Movie version of playwright Tennessee Williams’ “The Milk Train Doesn’t Stop Here Anymore” involves very wealthy Flora “Sissy” Goforth (Dame Elizabeth Taylor), supposedly dying, and living in a large mansion on a secluded island with her servants and nurses. Into her life comes a mysterious man, Christopher Flanders, a.k.a. “Angelo Del Morte” (Richard) and The Witch of Capri (Noël Coward). The mysterious man may or may not be “The Angel of Death”.

Also Known As: Boom!, El ángel de la muerte, Tuonen enkeli, La scogliera dei desideri, 夕なぎ(1968), Ανεμοδαρμένος λόφος, Бум Soviet, Hendes sidste sommer, O Homem que Veio de Longe, Sunburst, Choque, Brandung West, Goforth, På kvällen den sista dagen, Бум, aşkı arayan kadın, Boom, La mujer maldita, Anemodarmenos lofos

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