Jane is a night club singer, out of work. Robin is a quirky real estate agent looking for a ride-share to accompany her to California. Her advertisement is answered by Jane, who at first was uncertain about her. A stop in Pittsburgh picks up a third, Holly, escaping a violent and drug-dealing partner. Girls on the road, reaching understanding, respect, and care for each other. But this trio is different – Jane a lesbian, Robin suffering with AIDS, Holly running from her past, seeking one-night stands and a good man.

Also Known As: Sólo ellas... los chicos a un lado, Somente Elas, Vse, kar si želiš, Erkek yok, problem yok, Sólo ellas... los muchachos a un lado, Boys on the Side, A proposito di donne, Забранено за момчета, Kava, mlijeko i secer, Chłopaki na bok, Homens à Parte, Bárhol, bármit, bármikor, I gynaikoparea, Pas besoin des hommes, Avec ou sans hommes, Boys on the Side - Matka ystävyyteen, Momci nisu bitni, Парни побоку, Kaffee, Milch & Zucker, Med eller utan killar, Gvarim B'Tzad, Sólo ellas y los muchachos a un lado

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  • marine-bukia
    marine bukia

    Watch this movie with a friend. If they laugh, cry and want to hug you when it is over – they deserve to be in your life – if they don’t. Friends off.

  • anne-teras
    anne teras

    “Boys on the Side” tells of an unlikely trio of females who take a road trip and discover each has issues which require the support of the others. Thus forms the glue which holds together Goldberg, Parker, and Barrymore and the conglomeration of characters which coalesce around them in this sentimental tale with humor, charm, and poignancy and its share of sappy, weepy, and corny moments. Worthy of being labeled a “chick flick”, “Boys…” makes for an entertaining watch for females…and their boys on the side.

  • karine-abdalyan
    karine abdalyan

    I hadn’t seen this film since it was in theaters, almost 20 years ago, but it is currently in heavy rotation on a cable movie channel. It has not aged well, influenced by popular 80s films like Thelma and Louise, Fried Green Tomatoes or Steel Magnolias — female pal movies that were much better than this one.In fact, Mary-Louise Parker is pretty much reprising the same exact role from Fried Green Tomatoes only in contemporary dress. There is even an identical lesbian angle (Parker is the pretty straight girl who has a lesbian who adores her, futilely). My guess is that for most women, being adored by a mannish lesbian is not very flattering, but creepy and you wouldn’t go on to hang around with that person as your “bestie” — you’d avoid them.Drew Barrymore is about 20 years old here and just adorable with a mop of curly hair. There is also Matthew McConnaughey in his first role, as a straight arrow cop who loves Drew. And of course Whoopie Goldberg, basically playing herself — she simply has no range at all. Her character is not very convincing as a lesbian, it seems like a plot device. She too is reprising her role from Sister Act — the flamboyant lounge singer.So though the actresses are all quite attractive, and there is some cute, snappy dialog amongst them, the plot structure is ridiculous. Whoopie is driving from NYC to LA, and needs someone to share gas expenses (in a minivan?), and Mary-Louise joins her. They pick up Drew, who is running away from an abusive boyfriend (whom she accidentally murders). On the way, Mary-Louise’s AIDS flares up, so they stop and STAY FOREVER in Tucson — where none of them have roots or family or any reason to be there.Amazingly they are able to rent a huge adobe MANSION in the remote desert (???) though none of them has money or a job, and one is pregnant and one is dying of AIDS. How do they pay for this? It’s like a $3 million dollar palazzo. BTW, I’ve been to Tucson and it is staggering hot desert country, something you’d never glean from the film — it’s like they picked Tucson by throwing a dart at map blindfolded — for starters, it is NOT on the way from NYC to LA, but hundreds of miles out of the way.Let me repeat: none of them have real jobs, or health insurance, yet it’s no problem to rent a huge house (constantly filled with hundreds of friends — in a strange city — and lavish parties). It’s all about “bonding” between these 3 very different women who honestly have nothing in common, and one is dying and another has a deeply creepy crush on her.There is a time-line here set by Drew’s character’s pregnancy — she is visibly pregnant as soon as they are in Tucson and has her baby near the end, so the whole film must be happened in under 7 months and more likely 3-4 months. Yet it is very clear in the plot that over a year goes by — the longest pregnancy in history. Furthermore, it ends up that Drew’s baby is fathered by some black guy who is never mentioned in the plot at all. Matthew recovers from this shock in a nanosecond, and presumably marries her anyways.In short, this is less about female friendship than pure science fiction. These are not dear friends but casual acquaintances from a road trip, and their stay-over in Tucson makes zero sense plot-wise or common-sense wise. Most treasured friendships evolve over a lifetime of shared experience — not forced through contrived short-term events. It’s beyond obvious this was written and directed by men.

