In another retelling of the story by Jack Finney, Marti Malone’s traveling with her dad on holiday. At a gas station, a soldier tells her to not sleep, because ‘they’ get you when you sleep. Once in the base, she and her father see people acting odd, and soon realise they’re aliens.

Also Known As: Porywacze ciał, Secuestradores de cuerpos 3, Похитители тел, Usurpadores de cuerpos, Ultracorpi - L'invasione continua, Body Snatchers, l'invasion continue, ボディ・スナッチャーズ, Testrablók: Az invázió folytatódik, Stjålne kroppe, Body snatchers, Plishut Hotfay Ha-Goofote, В чужди тела, Body Snatchers - Die Invasion lebt fort, Secuestradores de cuerpos, Body Snatchers - Angriff der Körperfresser, Body Snatchers - Invasionen fortsätter, Викрадачі тіл, Body Snatchers, Kradljivci tela, Kehakratid, Os Invasores de Corpos: A Invasão Continua, Violadores: A Invasão Continua, Tatovi teles, Μακάβριοι εισβολείς, Parazit, Les profanateurs, l'invasion continue

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