A millennial couple in a long-term relationship break up amid a nuclear missile crisis in LA.

Also Known As: Blowing Up Right Now

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  • christina-gutierrez
    christina gutierrez

    Ask yourself this… how would you and your partner spend the loast 10 minutes of your life, because you are in the core zone of an incoming nuclear missile attack? well this film just describes one couples frantic choices, for good or bad, making this quite a humble piece of houmoristic salsa, enjoying eachother at its best and its worst.its a comedy, but also a realitycheck for us all, to make some recheck on your own life. its a verbalistic voyage of love and hate, and touches quite a few emotional strings. the acting are very nice, actually sweet, and the production are far above average, though a bit slow at momentsthe grumpy old man had a some monkey laughs here and there and will therefore recommend you all to have a look too