  • fru-birgit-larsen
    fru birgit larsen

    I really love this movie, because of its great actresses and its thoughts about the death and love. The movie avoids any kind of trash and kitsch. Furthermore it features the very fantastic Drew Barrymore, in a even more fantastic role.

  • mary-russell
    mary russell

    Boys on the side is one of my favorite movies.It expresses a lot.And for someone as confused as me,it helped me understand a lot. Every time i watch it ,it makes me happy.If your open minded.This movie is for you.Whoopie is awesome in this movie ,as well as Drew.All in all this is a great movie.

  • blanka-bonbach
    blanka bonbach

    I’m going to go out on a limb and not rave about this movie simply because it has one of the finest men in Hollywood. This movie truly explores the powerful bond between women,and leaves you with the knowledge that the female friendships of the world are stronger than any love affair ever could be. This film is made for those who truly understand what it is to be a woman and a friend.

  • argam-bekyan
    argam bekyan

    The common belief that this film promotes a lesbian agenda is way off the mark. It only promotes strength in friendships, something of which we try to rob our daughters in this society. A true platonic friendship between women is possible, regardless of sexuality, if we don’t condition them to view one another as competition. And really, in this world, we all need to know how to take care of each other instead of battling each other. The idea was a non-sexual unity three people celebrating their differences. Watch the movie again if you missed the sparkle, and let yourself enjoy it. :^)

  • eeva-hautala-blomqvist
    eeva hautala blomqvist

    This film has every thing. Its so funny you’ll be curling up with laughter and it has scenes that will have you finishing off the box of tissues next to you.Its a film that any one,can fall in love with and they really will. It reminds you of love and friendship and how you can get through any thing with the right friends who love you. It follows 3 lady’s Whoopi Goldberg,Drew Barrymore and Marry-louise Parker who set out for a better new life. On the way they discover thing about each other and form a bond that can never be broken. Whoopi Goldberg plays an amazing part in this film she warms your heart by making you laugh and then making you cry. She’s an amazing actress who deserves to be recognised much much more. All 3 of them play an amazing role in this film and i recommend it to every one and any one.This is a roller coaster of a film. Donald Matheson.

  • nikolaj-kjeldsen
    nikolaj kjeldsen

    I wanted to like this film bit I really didn’t. Maybe it’s because the above mentioned film is my all time favorite and this seemed a little bit of a rip off-women. on the road together. wanted by cops. The characters and the central plot maybe different then “T and L” but there are a lot of similarities.I think it looked better in the previews then it wound up being. Not an awful movie but not one that I liked terribly. I did like the premise because I’m into road movies. I know some people loved this. I just wasn’t one of them. The whole movie was very forced, a bit contrived and weepy. Not that there’s anything wrong with movies that have those aspects but after seeing some really incredible road movies I expected it to be a lot better and be a bit more original.I will say, however, the acting was good-ALL THREE of the leads were spectacular. That was the main positive. But Coming so soon after “Thelma” it seemed like this was almost done to get people to the cinema. Even the previews made it look so much like Thelma.Or maybe I was spoiled by Thelma and Louise, to me no other female road trip movie even comes close. Although I will say this was a tear jerker with interesting characters and good acting(the much better then average cast in my opinion is what saves this movie), on a whole I found it to INTENTIONALLY sappy and unoriginal. My vote is 5 of 10.

