When Gretchen Carlson slaps Fox News founder [Roger Ailes with a lawsuit alleging sexual harassment, not a soul could predict what would happen next. Her decision leads to Fox News correspondent Megyn Kelly coming forward with her own story, as well as multiple other women, inciting a movement that reverberates around the world.

Also Known As: O Escândalo, El escándalo, Tin 'Nóng', Skandalas, Gorący temat, Bombshell New, 重磅腥聞, Fair and, Ptzatza, Botrány, Бомба със закъснител, Scandale, Bombshell - La voce dello scandalo, Bombshell - Das Ende des Schweigens, Скандал, Skandal, Bombshell - hiljaisuuden rikkojat, Pommuudis, Βόμβα, Bombshell, Сенсація, スキャンダル, Skandāls, Оне су бомбе, Bombshell - När tystnaden bryts, One so bombe, Bombshell - O Escândalo, 爆炸新闻

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  • kundzins-arija
    kundzins arija

    Just because you throw some top level actors into a film (documentary?) about something so toxic and topical does not mean you end up with a great movie. Far from it.

  • elena-cordoba-aramburu
    elena cordoba aramburu

    This is a very good movie about the dynamics of sexual harassment. The fear, the betrayals, the shame, the conflicting feelings–it’s all here. Extraordinary performance by Charlize Theron. Margot Robbie is also excellent and although Nicole Kidman hams it up a bit, she’s fun to watch.

  • michael-andersen
    michael andersen

    The theme & issue centre on one that is very prominent. This true story magnifies the abusive story of sexual harassment & women discrimination which both need to be addressed to the audience as to how corrupt and dirty the workplace can be.Bombshell approaches its ideas with full throttle by flooding gallons of the controversial contents without meeting its ends. The better thing is that those contents which are presented do not seem to pull the punches. The transparency is out in the air at all times, letting viewers with very sensitive info.Powerful performances by the femme fatales but the one who steals the spotlight is Margot Robbie. Her acting is miles better than Theron & Kidman especially the on-the-phone scene near the end.With a triple threat of female leads, Bombshell is an undeniably good feminism film. This is a movie that gets it right to show its support for the prevalent political movement without forcing the agenda too much of a slap to the viewers watching.Bombshell has unique transitions since its beginning. They opt for many powerful filmmaking techniques to entice the audience as much as possible.The tension is placed in the gray area. The elevator scene is the highlight of heightening its raw tension masterfully. However, the movie overall lacks this aspect mainly due to its pacing.Pacing is the main problem Bombshell is facing. The middle part addresses one of its sub-storytelling in a painfully slow build-up. The final 20 mins opposes it by rushing the plot promptly.Another problem it faces is the connection those three leads have. They don’t establish a good interconnected relationship resulting in each of the character’s story feels disjointed from one another. Only the third act that the connection starts to develop well.Throughout, there is no background song being played except for two or three scenes. This is the problem, the movie has it so good without no song but when they do, they emerge this bizarre atmosphere because it feels forced to just put the song so suddenly.Verdict: Though Bombshell has its problems to light up its incendiary, it manages to drop the bomb very hard to deal with its worthy subject, its terrific cast who magnify the subject and its enticing story which ticks off better than expected.

  • kirsten-julie-lund
    kirsten julie lund

    Riveting acting throughout, great cinematography and well written! I’m not fully sure what the hate is about but I surely loved the bulk of the movie. I appreciate the tearjerker aspect and the points it was making known; maybe the masses is fed up I am not I think Bombshell is very important! I am glad I was able to see on opening day and before the golden globes. More enjoy my review than expected so thanks so much!

  • theokletos-khrusoules
    theokletos khrusoules

    Ignore the conservative snowflake reviews and go watch this movie. It’s a great depiction of what is today state TV – Fox News, known for its alternative facts and outright bias for all that puts the worst American president in history in good light.Again, ignore all the 1 or 3 star reviews. Trust me, they’re either Russian or they get their news from Fox “Alternative, state TV” News and from the worst American president’s twitter.

