Ray Garrison, an elite soldier who was killed in battle, is brought back to life by an advanced technology that gives him the ability of super human strength and fast healing. With his new abilities, he goes after the man who killed his wife, or at least, who he believes killed his wife. He soon comes to learn that not everything he learns can be trusted. The true question his: Can he even trust himself?

Also Known As: Krvoproliće, Bloodshot: Durdurulamaz Güç, Krvoproliće Bosnia and, Бладшот, 喋血戰士 Hong, Bloodshot New, Bloodshot, 血衛, Блъдшот

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  • the-bowler
    The Bowler

    Great Film period

  • paulette-veronique-sauvage
    paulette veronique sauvage

    Why make this stuff? It looks expensive… it’s generic. Just a waste of everyone’s time. The only person who liked this film is Vin Diesel.

  • jacinto-oquendo-saucedo
    jacinto oquendo saucedo

    Only with 21st century CCG and vastly inferior!Nothing more to say apart that I have to add wordage for this post to qualify!

  • tove-frandsen-danielsen
    tove frandsen danielsen

    Saw this a hundred miles ahead of course they use a diseased soldier remodel him and make him kill.Wait for it on DVD not worth full admission at the theater.

  • ingeborg-grete-jacobsen
    ingeborg grete jacobsen

    Judging from the fact that it’s a Vin Diesel film with surprisingly little marketing, I expecting the worse and to no surprise I was right. This film is bad, it’s pretty the same quality as Hulk (2003), Elektra and Daredevil and Fantastic Four.Vin Diesel is horribly miscast and has literally no range. Even a celery could act better. He is unlikable in this film. The supporting cast were just fine. It’s your typical comic book film meaning which means 70% of the time, they can’t act to their full potential. Toby Kebbell, Eiza González and Guy Pearce being the standouts. You know something is wrong when every member of the supporting cast shines out more than the lead.Jeff Wadlow who wrote Fantasy Island and Truth or Dare wrote this. I don’t need to say anything else cause you know its gonna have horrendous writing. It does also suffer from Marvel Humour Syndrome and if it suffers from that, i will like the film so much less.That being said if you don’t overthink the flaws, there is some fun to be had. It’s somewhat entertaining with some decent action films even if it’s so generically done. The visual effects are pretty substandard, it’s obvious but not to the point where it is distracting.Overall there little of merit and is pretty bland and tasteless. It has it’s enjoyment but that alone can’t make the film. It’s just lazy film making.

  • vilde-andreassen
    vilde andreassen

    This Shared Universe movie from Valiant Comics has a mixed start. The story shoots in all directions at the beginning and only at the end comes a piece of logic that tries to connect the loose ends. But unfortunately by then, you are no longer interested. You know the story and have seen it before in other films. Characters are flat and are not worked out. Vin Diesel plays a character very much like Wolverine, moody, deeply rooted in vengeance with a recovery factor, albeit artificially to avoid copyright issues. Diesel has previously played these types of roles with variable success. This is not one of them.There are two things in this movie that stand out which I personally don’t like. Some scenes are recorded with the shakey cam syndrome. As a result, these scenes are shot very sloppy. At that time, you cannot properly determine what is happening on the screen. There are more films that suffer from this syndrome and it should be clear that it is not conducive to the film. Filmmakers should use it sparingly. Second downside has to do with a scene in which a truck with flour sacks. The truck tilts in a tunnel where the flour causes darkening. Then torches are lit. With so much dust in the air and fire as a detonator, there would be a massive explosion. That is a physical law even though this is a comic book adaptation.

  • margus-kuuse
    margus kuuse

    OK – Vin Diesel can convincingly portray a man who can seriously prod buttock. He can also convincingly portray a man who doesn’t know what’s going on (probably because he doesn’t actually know what’s going on) – but that’s about the limit of his range. Many an action star has been acted off screen by his co-stars. Diesel is acted off screen by his own biceps.Does this matter? The plot of this film is incredibly silly, and it’s diverting if you can get enough of your brain cells to go and hide for the duration – but the market for such films is a crowded one, and Bloodshot doesn’t stand out in any way.

