Returning to the small Florida town where he grew up, Billy Turner (Nelson) learns that his father has been killed. With little help from the police, Billy will take matters into his own hands and go up against a ruthless local mob boss in a desperate search to find the killer.

Also Known As: Vromiki politeia, Blue City - Staden bortom lagen, Blue City, Blue City West, Blue City - Cidade Corrupta, Blue City - laiton kaupunki, Ciudad corrompida, Cidade Corrompida, Smutne miasto, Ciudad peligrosa, Блу-сити Soviet

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  • aiga-rubenis
    aiga rubenis

    What’s good about this flick? The gorgeous Anita Morris plays Nelson’s stepmother and the woman oozes sex appeal. A wonderfully smarmy performance by Paul Winfield as a corrupt police chief. David Caruso acts circles around his co-star Judd Nelson. Some really nice shots of the coastline while Nelson rides his hog down the interstate. Ry Cooder’s bluesy score is just a treat to listen to and captures the atmosphere of the settings.What’s bad about it? Ally Sheedy and Judd Nelson aren’t trying at all; they look like they’re here for the paycheck and nothing more. They exhibit no chemistry in any of their scenes together, and Nelson looks like he’s reciting all of his lines in the least interested manner possible, and Sheedy looks as though she’d rather be anywhere else in the world. Unfortunately, these two performers are probably the reason why most people would want to see this movie. I say skip it and see them in St. Elmo’s Fire or better yet The Breakfast Club.

  • heather-gentry
    heather gentry

    Totally lifeless would be a good way to describe “Blue City”. Despite the presence of several interesting character actors, the leads Judd Nelson and Ally Sheedy drag everything down with their lifeless performances. The only reason to waste 83 minutes on this unfocused lightweight material is to watch Scott Wilson in the role of an opportunistic bad guy, and the late Anita Morris at her sexiest. Beyond that, the script is severely underdeveloped, especially in regards to motivation for all the mayhem. In the end, the viewer is left with many dangling unanswered questions, and a real sense of W.T.F. Think made for cable or direct to video quality. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… MERK

  • joana-faria-cruz
    joana faria cruz

    Returning to the small Florida town where he grew up, Billy Turner learns that his father has been killed.With no help from the police, Billy takes matters into his own hands.He goes up against a ruthless local mob boss in a desperate search to find the killer…Its a semi brat pack movie, featuring the two least successful of the said pack, but strangely, the two most talented.It’s as if Nelson decided to make an eighties version of Walking Tall, with the added touch of Walter Hill, which is so apparent in this, he may as well directed it.But as revenge thrillers go, it’s highly predictable, but so silly, its very entertaining. It’s obvious Winfield is the real mastermind, because he eats breakfast outside and laughs at every scenario, and turns up to help during the final battle.Sheedy is basically here just to be the love interest and to show Nelson the error of his ways, but she does get him information, so she is quite important in the narrative.But what ruins the film a little, and ironically makes it all the more watchable, is Nelsons performance. Here is a character who has just found out that his father is dead, and is left with nothing, but he just seems to shrug it off and carry on with a swagger, and his blasé revenge.But, it’s short, and it’s fast paced enough to go through the motions to prevent you from seeing the plot holes until long after the film has finished.pointless fun, but pointless nevertheless…

  • amphitrite-gkabrou
    amphitrite gkabrou

    “Blue City” came and went from theaters pretty quickly, and has been pretty much forgotten today. I picked up a copy of the movie from a thrift store for 55 cents, to see if there was a reason why the movie is now in obscurity. It did not take me long to figure out why… and that I paid way too much to see it. There are many problems with the movie, but I think the biggest is that there isn’t really any character to identify or sympathize with. The biggest offender is the main character played by Judd Nelson. Right from the start he is deeply arrogant and unlikable, so it’s really hard to get involved with his quest to solve the murder of his father. It doesn’t help that Nelson’s performance really rubs the viewer the wrong way. (Actually, EVERY actor in this movie gives a poor performance.) As for the mystery angle of the movie, it is uninvolving, mainly because the investigation moves at an unbelievably slow pace. And Nelson’s character makes a lot of actions that are so unbelievable that you’ll wonder how he’s not thrown in jail countless times, or simply killed off. The climax tries to pull off a surprise twist, but if you have seen your share of thrillers, more likely than not you will have guessed what that twist will be long before it unfolds. I’ll be shortly donating my copy of this movie to a thrift store, so if you happen to see it there, let it remain there gathering dust.