  • joelle-frankhuizen-huijzing
    joelle frankhuizen huijzing

    For those unaware of the scandal it’s an intriguing thriller , otherwise builds a captivating narrative of what was going behind the screen. Although thoroughly enjoyable Kayla’s character growth was very poor. Allison janney shines in her supporting role .

  • rozaliia-kozak
    rozaliia kozak

    BombshellReally quite a disappointment.It really was a miserable story of a powerful man abusing his position combined with ambitious women who were prepared to debase themselves for favours and regretting it later.Was he an abuser? Yes! Were the women complicit in their abuse? Yes!Clearly he needed to be removed and this should have happened after the first occasion and yet this was “allowed” to continue because no one went to the police.This purportedly showed empowered women but I have never seen such a disempowered bunch.The script was boring the acting unremarkable and it was just a political rant best not placed in a movie/entertainment setting.The only think to commend this movie is the make-up just incredible prosthetics.This whole drama addressed the anxieties of the snowflake liberal metropolitan bourgeoisie and bore no resemblance to how I or anyone else as an adult would deal with abuse in the workplace.

  • kaique-pereira
    kaique pereira

    I had little knowledge about the subject matter going into the movie. I knew it was political and about sexual harassment but that was pretty much it. It starts off Trump bashing and highlighting some of his negative press during the elections. This gave the impression the movie would be about Trump and somehow women getting justice against him. Then the movie does a 180 and it’s about high powered rich white women being harassed at work. This leads me to think that the whole first section about Trump was just used as an opportunity to make a political point. Trump has no relevance to the workplace story. The whole thrust of this movie is that women should stand up against harassment at work. However the problem is that most people don’t have the resources these rich women had. The sad reality is that many of not most of these cases against employers fail. People don’t support the harassed, lawyers don’t take on their cases and despite being genuine victims they aren’t believed and can be left with nothing. To it’s credit it does touch on the complicity of some of the women who play along with what is basically a casting couch environment. Which is a strange argument for Hollywood startlets to be making if you get my drift…. This is why the message behind this could be dangerous. It’s one thing to shout from the sidelines about what the right thing to do is if there’s a good chance of success. Maybe it is if you for the demographic in this movie. I sincerely hope this movie doesn’t encourage people to take a leap of faith and jump into lawsuits like it the main character suggests when she breaks the 4th wall. The reality is unlikely to pan out Hollywood style. There are some odd digs at men in general during the movie which don’t do it any favours. This is aimed squarely at idealistic young women who will lap it up. For the majority market it’s a turn off, as could be assessed by the half empty theater.

  • stephanie-lindsey
    stephanie lindsey

    I was extremely interested in watching this film. Fox News is a circus at times but I really wanted to see a portrayal of the incidents surrounding sexual harassment and Roger Ailes. I also thought the three leads involved are really great castings and wanted to see how two of them portrayed Gretchen Carlson and Megyn Kelly. The film touches on important matters that has recently come to the light in droves, however the film doesn’t always reach its potential although I did enjoy the film for the most part. The film is based on the story of the accounts of women who worked at Fox News and the allegations that came out against Fox News CEO, Roger Ailes. A movement that is led by seasoned television host Gretchen Carlson, after her firing from the company. She is soon joined by other women including Megyn Kelly. The film has a really great cast including Nicole Kidman, Margot Robbie, Charlize Theron, and John Lithgow. Jay Roach returns after a brief hiatus in film making to bring this effort. I have to commend the make up department firstly. Theron really looks like Megyn Kelly in this film that at times I feel like its hard to not see Kelly. Same with Kidman as Carlson. The acting delivers on all fronts. Margot Robbie who plays a fictional employee who typifies the type of victim Ailes prayed on, was also very good. I was very interested in the subject matter for this film as its timely and should make for a riveting story. A shocking story based on a wicked truth coming to light; this should be a very worthy film. Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite reach that potential.I feel like the film could go deeper into making a statement although I was fine with what we got. At times it felt like the film was more interested in showing the real life correspondents being portrayed briefly, rather than going in depth into characterization. Not a bad film but feel like it wanted to be more and I also wanted more from it. Not sure its going to make awards buzz outside of Theron and Robbie’s performances.6.5/10