  • begona-diaz-pina
    begona diaz pina

    IN A NUTSHELL: Columbia Pictures offers a science-fiction drama based on the popular Valiant comic book Bloodshot (2019) Book 1. I wasn’t familiar with the comic book character, but I always get a kick out of Vin Diesel and was ready for a fun popcorn flick. “Welcome to the circus” says one of the wounded/enhanced warriors when Ray Garrison joins the super-human squad of medically-enhanced bio soldiers. Cue the popcorn. Most people are calling this a “one and done”, meaning it’s entertaining enough to watch it once but it won’t be anything people will want to watch over and over again.TIPS FOR PARENTS: Lots of violence with various weapons, as well as hand-to-hand combat. Some scenes of blood. No surprise considering the title of the film, right? You see a married couple in bed and a side view from the topless wife. Lots of destruction of property. High body count. Some sexual references in conversation. Reference to Trojan Horse strategy that kids may not understand. Disregard for human life. Some profanity.THINGS I LIKED: If you’re a Vin Diesel fan, you’ll enjoy his performance and all the action that usually accompanies the movies he’s in. The first time I remember seeing Guy Pearce was in the movie The Count Of Monte Cristo I thought he was excellent in that film and I’ve enjoyed every performance I’ve ever seen him in since. I was happy to see him in this too, although much of his talent was wasted. Eiza Gonzalez is tough and sexy. She first caught my attention in Baby Driver. I love that quirky, musically-entertaining action movie. She mostly makes out with Jon Hamm in that movie, but has a lot more to do in this one. Some cool slow-motion Michael Bay action sequences. Some people think that’s super cliche but I really liked it. You get to travel to several locations around the world. Socks with sandals. Ha ha The musical sequence with Toby Kebbell’s character was pretty entertaining. Act 1 is very serious, but the humor kicks in about halfway through the movie and really changes the tone of the film from a drama to an entertaining superhero flick. I was impressed by Lamorne Morris’ British accent. He first came on to my radar as a funnyman American in the popular TV sitcom New Girl: Season 1. Did you know he studied acting on a Chris Farley Memorial Scholarship? That’s cool that such a scholarship even exists! The movie is directed by David Wilson. He actually does a pretty good job mixing full-on action with scenes of computer nerds typing furiously.THINGS I DIDN’T LIKE: There are some serious plot holes in the story. I’m sure things would have made more sense to me if I had read the comic books. A lot of things about Vin Diesel’s character are simply not explained, like why does he glow? Did I miss an explanation? The villain played by Toby Kebbell turns into a pansy within minutes of fire power. I think he looks a lot like Enrique Iglesias. What do you think? Other than some twists, there are some predictable tropes. Ray Garrison (Vin Diesel’s character) is pretty robotic to begin with, so adding nanotechnology to his blood doesn’t really change his personality in an interesting way. We never quite understand what everyone’s motivations are. We are never given much backstory on the characters, so they’re all fairly one dimensional. Avoid watching the trailer if you can since it reveals much of the story. Conspiracy…blah blah…seen it before…blah blah… Some CGI doesn’t work.You can watch my full review on my Movie Review Mom YouTube channel!

  • k-et-o-gagnize
    k et o gagnize

    The movie could almost be made by a 10 year old, nothing but mindless as toon that’s not even subpar. The plot line and story is terrible, the only good things about the movie were vin desiel playing the same character he’s played 30 other times and the no name actor who played the villain. Guy Pearce is under used and valued as the secondary villain, and Toby kebbel is in the movie for 5 minutes, so if ur watching it because u like him, dont

  • brandy-gonzalez
    brandy gonzalez

    First of all I have to mention, that I saw the trailer before I saw the movie. Basically I knew exactly what would happen because the trailer spoiled the whole plot. So thank you for that.They prise the fact that the film is produced by the same people who produced the Fast and Furious series. That should tell enough about that movie:Lots of action, bad story and full of stereotypes.Enjoy that one at home, on an evening where you have nothing better to do.

  • andrea-mas
    andrea mas

    It feels like an early 2000’s superhero movie in a bad way like Daredevil or GhostRider

  • amy-gillespie
    amy gillespie

    I was a little excited when I saw its teaser trailer; not because I’m familiar with the comic book. It’s just that I love good action movie. Long story short, this one is not that good, apparently; not really ‘doing it’ for me’ (IMO, of course).OK. I’ll sum it up: the story is weak, the characters are forgettable, it’s got too many plot holes; the tech. thingy is all over the place (I mean, is that even believable? Seriously). I’m not sure with other viewers but I don’t care about the main character; unfortunately, the cool SFX cannot save the whole mess. After all, it’s only a subjective opinion. Go watch it in theater. Prove me wrong.

