. Sure, you can file it under horror but I see it more as a exploitation revenge due the cheap effects used but still, it’s watchable and predictable, but only available on rental VHS. If it was made years earlier it could have become a classic in the genre…

  • lucy-diane-lesage
    lucy diane lesage

    There are a handful of elements indicating from beforehand already that “Blood Games” will become a pretty bad but nevertheless hugely enjoyable action/sleazy time-waster… The alternative title, which apparently only got used in Australia, reveals the whole set-up: “Baseball bimbos in Hillbilly Hell”. Correct me if I’m wrong but little insignificant cult movie titles don’t get to sound more promising than this. The whole premise is just as simplistic yet effective as that! Unleash a team of indescribably beautiful female baseball babes into the woods and send a bunch of drunken, testosterone-overdrive rednecks – complete with bullets and crossbows – after them for a bit of chasing, raping and killing fun. Moreover, the director of this obscure piece of junk was also a woman, so be prepared for heavy and obtrusive feminist overtones and cheesy heroine speeches. Just by looking at the plot synopsis, it’s a guaranteed fact already that, somewhere at some point in the movie, one of the lead actresses is bound to speech the words: “I’m sick and tired of being pushed around by male chauvinist pigs! Let’s stand up for ourselves and fight back!” Admittedly it takes far too long before the film properly kicks into gear and the first half is extremely tedious, but you easily tend to forgive all the shortcomings, as it’s more than obvious that this is an ultra low-budgeted amateur production that merely relies on spirited performances and playful teasing rather than originality and spectacular stunts. The film opens with the almost integrally shown baseball game between the babes and the rednecks. A crazy and depraved ex war veteran hired the girls as a present for his porker son, but rednecks clearly can’t deal with losing that well. Two of the girls accidentally run over the son with a bus whilst running away from an attempted rape, and before they realize what’s going on, they find themselves chased by a whole posse of armed yokels! “Blood Games” really isn’t anything special or original, but it’s amusing stuff with a handful of exciting moments. The girls are exceptionally beautiful; each and every single one of them, but it’s not exactly surprising that none of them ever starred in anything else before or after this film. They’re merely sportive types and beauty queens, but not suitable to do any proper acting work. The death sequences are quite alright, and there’s a plausible balance of losses on each side. One final but important little argument to convince knowledgeable horror/cult fanatics to watch “Blood Games” is that it stars George “Buck” Flower as one of the hillbillies. He’s even the one who got to play the voyeur in the obligatory shower sequence! Go Buck!

  • branko-pecnik
    branko pecnik

    This movie starts out as a female baseball versus men in hicksville, USA. These backwoods men don’t take kindly to losing the baseball game to the sexy woman and attack one of the girls before their team bus can get them out of town. Things escalate rapidly and the killing begins. As ultra low budget films goes, this film is average. Given the attractive female leads and their flight and fight for freedom, through the woods, this film is keeper for my film library. Particularly, since films like this disappear, rarely to be seen again. Surely, someone will come up with a B-movie cable channel in my market, someday.