  • silvia-valbuena-torres
    silvia valbuena torres

    I look at films objectively and do my best to keep emotion out of reviews.With that thought in mind, I don’t care about the politics part. I’m looking for story telling. What i can’t ignore is the obvious effort to ignore story telling and create a laser point hit piece against an actual television network. Forget creating a cogent story.If the approach was more along the lines of ‘Network’ or ‘Broadcast News’ …or even ‘His Girl Friday’, the story would’ve held more credibility. Instead, this comes off as an hour and 43 minute version of the Media’s reality. In other words – a fantasy. A fantasy that the writers pour in real people and work to make them look bad. What ends up happening is all look bad and there’s no conclusion to the film.Instead of creating solid characters set in the story, the writers and directors present what they want to present to make their case – A flock of blonde “bimbos’ to put on screen to sell their “story”. In other words, they were sexually harassing those they hired to take the parts in the film. The “Bombshells” are the actresses more than those they portrayed. The two main actresses are far more attractive than the people they play. The third more attractive than just all all women in major television news. Sheesh! The film makers should say a line in the film, “I feel filthy.” for presenting the same efforts as they wrote of Fox news in the film.This could have been so much better if the writers had concocted a tale with fictional woman with greater depth of each character and presented more viable reasons for the bad guy they wanted us to believe. Instead – I guess for libel reasons – the production tippy toes around allegations in hope suggestions begat a bad guy. It just doesn’t work.This is all a pity, because the acting is tremendous. Theron is great. Lithgow gives one of his best performances. The likenesses extraordinary. – A bit too much so. The likenesses were so good and knowing one is watching a fictional film, has to have a viewer see this as an effort to portray the characters from a more editorial view point than good story telling.A better film would’ve included the Bill O’Reilly, Brian Williams, Matt Lauer, etc. cases. Strip out real names and situations. Make it an investigative reporter uncovering cases all over fictional news outlets and tries to get the story out, but the social media direction of news won’t let it appear. THAT would’ve been a better story! Especially the resolution!Bottom line: I don’t recommend this film. 4 out of ten stars. Successes: Acting and makeup. Failures: Story and structure.

  • bianka-chuchla
    bianka chuchla

    If you never heard of the Roger Ailes scandal and don’t mind some (or a lot) of politics in movies then I can recommend it to watch but don’t expect anything exceptionalI didn’t think I would ever say this but from the recent movies with females in the leading role I enjoyed “Hustlers” a lot more than I did Bombshell

  • gorbacheva-evpraksiia-nikiforovna
    gorbacheva evpraksiia nikiforovna

    The true story would have been compelling enough and able to send on it’s own merit. Before the movie starts there is a disclaimer that the story is inspired by actual events and characters and events have been added for drama. Really? So knowing that they have basically made stuff up to enhance the drama you don’t know what to believe. I think the women deserved better than to have their stories embellished.

  • bradley-bell
    bradley bell

    You have to take this movie with a grain of salt because Hollywood will tell lies with the truth so you believe the lies. Watch Fox News now and nothing has changed, you still see legs. Roger Ailes did somethings he should have not done for sure. My example is the part in the movie where Megyn Kelly canvasses Fox News to get women to come out and tell what happened, never happened. I saw a Megyn Kelly interview where she did ask women if anything ever happened and she said she could find no one. The Margot Robbie character is completely fictional. Roger Ailes is not a good guy for sure but it would be nice to know what is true or nor true.

  • danielius-kaupas
    danielius kaupas

    From an Australian who has no interest in American policies or media empires I found the acting good but the movie less than average. Must be made for the US & heavily politicised. Waste of time

  • bsu-nikhil
    bsu nikhil

    For those writing bad reviews because they are Trump supporters, you knew what movie was going to be about. This movie was fantastic. Charlize Theron definitely deserves an Oscar for her portrayal of Megyn.