  • ms-clare-matthews
    ms clare matthews

    This is going to be a biased review ! Plain and simple ! I have never been and never will be a fan of Vin Diesel…..he simply cant act !! He is not an actor , he is like a stuntman that has got lucky and been forced into the public spotlight to be made into a star. He is not even a good action film actor…………to me thats people like Tom Cruise , Liam Neeson and Keanu Reeves……………so your more than welcome to stop reading and downvote or whatever.Nether the less I was going to give this film a try !! Try and throw all biases and pre conceived notions out before viewing it………..however it was very quick that I saw this was gonna be pretty dreadful……..strangely though coming out of it I do think that the whole concept of the film, even though its not original in anyway, there is something interesting about it. All this film needed was better talent and quality infront of the camera…………..and oh writing the script as well.I have one positive to the film and one only…………….the CGI and action was pretty cool , a bit new and yeah was quite interesting………..really liked it……Mmmmmmm but thats it.I am not going to cover Vin I’m afraid what is the point………he might be a great guy but he has still not conVINced me that he can act or has shown me what everyone else can see in him………….I know I’m in the minority on this one!Guy Pearce, yeah I’ve always liked him even though he does do some stinkers now and then………..he was ok, maybe getting a bit of a pay check sort of performance…….but can you really blame him.Lastly oh what was that guy doing, Lamorne Morris………..I know he was probably told to act like that but just so spine numbingly awful at times, so cliched and stereotyped……….laughable……….he might be a good actor I’m not going to judge him for this film.Ah no I forgot Toby Kebbell…………..wow has hollywood been desperately trying to make him a star , bless him………..I don’t know I like the guy but he just gets involved in the wrong projects………..I think he an act but he is just plain weird in this film……………Strangely as I mentioned earlier there was promise with this idea of the main character and the story. All it needs is better actors , a better script , more serious tone and less humour……………..you might just have something !?!? Unfortunately though we were given this pile of garbage in 2020……..yes in 2020 films like this are still being made……I’m obviously in the minority as to why because I just don’t see the appeal of dumb , easy , cliched and stereotyped stories/characters in a action film……….Its 30% out of 100 its pretty bad, only the CGI and the action scenes save it from being disastrous………I just don’t know anymore, can someone explain to me why stuff like this is popular ?!??!

  • anton-nalivaiko
    anton nalivaiko

    I think this is totally copied of VAN DAMME Universal soldier 1992 but universal soldier is much good then this one. Van DAMME do much better acting then diesel that time this is such a boring and assembling 90s movie

  • bali-ulker
    bali ulker

    There is nothing notable or worth talking about in this boring movie

  • sabino-ferrara
    sabino ferrara

    I love Vin Diesel. But this movie is a Vin Diesel movie like any other. Lots and lots of action and a rather thin story behind it. The movie wasn’t bad, but it was very predictable. The story had some good elements which could have made for a great movie. It just seems unfinished. I would not go and see it at the movies, its not worth the money.

  • apollon-douranes
    apollon douranes

    I just watched it with my family and had to wake up from a nap when it finished. Comic no one ever heard of dramatized the way no one ever wanted. Save yourself some money and pick just about anything else.

  • lars-magnusson
    lars magnusson

    All you will see is some action done by Vin D. Otherwise nothing else notable. Character after character keeps coming. Vin D evolved into superhero just like that. Audience will feel nothing of the evolution.

  • erna-zakis
    erna zakis

    Bloodshot just didn’t feel connected. The movie seemed to jump from scene to scene and introduce character after character with no regards to the story. The action looks okay, passable for modern CGI, but it feels so generic and reminds me of movies like Taken 3, etc. Tack on a generic chase scene in Italy, motorcycle and everything. The pacing in this movie is terrible, jumping from Macedonia, to Italy, to another place in Italy, to a lab, back to Italy, etc. It went from talking to action and back and forth with no regards for plot or development. Think of the typical movie, with exposition, rising action, etc., and this movie does none of it. There’s a resolution and action scenes. It feels like they cut out important parts just to get to more action. A further embarrassment is the female representation in this movie. I’m not saying this movie had to have any strong female characters or leads, but this one tried and failed. The only reason his wife existed was to get “killed” and turn him into a soldier, and later was found alive and to have moved on (also this scene immediately and jarringly cuts to an action scene). The female lead has some boring character development no thanks to Vin Diesel’s very emotional acting. She is only really there to be hot, look cool in some scenes and complement Vin Diesel’s character. There was surprisingly not a forced romance, though it seemed hinted (There was odd scene near the “dead wife” scene where the female lead is swimming in a pool, and they get the typical Hollywood shots of her in her swimsuit. SPOILERS AHEAD The male hacker dude is just there as comedic relief, guards are there just to be stupid cannon fodder. The wife-killers are killed in 5 minutes, and the main baddie is killed in a very generic scene where you think Vin Diesel’s going to die, but he pulls out a grenade and kills himself and the main bad guy, but nope, hacker dude resurrects Vin Diesel, making the sacrifice seem meaningless (as if it had any meaning anyway). All humor in this movie just bounces off Vin Diesel. It’s like people are making jokes to the audience, not to each other. Hacker dude is the best character in this movie, only because he’s a little funny. Overall, I would not go to see this again, I regret seeing it the first time. I had low expectations and was still disappointed at how boring and bad it felt. My favorite scene was when the female lead extends a baton into a merc’s face, and that knocks him out.