  • matej-pokorny
    matej pokorny

    A rare and lovely movie focusing on female friendship, Boys On the Side explores 3 women, the way they sabotage themselves and how they love each other anyway. Mary-Louise Parker is Robin, an uptight real estate agent dying of AIDS. She wants to make a cross-country trip from New York to California- one that she made as a child and now holds sacred, as it was shortly before her younger brother died. Whoopie Goldberg is Jane, a black lesbian singer who also wants to go to California in hopes of getting more work. A stop in Pittsburg introduced Drew Barrymore as Holly, an adorable ditz with blond corkscrew curls and an indomitably upbeat view on life. When Jane and Robin arrive, she’s being beaten up by her drug-dealer boyfriend, Nick. Violence insues, and they take off, leaving him tied up. Unfortunately Holly hit him a bit too hard with a baseball bat and he croaks. No one will miss the loser except his customers and Holly, who is far too forgiving for her own good. There is some talk of going to the police, but in the end they decide that it’s good riddance to bad rubbish. They continue with the trip- until they are stopped in Tucson by Robin’s bought of pneumonia. And in Tucson they stay, with Jane getting work at a local bar, Robin getting involved with the bartender that works there, and Holly- who is pregnant, maybe by Nick or maybe not- falls in love with a cop named, of all things, Abe Lincoln. Relationships get more complicated from there, with the director keeping a firm eye on the interaction of women as friends. I don’t really have any sympathy over the darth of strong or likable male characters in this movie, largely due to the fact that I’ve seen dozens with half a five main male characters and one female sexpot. That’s the standard, and it’s both amusing and irritating when guys grumble or scream when someone has the audacity to make a movie where that is reversed. This is a movie made about women, for women. One woman will be punished, one will be forgiven, one will more or less die and one will be born before the movie ends. You won’t be sad to see it end- it’s exactly the right length- but you will be both satisfied and perhaps a bit meloncholic.

  • michele-thomas
    michele thomas

    Fine, this movie has its moments, but it seems to be tugging the heartstrings just that little bit too much. Our three heroines go out into the wild blue yonder just like Thelma and Louise, even leaving a body behind, but things take a sentimental turn and at times descends into mush. I found myself losing interest around the time Jane left the house, and found the ending twee in the extreme. On the plus side, though, good choice of songs for the soundtrack.

  • ricardas-petrauskas
    ricardas petrauskas

    “Boys On The Side” is the movie that has it all and one of my absolute favorite movies!When reading the plot this movie might seem ordinary and non-interesting like another “Thelma and Louise” wannabe: Three girls in a car on the run from a police charge. Don’t be fooled! Boys On The Side is as far from an ordinary road movie as it can ever be. Beyond the – at first sight – simple plot hides unexpectedly deep and complex characters brought to life in stunning acting performances by Whoopi Goldberg, Mary-Louise Parker, Drew Barrymore and cameo Anita Gillette. Actually (as intended) it is these strong female characters and the emotional interactions between them that hold this movie together. The few male characters in the movie are (as the title indicates) kept on a side track, though they are of great importance to the development of the three women.However, what I like the most about “Boys On The Side” is its delicate mixture of humor and drama taking you on an emotional journey with equal room for laughs and tears. With charm, warmth and wits this movie gives you a story about love, friendship, solidarity, and discovering the true values in life, as it also treats delicate issues like homosexuality and AIDS in a non-offensive way that most people will be able to relay to.Another successful addition to this fantastic movie is the soundtrack, which is a carefully selected collection of songs performed by strong female artists, i.e. Sheryl Crow, The Cranberries, Annie Lennox, Pretenders and more.”Boys On The Side” may not be the perfect movie for a romantic evening with your boyfriend, but as a “girls’ movie” on a night out with your friends it is highly recommendable. Simply a movie worth watching!

  • lic-abraham-muniz
    lic abraham muniz

    Boys on the Side is a powerful but sometimes amusing melodrama about the lives of three woman with different backgrounds coming together to celebrate the lives of women on their earnest road trip. This film may be a bit soapy and seems more like a Lifetime film, but this soapiness enhances the drama. This film may also be a little more on the feminist side, but I didn’t mind that much since women are equal to men and should have their stories told as well.Herbert Ross’s film is about a wisecracking club singer, an uptight saleswoman, and a young, free spirit all joining crossroads so they can travel cross-county from New York to California.The acting is very good. Whoopi Goldberg actually proves me wrong by showing she can be a good actress. Mary-Louise Parker has some very powerful scenes and should have been nominated an Oscar. Drew Barrymore is also very good and she seems to be my kind of girl.Overall, this is very powerful film about womenhood and some of the problems they face. People call this a chick flick, but is it really? I think guys should watch this film in order to gain a higher appreciation of women. This film is about bonds that will never be forgotten. I’m surprised how such a good movie this drama was. I rate this film 9/10.