  • gustavo-henrique-barbosa
    gustavo henrique barbosa

    I don’t understand why this movie is known for being bad. I mean, it’s not that bad at all. A teenager returns to his hometown, finds out his dad, who was the mayor of the city, Blue City, was killed, and ends up blowing up stuff and shooting guns at bad guys to find some answers. A simple plot, but since it was written and produced by Walter Hill, who is one of the harbingers of modern noir, the movie glides along at a nice pace and, although the acting isn’t too great in some scenes, what does it matter? When you are blowing stuff up, there is no need to be Olivier, is there? There are some fine actor in this, including Paul Winfield and one of my personal favorites, Scott Wilson from “In Cold Blood”. And of course you have Judd Nelson and Ally Sheedy who aren’t too great this time around (like they are in “The Breakfast Club”) but it’s fun to watch brat packers in an action movie for a change. And David Caruso as the doomed friend of Judd’s does a decent job. I also like Anita Morris because she’s sexy and always a pleasure to watch. But the highlight for me was the soundtrack by “the sixth Rolling Stone”, Ry Cooder, who scores many Walter Hills movies including “48 Hrs”, “Crossroads”, and “Southern Comfort”. So you should not believe the negative hype attached to this movie; it’s pretty good if you want to watch stuff blow up.

  • helen-allan
    helen allan

    Other than some noteworthy names attached to the project (Judd Nelson, David Caruso, Ally Sheedy, Paul Winfield, Scott Wilson and filmmaker Walter Hill), “Blue City” is a by-the-numbers, but unscrupulous dramatic thriller that involves a lot of bruising beat-ups and heated confrontations as it has Judd Nelson as a real rebellious young drifter returning back to his home town to find out his well-regarded father was murdered and the police had done little about it because of the lack of evidence. So with the help of a friend or two he takes it upon himself to stir up a ruckus with the local heavies to hopefully to find his father’s killer. Nelson’s disruptively brooding character spends most of the time instigating conflicts and getting into tit for tat situations by waging a criminal war to get some point across. Questionable methods indeed, but it provides constant brutality and a furiously nippy edge over the use of growing suspense and mystery. Nearly every character involved with the exception of Ally Sheedy is quite nasty or have shades… even our supposed heroes. As for Sheedy’s character, she felt nothing more than a padded distraction in the usual love interest angle and in the end could have been rubbed out. There are some good performances. Scott Wilson provided some sparks in his villainous local mob role with Tommy ‘Tiny’ Lister as one of his henchman. A stoic Paul Winfield is solid and Anita Morris brings a nervous energy. Walter Hill’s co-written screenplay is uneven (some things making little sense) and foreseeable in its plot twists (where it seems like easy come, easy go), but the script keeps the dialogues blunt and simple. The choice of setting is ideal with some scenic Florida shots, as the humidity goes down well with the tension that’s boiling over between the parties involved. Director Michelle Manning handling is rather tight, but pretty cut and dry. Ry Cooder provides the upbeat music score that embellishes the environment and ordeals, although it can be rigid and overwrought. Reasonably mindless fodder

  • julien-salmon
    julien salmon

    ‘Blue City’ was nearly a contender in all categories for the Razzies in 1986. I can see why and, if you aren’t hung up on a nostalgia trip or your best judgment tainted by seeing your favorite 80s stars in a relatively unknown film, then you’d know why, too.’Blue City’ is essentially the story of a hot shot young man (Judd Neslon) avenging the death of his father. He suspects foul play by city officials. And of course, Hollywood movies are incomplete without the love interest sidekick (Ally Sheedy). The problem with this movie is not really the story, but the fact that there is hardly anything to remind the viewer that the movie was meant to be a thriller. Nelson comes off as the most arrogant character, who readily insults even his nemisis. And the villains, despite this, really don’t act like their bothered by this guy showing up all the time and accusing them of his killing his father (whether or not they really did). There seemed to be no sense of emergency or suspense on anyone’s part, save maybe David Caruso in the supporting role. Aside from the Florida scenery and notable actors, this is one movie worth passing up.