  • dina-hovsep-yan
    dina hovsep yan

    Was highly excited for the film but the film was so terrible I slept halfway through the film. go in your own risk.

  • fidel-abraham-corral
    fidel abraham corral

    I never saw the trailers, neither did I knew this was based on a comic-book. I just wanted to see a good action movie with Vin Diesel in it. I did not had my exceptions very high, but boy did it even went far beyond that.This is your run of the mill action movie, even the action seems are uninspired, there is no redeeming quality about this movie, it was very generic and boring. Add that with wooden performances and the script was a total mess, it could be written by any Kid, it was that generic.This movie does not stand out in any way from the other superhero action movies, it does nothing that distinguishes itself, neither does it do a good job in what it’s trying to achieve, just random things happening here and there and you stop caring midway through.I would say avoid seeing this one, not worth watching in the cinema at all or in general.

  • lois-strijker
    lois strijker

    I walked out about over half way thru he mumbles and not much emotion from him. I went to see if his acting improved but hasnt and that is why I stopped even viewing his car movies.I knew the movie would not get a good score as it would be too much believable and its socalled actor hasnt the charisma required.

  • darina-balaban
    darina balaban

    I simply run from Vin Diesel movies. F&F, XXX among other from this walking expressionless door they call an actor. Why? Because Vin Diesel’s characters are all the same and they dont make any sense at all. Bloodshot was somekind of Robocop with Dredd… if booth were written by a desfunctional 15 year old boy with drug abuse. Okay, Robocop isn’t that reference of perfect plot and development, but it was okay. This one here, however, we can’t take no advantage from. The plot is Just a compilation of Hollywood action movies clichés from start to finish. The redemption of a A-Class American soldier who has no Family, no Friends, no one to miss him, so, thank that he has nothing to loose when te gets enhanced after death by a megalomaniac scientist who controls the movie heroe’s every step. I mean…really?? Hollywood screenwriters have nothing left to come up with?? Thats sad at least. Special and visual effects are full of failures . The CGI is mediocre (to save adjectives). The sound mixing and editing was poorly developed, we dont feel the imerssion we should expect from a high action movie. Bloodshot saves himself for having a little bit more of 100 minutes length. More than that and I would certainly commmit suicide if Vin Diesel came with another super hero (una) effective quote. This movie is a total disgrace, please, dont loose your time or Money.

  • dra-mariane-goncalves
    dra mariane goncalves

    Cheesy, super fake, terrible plot, terrible acting. All around awful.

  • roza-rejmak
    roza rejmak

    One must assume that while the world is at the mercy of a global pandemic and every other high profile film release on record is being delayed, the producers behind Vin Diesel’s ‘Bloodshot’ simply decided to say “ahh the heck with it, just put the movie out and maybe we’ll get a bump in market share.”What’s the worst that can happen? The film opens poorly, just as everyone already suspected it would?The problem with ‘Bloodshot’ is that there’s nothing we haven’t seen plenty of times before. Vin Diesel in a white tank top? Check. Man gets killed, brought back to life using cutting-edge technology making him stronger, faster, and more resilient? Check. Man uses newfound abilities to go on a revenge spree and avenge the murder of his wife? Check.Perhaps we should be lauding Vin Diesel for getting paid millions of dollars to play the same character for twenty years. The only problem is that him doing so forces film critics like me to watch his movies. Ray, his character in ‘Bloodshot,’ isn’t interesting at all-either before or after his transformation. It’s just Vin with a different three letter name, like a dozen other characters he’s played recently, featuring the same brooding look and tough-guy mannerisms.Instead of going to the movie theater and potentially catching coronavirus-or worse, having to sit through ‘Bloodshot’-stream some other similar (and better) flicks instead, such as ‘Hardcore Henry’ or ‘Upgrade.’

  • helena-van-berkum
    helena van berkum

    I just got out of BloodshotI didn’t like it, but I wouldn’t say I hated it. It is a very silly film that is seemingly aware (At least I hope it is) of how silly it is. It’s pretty tame violence and blood wise, it’s pretty much all in the trailers which is disappointing.It’s full of cliche’s, it’s action is routine and the effects whilst not bad, are not mind blowing either, there isn’t much humour, but I have to say it is hard to hate a film that includes a dick joke which takes 20 minutes to pay off.Of the cast Vin Diesel is a bit bland and Guy Pierce is hamming it up but Eliza González was joy as KTIt features two things I hate in movies, people eating noisily (when they’d never really eat at that moment) and when you see the back of someone’s head (Vin Diesel for example) whilst he is talking, but what you can see of the side of his face, clearly does not match what he is saying.There were 16 other people in my screening. They were mostly 20 or younger and spent a lot of time on their phones. Someone was even checking Facebook during a chase scene.