  • zoe-lucie-reynaud
    zoe lucie reynaud

    Count the chick-flick conventions: The revenge on the abusive boyfriend; the three so-different young women bonding; the mother-daughter conflicts; the road trip; the scene where somebody sings “Happy Birthday” to somebody amid much general rejoicing; the adorable baby; the tear-wringing incurable-disease character; etc. It’s well-written — Don Roos, who later wrote the superb screenplay to “The Opposite of Sex,” puts more curve on his dialog than most toiling in this genre — but as with many sisters-united-in-adversity epics, it keeps wanting to yank emotions out of you rather than earn them honestly. The three leads are good, a young Matthew McConnaughey isn’t yet annoying, and there are nice turns from Estelle Parsons and Anita Gillette, a Broadway baby decades earlier who matured into a proficient character actress. But Herb Ross is in his take-no-chances mode, and too much of the picture feels programmed and rote.

  • goran-klemencic
    goran klemencic

    Start with the cast – wonderful. From Whoopi Goldberg, Mary Louise Parker, Drew Barrymore – that’s just for starters – a solid cast. Each one holds her own and rounds out the character with humor, sensitivity and a truthfulness. The script – good solid script – the director – Herbert Ross – he knew how to tell a story. And don’t forget the soundtrack – love the music!Add to that one of the first scripts that looked at AIDS from the eyes of women. Not just a straight woman, but also a gay woman. How the characters both men and women deal with the issue, which is usually for Hollywood and the motion picture world, a male issue (the only other film I can immediately refer to as an AIDS film relating to women is the HBO film GIA).I highly recommend the film for all audiences – including teenagers. It deals with many delicate issues with great warmth, love, trust, humor and truthfulness.Thank you for this little gem!

  • agapi-azroyan
    agapi azroyan

    first of all let me say that this movie in no means should be compared to Thelma and Louise…they are two totally different movies, both good but very different…..boys on the side has great acting, a great soundtrack, an interesting story line and even though it may not be a “guys” movie i think that anyone can enjoy this movie…..whoopie Goldberg is as superb as ever and even though i wasn’t a fan of Mary Louise parker before i saw this movie i definitely am now…..even though the drew Barrymore character is a bit over the top she plays it so well we can forgive her! all in all the whole ensemble works well and i think it will be a classic!

  • zarins-alise
    zarins alise

    Great movie about three women (Whoppi Goldberg, Mary-Louise Parker, Drew Barrymore) and their various adventures as they travel cross-country. Goldberg plays a lesbian, Parker plays a straight woman with AIDS and Barrymore a pregnant, unwed woman. All three are fantastic and the film manages (more or less) to juggle many plot elements (AIDS, lesbianism, pregnancy, drugs, violence, murder etc etc) and deal with them all effectively.Parker is probably the first woman ever to play a straight woman with AIDS in a major Hollywood film–quite a feat. Goldberg and Barrymore are just letter perfect in their roles. Also the unknown Matthew McConaughey (absolutely gorgeous with a buff body and blue eyes blazing) and Estelle Parsons (as Parker’s mother) give strong supporting performances. The film is long but never dull and it all ends to a very moving final sequence–I cry every time I see it!Two minor quibbles–it takes Barrymore over a year to have her baby and there are obvious cuts in the second half of the movie (I assume this was to keep the film down to two hours). But these are minor problems. A very funny, very moving film. Don’t miss it!

  • liam-james-lee
    liam james lee

    This is my favorite film of all time. It has everything you want in a film.It is funny and has plenty of action throughout. It is also so sad, anyone who doesn’t cry must be emotionally retarded. I especially love Mary Jane Parker in this film even though all the actors are great.The film has so many great lines in it too and who would have known Whoopi Goldberg has a decent singing voice. I strongly recommend everyone to watch this. Its just a shame i cant get this on region 2 DVD anywhere so i have to watch it on video which is not great.

  • jari-le-gulcher
    jari le gulcher

    Cynics might say its a chick flick or a dyke flick. Then remake me a chick or a dyke to get the kind of real, unbridled love — romantic and platonic — that these women have for each other and their hetero spouses/friends.Mary-Louise Parker’s character is so sad, yet so rich. Barrymore’s fatuous shenanigans in the bus window are hilarious. Whoopie is no-nonsense, a realist, a skeptic — but not offensive or shrill.Minor characters are great, too.Fried Green Tomatoes goes to Arizona.Sound track is to die for.