  • carla-sastre
    carla sastre

    I knew nothing beforehand about this film. I only watched it because Ally Sheedy was in the cast. This was one of the poorest films I have seen in a long time. In my opinion, the only actor who really put anything into his part was Paul Winfield. I like Ms. Sheedy no matter what film she’s in, ever since I first saw her in War Games. Judd Nelson was inappropriate as the hero. The plot became more preposterous as the film went on, so that by the end nothing that happens surprises the viewer. The actions which the hero did were totally over the top, and he got away with all of them!! All in all, a film to avoid.

  • artur-kowara
    artur kowara

    I saw this movie in the theaters in 1986 as a freshman in college when I was really in to bad movies. “Good movies are a dime a dozen, but bad movies are forever” I used to say. This film changed my mind. It’s poorly acted, and directed, and written, and utterly unlikable. It is not, however, bad enough to be truly remarkable (like, say, “Crush Groove”), nor bad enough to serve as a cautionary example (Like, say, “Psycho Girls”) it’s simply a vanity piece with two over-paid, under-talented stars phoning in a “Performance” to get money to spend on coke. Judd and Ally were a couple during the filming of this movie, and yet have less onscreen chemistry than Adam West and Max Gail pretending to be gay in a recent episode of Drew Carey. In the end, this movie set out to leave a dead 90 minutes in my memory, and it succeded. This is not a movie for watching, it is a movie for lying down and avoiding.

  • matilde-abreu
    matilde abreu

    Judd Nelson does some butt kicking in this film. This was released during the Brat Pack days following Breakfast Club and St. Elmo’s Fire. The 3rd film in a row that paired Judd with Ally Sheedy. The subject matter is serious but Judd brings much needed comedy to his role, kind of an everyman Rambo character. An entertaining film to watch especially if you like Judd.

  • bay-ertuncay-feza-demirel
    bay ertuncay feza demirel

    This movie has always been lambasted but I have seen it a few times over the years. It has some exciting action scenes and captures the seedy atmosphere of a corrupt Florida town very well. Judd Nelson does his usual smirk acting job but nice supporting roles by David Caruso and Paul Winfield help compensate.

  • evseeva-zoia-andreevna
    evseeva zoia andreevna

    The film got quite bad reviews mainly because it hasn’t got a lot to do with Ross McDonald’s brilliant novel about a veteran returning to his home town and finding it completely corrupted. This adaptation is more aimed at a teen audience, so the veteran becomes an young man who left as a teenager and the prostitute he befriends becomes a childhood sweetheart. The story is extremely simplified. However, the film is actually quite well made. The storyline and the way it’s told resembles more a Budd Boetticher western about the cowboy who cleans up town. The acting/casting is pretty good, the film is fast paced and well told and Ry Cooder’s soundtrack is absolutely amazing. There is of course a lot of violence, some of it rather mindless but in the end the cocky avenger gets his come-uppance. I found it a very entertaining and really well put together film and also pretty stylish in a Miami Vice kind of way.

  • angela-winters
    angela winters

    Judd Nelson playing the part of Burt Reynolds. I always thought that was the best way to describe this film. That description is not meant to take anything away from it. Just a description of it.Like in many of Reynolds’ roles, Nelson plays a smart mouthed wisecracking anti-hero. He’s not nearly as sure of himself as his pretends to be. Like many of Reynolds’ characters, Nelson’s Billy Turner is making it up as he goes along as he seeks rough justice. Unlike many action adventure films, the outcome is in doubt. Turner is not an invincible killing machine.I remember seeing it when it came out. I thought it was a fun film worth watching. The theme is appealing. I think it’s an underrated film and the proof the critics’ opinions are just that: opinions and therefore subjective. You have to see it for yourself.

  • jan-haugland
    jan haugland

    Fans of The Breakfast Club will enjoy Judd Nelson in this movie. He plays the same type of sarcastic, wisecracking antihero he played in the previous film. It’s fun to watch him thumb his nose at authority. He also reminded me of Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop because he was avenging a murder and raising hell by going after the bad guys and making fun of them in the process. The rest of the cast is great, watch David Caruso in his pre NYPD Blue days, plus Oscar nominated actors Paul Winfield and Scott Wilson are in the film. Ally Sheedy up until this point, only played nice girl roles. Here you get to see her curse and do things you don’t normally watch her do. The most unexpected surprise of this film is how good the music is. Jazz Legend Ry Cooder performs one of his very best scores. His guitar sound strikes a deep chord and really enhances the picture. I bought the soundtrack.