When a death row prisoner tells him he wouldn’t have led a life of crime if only he had had one friend as a child, Father Edward Flanagan decides to do something about. An advocate of child rights and an opponent of the severe approach to juvenile delinquency at the time, Flanagan genuinely believed that there is no such thing as a bad boy. Starting with just a few boys in a rented house, Father Flanagan eventually establishes Boys Town on 200 acres of land 10 miles outside of Omaha, Nebraska. Much of the film focuses on Flanagan’s attempts to influence one boy, Whitey Marsh, who will become a hoodlum if he doesn’t change his ways. When Whitey is implicated in a bank robbery, it puts all of Boys Town at risk. Throughout it all Flanagan has to fight prejudice in those who believe delinquents should just be locked up and the never ending shortage of money to accomplish his goals.

Also Known As: Градът на момчетата, Drengebyen, Han som tänkte med hjärtat, Jugend am Abgrund, Miasto chlopców, Besprizorni, Com os Braços Abertos, Город мальчиков Soviet, Teufelskerle West, Des hommes sont nés, Shônen no machi, Jongensstad, Adespota neiata, Homens de Amanhã, Tulevaisuuden miehiä, Fiúk városa, Boys' Town, Forja de hombres, Boys Town, La città dei ragazzi, Con los brazos abiertos

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