  • chad-walters
    chad walters

    You can’t say there aren’t good roles written for women after having seen Boys On The Side. Three plumb parts are written here for Mary Louise Parker, Whoopi Goldberg, and Drew Barrymore and another good one for Anita Gillette as Parker’s mother.Parker is in need of someone to share road expenses on a move west and Goldberg answers an advertisement in New York. When they get to Pittsburgh they add on a pregnant Drew Barrymore fleeing from an abusive drug dealing boyfriend Billy Wirth. The last time I saw a film with a plot premise like this was Kalifornia where David Duchovny takes on a psychotic Brad Pitt as a traveling companion with their respective women. That one was deadly serious and I do mean deadly film. In a much lighter vein Charlie Ruggles and Mary Boland got Burns&Allen and a large great dane in Six Of A Kind.Boys On The Side falls between these other films in its humor ratio. The trenchant observations the women have about life and love are the best part of the film. All three have secrets we all learn, one of them is dying.Best two scenes in the film are Goldberg on the stand giving as good as she gets with prosecutor Dennis Boutsikaris and Parker and Gillette having a good mother and daughter hair letting down.Matthew McConaughey got some early attention here as a deputy sheriff who falls for Barrymore. It’s a real difficult part and I’m not sure McConaughey avoided being too much a Dudley Do-Right.Still more than just cast member fans will find something to like with Boys On The Side. It will grow on you.

  • lorena-del-arce
    lorena del arce

    I LOVE this movie. It’s touching, funny, sad, heartbreaking and inspiring all in one. I found Mary-Louise Parker’s character so like myself that it was hilarious! Drew Barrymore, lovely as ever in her role, provided the much-needed sparkle to the movie. Some parts were a lot sadder and more sinister than others, but Drew was always there to bring the sunshine!It’s so touching, it makes me cry every time. But I love it. It’s not perfect by any means, but it’s definitely one to watch with the girls. Boys are on the side.

  • dr-kinel-cetin
    dr kinel cetin

    Drew Barrymore really makes this movie what it is as the dizzy (blonde of course) Holly, with her fresh and upbeat view on life. The faces which Barrymore pulls to dramatize her part will keep you laughing (e.g whilst on the Greyhound bus, whilst in labor). Moreover, this film shows that Barrymore can not only play the slutty, seductive parts (e.g The Amy Fisher Story, Poison Ivy) but a role which mixes both. What will surprise you about this comedy (and tear jerker) is that it’s not as predictable as you may except. Although the story line is simple, there are always the odd parts which you don’t expect. The fight at the beginning with Nick will keep you shocked and probably laughing. It’s definitely a chick flick (although the guys may drool over a blonde Barrymore.) However the actor who plays Abe Lincoln is an eye catcher.This is not one of Whoopi Goldberg’s best roles and I didn’t think her part as the lesbian was believeable, yet she did display both strength and humor to keep you interested. Mary Louise Parker was excellent and her performance was on line with her part.Definitely a movie for a Barrymore fan and if you need a heart warming movie to keep you interested at night. You go get it!

  • jelena-jefimov
    jelena jefimov

    Absorbing, funny and incredibly aware comedy-drama about three ladies on a road trip: Whoopi Goldberg as a lesbian lounge singer, Drew Barrymore as a pregnant, unmarried waif, and Mary-Louise Parker as an uptight woman trying to loosen up (and suffering from HIV). Plot is contrived, but the interaction between the characters is definitely not. Screenwriter Don Roos writes vivid dialogue and touching scenes, and the cast plays it to the hilt. Barrymore is at her best here, Goldberg is outstanding, and Parker–while not a varied actress–does solid work. Nice direction by Herbert Ross, who hasn’t been this focused in years. ***1/2 from ****