  • kristina-iljin
    kristina iljin

    This film is quite good, but I think you HAVE to like politics and know Fox News to enjoy it. The best part of this movie are the performances. The way the story is structured seems to lack some coherence, but it almost feels like chaos, which it makes it really feel like a newsroom. The story is based on real events, but the dialogue is made up, so keep that in mind. What I appreciated about the film is how it didn’t seem to insult Republicans, rather the toxic culture of the news network. The audience is intended to sympathize with the women. The critique is mainly of Fox News, not conservatism. The tension built around Interactions with Roger Ailes is nauseating. Again, watch it if you know fox and like politics. Otherwise, you’re probably not going to enjoy it.

  • suzana-jelen
    suzana jelen

    I had low expectations for ‘Bombshell’. And they were met.Every once in a while a film comes along in order to take advantage of a real-life event. The films immediately following 9/11 for instance.And like those films, this one fails.And the reason it fails is precisely because it is ‘real’; concerns actual people. In this case two former TV personalities from FOX News. Neither of whom (Charlie Theron as Megyn Kelly, Nicole Kidman as Grechyn Carlson) tugs at our heart. They are privileged women. And yes, they were taken advantage of by a sexist man in charge of a sexist company. Even so (1) we never see either of them harassed and (2) they are, despite it, living the good life. Their houses, their vacations, their children; they are people of the Top 1%’.Which leaves us Margot Robbie’s character, fictional news producer who is charged with evoking sympathy and anger from the viewer. We want to know enough about her to feel the shame, the ‘self-revulsion’ she must feel following each instance of harassment. But while there is one scene depictingv thiz situation, and though her character says she is a ‘millenial evangelical’, there is not enough shown of her to have us believe in her past, or feel what she feels.Charlize Theron is great as Ms. Kelly. Nicole Kidman is ‘lost at sea’ as Ms,. Carlson; she is a non-character if ever there was one. I enjoyed Margot Robbie but wish there was more of her and her character’s back story. John Lithgow was fine, I guess; his Roger Ailes was a weasel, but perhaps not quite enough of one.

  • martin-pasquier
    martin pasquier

    Not even close to tv-series The Loudest Voice, run on the same theme. Watch that instead.

  • tonya-bullock
    tonya bullock

    This was a risky film to make. It’s taking a sensitive topic and basing the story around true events that happened within the last 5 years, including stuff around Donald Trump. As well as this, the movie isn’t strictly drama with a ‘Vice’ type vibe around it. However, at least in my opinion, they pulled it off. It balances the almost comic feel it has with serious moments and intentionally uncomfortable ones. It’s a scathing look inside mega corporations and how sex is sold.There’s very strong performances all round, from Charlize Theron as Megyn Kelly and Nicole Kidman as Gretchen Carlson to John Lithgow as Roger Ailes and Margot Robbie as the made up Kayla Pospisil (although the scenarios she’s placed in are no doubt based on fact). Perhaps the single most uncomfortable scene in the film involves Kayla as Roger insists she lifts her dress to show him her legs, urging her to go higher and higher as television is a “visual medium.” It’s the type of scene that would be uncomfortable in and of itself but Robbie portrays Kayla’s clear distress masterfully and the feeling is heightened once again when you consider that this sort of stuff has happened in real life to real people. The film also spotlights casual sexism and objectification as the women working for Fox are told to wear short dresses and aren’t allowed to wear pants. Most of the ‘compliments’ they receive are about how sexy they are rather than their skills as a journalist.As well as a commentary on the sleaziness of higher ups in corporations, it also celebrates the courage shown by people like Carlson who speak up even when they know it could cost them everything. Theron displays her characters inner conflict brilliantly, working up to the stage where she’s ready to speak out too. There’s tension in the air and the camera-work adds to this with rapid cuts and dramatic zooms throughout.Bombshell is a great movie standing alone but a movie that also feels relevant in this #MeToo era. It reinforces that the most powerful figures aren’t invincible and, though not easily, can be brought down too.

