A journalist desperately tries to find his missing fiancee and finally uncover the truth behind a sinister folklore, leading him down a dangerous road of discovery.

Also Known As: Blood Myth, Kanlı Efsane

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  • kudriashov-demid-iosipovich
    kudriashov demid iosipovich

    The story has a creepy cool set-up. A rural folklore with hints of occult practices. I only hope that there is a legitimate legend it is based on. Then, maybe something of substance is available to prop this film up. It has a great concept, it just needed to be fleshed out more and amped up a little. It moves a bit too slow and the thrills are non-existent.The acting is superb. The characters have depth, they feel real and relatable. They just play out with an air of melancholy. The beginning starts off interesting, it sets up a cool premise that is intriguing. Unfortunately once the story gets going it looses energy and gets a bit boring. The last 35 minutes pick up and acting gets dark and chilling, but by then it all seems a bit “too little too late”.”Blood Myth” has some cool atmosphere that permeates the whole movie. What little horror is present is done well. The music score and lighting is proper. The only downside is the lack of energy or build up to more thrilling events. Plus there is a brilliant, witchy component that seems to brushed over. A real missed opportunity. And I am not a hundred percent sure if I really understood the ending.Overall “Blood Myth” will have some fans. British folk horror inherently feels elevated and this film has some of that going for it. Still it does quite reach intended expectations. There is big chunk of movie that seems to be aimless and just eats up time and very little actual horror. Still, given the subject matter and quality of the acting, check it out.

  • nichole-porter
    nichole porter

    A good creepy dark thriller with some nice horror moments. Suspenseful mystery story with a great twist. Shot really well and with solid performances for a low budget indie. Strong set up, slow burn middle and a satisfying payoff.

  • rebecca-graves
    rebecca graves

    Terrible plot, awful cast and laughable continuity. Pay close attention at rental car colour.