  • aleks-bizjak
    aleks bizjak

    ‘Boys on the side’ is a very touching movie that looks essentially at what it means to be a woman, trapped inside a man’s world. It also shows that friends really do stick together, through thick and thin. With the three leading ladies in roles that are really well written, here is a classy ‘chick flick’, that one guy really likes. It also looks into what it means to be sick, which I have been no stranger too, either….Three women sharing a car going west, team up in this winning celebration of camaraderie, caring and friendship which quickly becomes a family, in ‘Boys on the Side’. One is a wisecracking club singer, one is a finicky real-estate agent and one is a free spirit. Each has secrets to reveal, strengths to impart and vital moments of self-discovery awaiting. Now is their time.What a fine cast for such a dramatic movie. The three main girls in ‘Boys on the side’ include the ‘lesbo’ Jane (Whoppi Goldberg), Robin (well acted by the talented Mary-Louise Parker), who is being helped to drive across America by Jane, and the fun loving and partly liberated Holly (Drew Barrymore). All these women are amazing in their roles.I love how Jane stands up for herself and her sexuality, in addition to the fine music she can sing. Robin is a girl hiding a big secret, but we are aware that her life has not been an easy ride, which seems ironic, because of what the movie shows. Then what Holly is enduring, is quite staggering, being involved with a brutal man, Nick (Billy Wirth), that no woman should have to put up with. It is Holly’s great personality and character that turn these best friends into a very close-nit family. Her situation is not as easy as it seems either.While men are not talked about in a very good light in the film, we do see some men that are decent to these women. Robin admits to having a thing for barman, and on the road trip she meets up with Alex (James Remar) a caring barman, who is really hooked on Robin. The way their relationship goes is an interesting aspect of the movie. James had an interesting character in HBO’s ‘Sex and the city’. Holly, with such a bubbly personality meets a cop cutely named Abe Lincoln (Matthew McConaughey). He dearly loves Holly, wants her as his wife, so she can live a life that can be happy and trouble-free. I am interested in seeing McConaughey’s latest film, titled ‘How to lose a guy in 10 days’.The director of BOTS was Hebert Ross (from the brilliant 80’s movie, Steel Magnolias). He is a very game sort of director, and does not shrug away from any of the important issues within the film. I love how he brought out the movie’s main themes of sex and sexuality (gay and straight), the empowerment of women, friendship, sickness, humour and what it means to be a family.But the movie’s story was also a highlight from where I viewed it. Written by Don Roos, it was very touching and emotional, but also holds a large amount of subtle, clever humour. The way he wrote the three main characters was terrific, with them all having very different situations for us to learn about. This I believe allows us to fall in love with each one of them. The use of quick flashbacks is another aspect that was well written into the screenplay by Roo’s as were some of the lines in BOTS, which are unforgettable. Lines like when Holly asks Robin at the dinner table, `We’re you?’ in reference to her and Jane having a sexual relationship, the next few lines are great. The title of the film was well thought up, considering the line that Robin’s mother says to her daughter, `You can’t fight nature, God knows you women keep trying, treating your men like side dishes, stick a fork in when needed, just like men used to treat us.’ That line is basically what the film is all about.Another great part to this film was its soundtrack. It was not only clever to incorporate it via one of the movie’s characters, that of Jane, it makes the whole movie all the more compelling. Whoppi Goldberg and Mary Louise Parker sing a fine solo of the Roy Orbison classic, ‘You got it’. Then for the movie to have another performer actually sing the song, I found to be just original, as some films would just throw in the old song, but not here. Another ironic part of the soundtrack is a song written and sung by known lesbian Melissa Etheridge, titled ‘I take you with me’. I am sure that the powers behind this movie wanted such a performer, considering one of the main characters in the film was also gay.I watched this film, just a few weeks after seeing a movie that I am sure inspired the writer of the script, that being ‘Thelma and Louise’. Parts of ‘Boys on the side’ has a similar feel to ‘Thelma and Louise’ – that of women on a road trip, trying to break free of men’s hold on them. While a lot of the film is original, it has a very touching ending, to what can only be described as a very emotional movie. I also feel that director Herbert Ross, allows us to experience what each character is going through in life and does not shrug away from any issues that other movies might simply try and avoid. With a cleverly incorporated soundtrack, ‘Boys on the side’, is a movie that we can all learn from, to try and improve not only our friendships that we have, but how we live our lives in a world that can be cruel, harsh and unfair.CMRS gives ‘Boys on the side’: 4 (Very Good Film)

  • andre-williams
    andre williams

    Another film that I liked a lot more than I thought I would. Drew Barrymore was as adorable as ever, even though she was playing a ditzy blonde. Mary-Louise Parker really made this film. Her frail cuteness with the edge of toughness when necessary was perfect. And Whoopi Goldberg played it in an understated way that shows her talent, that she can handle a lot more than the over-the-top comedic roles that she is so famous for. Matthew McConaughey plays a caricature, so there is really no indication of talent there. The ending swims in poignancy, without getting (too) cloying. This film is definitely worth a look.