  • gerhild-jantsch
    gerhild jantsch

    Murdoch owned right wing Fox News is run by a ruthless Roger Ailes (Lithgow) who has a long history of sexual exploitation. However no one is prepared to tackle this for fear of dismissal. 2 experienced women (Theron / Kidman) with their own shows on Fox are concerned and considering action but are reticent until one of them is sacked and starts legal proceedings. A third women, an ambitious new employee (Robbie) is Ailes’ latest fixation, with promises of a great career in return for gestures of loyalty.A fascinating insight into right wing politics and corporate America – it is remarkable what was quite recently acceptable behaviour and probably still is. The difficulty with the story is that all three had accepted the position they were put into to achieve success and whilst this doesn’t make this right, the film it is to be enjoyed through watching the women tackle the issue, not through any form of empathy – Theron and Kidman’s characters are not particularly appealing. The performances are excellent. Theron is essentially the lead and is impressive under subtle make up, whilst Kidman and Robbie are equally persuasive in support roles. Lithgow is as good as ever, caked in impressive makeup up and doing a fab turn as the hugely powerful, successful and revolting head honcho.Nice to see Malcolm McDowell in a small role as Rupert Murdoch.

  • elisabeth-jacquot
    elisabeth jacquot

    I found the story very interesting, but I think it was absolutely impossible to fit all the interesting details that actually help you to comprehend the story in 1,5 hours movie. In TV Show “The loudest Voice” you get to live the story through. You actually see what kind of person RA was, especially towards women. For me it was TV show of a year. So, the movie for me felt way too short and way too fast. It’s hard to follow and understand what was actually going on. It was like watching on rewind. The acting was fantastic, I think everyone did a great job, but the story was too superficial. Not deep enough for my taste.

  • brooke-patterson
    brooke patterson

    This was an interesting film about the fox news boss Roger Ailes and him being accussed of sexual harrasment. Megyn Kelly played by Charlize Theron who is the lead anchor along with Gretchen Carlson played by Nicole Kidman team up to try and take him down. Margot Robbie also plays a young employee who will do anything to get ahead, she puts in a great performance. The film is really well acted and the story was interesting if you are interested in fox news and toxic work environments that need to stop. The politics include Donald Trumps 2016 presidential election campaign. I do recommend this film. The acting was strong and the story was compelling

  • juan-carlos-feliu-nogues
    juan carlos feliu nogues

    I was hesitant at first to watch this movie. I couldn’t imagine watching anything nearly two hours long about the Fox Network. But as sometimes happens when I look at one-star reviews, the haters convinced me to give it a try. If the film enrages them so much they are driven to defend two old white guys who were fired by their own far right bosses for sexual abuses, the movie must be pretty hard hitting.I found it to be entertaining. I gather one of the main characters isn’t a real person, but rather a sort of amalgam of many women who were sexually abused and either left Fox or were disposed of in other ways. I liked the husband who supported his famous wife so loyally, and got a kick out of the shenanigans the lesbian character had to go through to stay hidden in plain sight. I never expect a documentary with these films, so small changes don’t enrage me and provide one-star ammunition. I have to be in a certain frame of mind to watch documentaries anyway.So if you are a gun carrying member of the far right tribe, perhaps you should skip this movie and save yourself the trouble of posting a one sentence review. I’m here for you, guys.

  • sigrid-berge
    sigrid berge

    I didn’t know much on this story when it all happened, possibly cause I’m based in Australia and it was an American scandal, but the whole story is so powerful and should be shared across the globe.When Gretchen Carlson (Nicole Kidman) is let go from her job at Fox News, she sues the CEO, Roger Ailes (John Lithgow), for sexual harassment. Going up against a powerful man in a even more powerful company, Gretchen seeks help from other female employees to come forward and speak up and make an end to this man.I really enjoyed this film, but felt I could’ve enjoyed it even more if I knew more about the story when it was happening. In saying that, it didn’t make the film confusing or bad in any form. It’s a powerful story that needs to be shared for how woman can be treated in the workplace and hopefully spreads the message that inappropriate sexual behaviour is never acceptable and should be spoken up about.Nicole, Charlize and Margot were all so damn good in this film. Three incredible ladies. I would’ve liked to have seen a bit more on Margot’s character, but I then learnt after that her character isn’t part of the real life scandal.This is a great movie to start off the new year.

  • nathan-gregory
    nathan gregory

    Excellent acting and makeup transformed actors to real life people they portrayed. Interesting take on the fox news scandal. Mix of movie made news with real news was awesome.