To cash in on all of the “real world” hype of the events in the first film, a man from Burkitsville, Maryland opens a “Blair Witch Hunt” tour, which shows patrons various locations from the original film. A bunch of college students decide to take the tour, and wind up in Rustin Parr’s house. There, they decide to camp for the evening, but in the morning, they realize they didn’t sleep and they don’t remember anything that happened the previous night. From there, they go back to town, and discover that something…or someone has come with them.

Also Known As: Záhada Blair Witch 2 Czech, Vestica iz Blera 2: Knjiga Senki Bosnia and, Проклятието Блеър 2: Книга от сенки, Gölgelerin dili - Blair cadisi 2, BW2, Le projet Blair 2: Le livre des ténèbres, Ведьма из Блэр 2: Книга теней, Ideglelés 2., La bruja de Blair 2, Blair Witch 2: Le Livre des ombres, To vivlio ton skion - Blair Witch 2, Il libro segreto delle streghe: Blair Witch 2, A Bruxa de Blair 2: O Livro das Sombras, Blair Witch 2, Vestica iz Blera 2: Knjiga Senki, Το βιβλίο των σκιών-Blair Witch 2, Vještica iz Blaira 2, Book of Shadows - Blair Witch 2, Księga cieni: Blair Witch 2, O Livro das Trevas: BW2, Book of Shadows: Blair Witch Project 2, Blair Witch 2 - Book of Shadows, Blair Witch 2: Book of Shadows, El proyecto Blair witch 2: El libro de las sombras, Blair Redux, El libro de las sombras: B W 2, El libro de las sombras: Blair Witch 2, Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2, El libro de las sombras: El proyecto Blair Witch 2

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