  • marina-gegic
    marina gegic

    “Blood Games” is one funny movie. I can’t quite figure it out yet, but on surface inspection it appears to be a sexist parody of “In A League Of Their Own” crossed with some passable Humans Hunting Humans carnage, a bit of “Repo Man” social satire, along with a Hicksploitation sleaze “Deliverance” ripoff angle thrown in for good measure. The producers went out of their way to make sure there was something in this movie to potentially offend anyone, and I for one appreciate their diligence in the matter.Now bear in mind this is one of those movies that is only offensive if you’re stupid enough to actually think about it in realistic terms. It’s a cartoon for grownups, with a busload of blisteringly hot 20 year old women running afoul of a community of foul-mouthed, smelly redneck crackers. Their conflict is grounded in a baseball game since the gimmick of the film is that these Penthouse models are baseball players recruited based on looks who apparently travel from town to town playing pickup games. It is unclear if they are actually paid to play baseball, though their dubious manager has a gambling debt he needs to pay off, and wagers against the redneck team with the resident psychotic Vietnam veteran patriarch businessman who organizes the hicks. Through events left best discovered on your own, his dirtbag son knifes the manager, shoots the driver of the bus & gets killed for his efforts, the hillbillies organize into a drunken beer swilling posse, and chase the girls through the woods trying to kill them. Add ample gratuitous nudity, pepper with some gory death scenes, and presto: A fabulous movie to drink beer with in the company of your friends. It is, on the surface, a sleazy despicable little movie that no less than Joe Bob Briggs recommends heartily. But hang on a minute, there’s something strange about this movie. First off it was directed by a woman — one Tanya Rosenberg, in her sole IMDb credit — which is eye opening considering the exploitation element at work. These baseball girls aren’t just hot, they are bedecked in an array of costumes that the ladies at Hooter’s would refuse. The camera also lingers on them, ALL of them, especially in the obligatory group shower scene (where? at the redneck clubhouse?) which plays out more like something from a Women In Prison movie minus the catfight. There is also a self awareness to the presentation that suggests the girls knew they were being exploited and not just didn’t mind but threw themselves into their work with pride like there was a message here. I was especially pleased by the nude sunbathing scene by the stream.The rednecks also behave oddly to say the least. Sure, baseball is a competitive sport, but wouldn’t you think that someone in their midst would have had a problem with them slapping around a busload of aggressively attractive twenty year old women? Wouldn’t they want to get to know these chicks on better terms, maybe have them over for a kegger later? They aren’t just the only decent women in the movie, they are the ONLY women in the movie. And the rednecks aren’t just your typical movie rednecks, they are all hyper-rednecks with nary a decent soul who doesn’t drink beer while driving their rifle rack equipped monster pickup trucks amongst them. Even stranger still, the movie was shot in California … California has dysfunctional cracker trash communities? The only conclusion to make is that the movie is a parody of some sorts, or a cartoon-like graphic novel brought to life, with behavior and mannerisms so over the top that they can’t possibly be confused with the way real people would act, look, dress, etc. Think “Repo Man” with “Dukes Of Hazzard” production design. It’s a bizarre, twisted little entertainment for grown-ups, and surprisingly well made with some interesting use of slow motion camera-work, a respectable budget, laughs galore, and never a dull moment. Sadly the film was a direct to video release by a small now defunct company whose work has yet to be resurrected for the DVD era. But it’s worth tracking down if you’re into junk like this, which is exactly what keeping a functioning VCR around the house is for.6/10

  • unsever-koruturk
    unsever koruturk

    “Don’t let those knockers hypnotize you.” “Blood Games” opens strong and never lets up. The plot is extremely simple. First it’s the babes against the beer swilling rednecks in an anything goes, grab assing, baseball game. This is immediately followed by a shower scene that compares favorably with the best “women in prison” films. Next comes a nice assortment of violence, including death by baseball bat, knife, crushed by a bus, gun shot, hanging, cross bow, and that old stand by, kicked down a grain elevator. This hunted in the woods classic has moments of backwoods humor, nice photography, some nifty stunt work, acceptable character development, and acting that ranges from professional (Gregory Scott Collins), to not so good (pick any babe). Nevertheless, “Blood Games” delivers exactly what it promises and that is why it is a great exploitation film, and highly recommended of it’s type. – MERK

  • aleksandr-titov
    aleksandr titov

    I really prefer the Aussie name for this movie: Baseball Bimbos in Hillbilly Hell. It is an apt description. A traveling women’s baseball team that dresses like Hooter’s girls take on a bunch of drunken hillbillies and whip their ass. Did they not think they would take retribution? Things only get started when Roy (Gregory Scott Cummins) and a buddy try to rape two of the girls and kill the manager. Things are only going to get uglier. Roy and his buddy grab rifles and start shooting and Roy gets killed. His daddy (Luke Shay) puts a bounty on the girls – $1000 each DEAD. Now, the games begin.Let’s get the T&A out of the way right now. The actresses were cast, not for their acting ability, but for their appearance in the shower after the game, and for the time they get their clothes torn off in rape attempts.After the bus gets on the wrong road, they team sets out on foot. three stay back to fight while the rest move on. Big mistake. The others return, but the losses on both sides are stacking up. The girls actually are in the lead, but they don’t know it.You know who’s going to win, but it was fun watching.