Brazilian Western is an adaptation of the eponymous song by Renato Russo a famous Brazilian singer and composer who in the style of Bob Dylan knew how to delight crowds by telling stories and singing with his lyrics The adaptation precipitated a both social and romantic drama with a tragic ending. Focusing on the love story of outlaw Joao do Santo Cristo with Architecture major student Maria Lucia, the movie takes place in Brasilia in the early 80s. In a clash of interest, drug dealers and the police conflict with one another,while the end of the military dictatorship in the Capital of Brazil, Brasilia takes place. The wanderings and tedium of a young rocker, who lived in a city still being built, are the backdrop for this story.

Also Known As: Западный Кабокло, Brazilian Western, Far West Brésilien, Faroeste Caboclo

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  • daniel-jereb
    daniel jereb

    Brazilian director Rene Sampaio has delivered a gritty and stylish gangster movie set in Brazil. He has combined a western undertone, which is why this film is called ‘Brazilian Western’. Rolling Stone Magazine says this film is a lot like ‘Romeo and Juliet’. While you may see that poetic tragedy between two people here, the film plays out a bit like ‘Scarface’ as well. There isn’t really anything new or fresh with this story, as I’m sure you’ve all seen or heard this before, but it’s how Sampaio tells us this story and Fabricio Boliveira’s performance that really makes this film worth watching.The film takes place some twenty years ago or so when Brazil’s political and social climate where on the verge of major change. The drug trade and corrupt cops were in the spotlight, which is where we meet a young Joao (Boliveira), who is seen killing an officer of the law. Through flashbacks, we see why this took place, and how times have changed as Joao has gotten older.Due to his skin color and poor upbringing, it didn’t seem like Joao had much of a choice in what he was destined to do. It was either make furniture for low wages or get involved in the drug trade. Joao decided to do both, but when he meets a beautiful young woman named Maria Lucia (Isis Valverde), the daughter of a wealthy and powerful senator, Joao changes his mind to become straight laced.But, a rival drug lord named Jeremias (Felipe Abib) has diabolical plans for Joao, even though he’s out of the drug game, which forces Joao back into a life of violence and drugs, with nobody looking out for him. Part of this movie are difficult to watch, due to the gory violent scenes that take place with certain characters, but it never seems gratuitous.Besides telling a tragic yet great story, Sampaio wanted to show what the political and social issues were in this particular part of the world where skin color mattered at this point in time. You can’t just help but feel sorry for the characters here, because Boliveira gives us an excellent performance with Joao as he struggles to always do the right thing, but never catches a break. As the walls come tumbling down on him, we soon figure out there is no escape for him, which Sampaio plays out in true, typical western fashion.

  • samuel-escobar
    samuel escobar

    An incredible title with just enough romance and action to satisfy everyone!+Great cinematography and selection of music +Amazing acting +Excellent pace and story progressionBrazilian Western will surprise you and will leave you wanting more. The visual style and the presentation in this movie was exceptionally well done and I would definitely recommend this to people that want to give Hollywood a break.Great overall!10/10

  • alkmene-mpozike
    alkmene mpozike

    Faroeste Caboclo is the most beautiful Brazilian movie I saw this year: the images and editing are eye popping and the soundtrack is pretty. René Sampaio, in his first movie, shows an exemplary technical finesse (a young talent from the advertising): the camera work is dynamics and the visual effects are convincing. Fabricio Boliveira, who plays the main character, has has strong stage presence and the new black actor to follow. Being a familiar story, the film did not surprise us – we know what will happen. The impact would be greater if it were not for this “detail”. Fans of Renato has the history of Santo Cristo, the character, in their head; René Sampaio made ​​his version competently.

  • luna-chevresson
    luna chevresson

    I’m very disappointed with the result of this movie.I have enjoyed the song “Faroeste Caboclo” since I was a children, hearing their verses and melody and imagining every characters and scenarios.Actually, there is nothing that I have supposed that have showed in the movie.The chronology is completely different of the original song, and the characters are so far that what it describe.It starts well but ends in a poor way.I really don’t recommend.

  • balog-zoltanne-molnar-maria
    balog zoltanne molnar maria

    This is not at all a good movie. I’m guessing the other reviews come from people involved in the production. I’m also guessing this is a movie from college kids who read two chapters in class and think they understand cinema. Attempts to simulate or reference westerns are phony and “soap- operash”. Maybe one or two good shots – but 100 monkeys with a 100 typewriters… and so on…The movie tries and fails. If it hits something during a few seconds, it changes nothing. I felt like watching a bad soap opera, written by a kid who knows nothing of life – with nothing to say – and filmed by a pretentious advertising professional. Lots of sex scenes to see if teenagers will feel something. Not even these sex scenes are fine – seems like the guy wants to be a seller and an artist at the same time. Naturally, he achieves neither.

  • maika-basile
    maika basile

    This is a fascinating film, its qualities so much above its flaws, it places you in Brasilia, a city which was modern, but now looks beautiful in its “fifties” style. Brasilia is also the city of “Legião Urbana” a musical group, whose leader, Renato Russo composed the song on which the film is based upon. A sort of “Django Unchained”, a western at heart, but where the outstanding performance of Fabricio Boliveira outshines a similar role played by Jamie Foxx. Boliveira is João, a man doomed from the start, because of social and color discrimination and who will “do what a man gotta do” in a way I am sure Leone would applaud. References to “Winchester 73” and “Duel in the Sun” show us the director and scriptwriter knew their subject. Isis Valverde is a beautiful and human Maria the impossible love of João, and Felibe Abib, the “playboy” of Brasilia, the cruel, tough guy. The cinematography is spectacular,conveying a Brasilia so far unknown to the screen.

  • ms-eleanor-wallis
    ms eleanor wallis

    In Santo Cristo, João (Fabrício Boliveira) is arrested and imprisoned after killing the man that murdered his father. Years later, in the 80’s, he is discharged and moves to Brasília to seek out his cousin Pablo (César Troncoso) to find a job. João works as a carpenter, but Pablo that is a drug dealer, offers him some money to deliver marijuana in the upper-class neighborhood. João is surprised by police raid and he flees. When he sees the architecture student Maria Lúcia (Isis Valverde) on her apartment, João climbs the building and she protects him. Soon they fall in love with each other and João decides to leave the crime to live a honest life. But the drug dealer Jeremias (Felipe Abib) that has a crush on Maria Lúcia, and his partner, the corrupt detective Marco Aurélio (Antonio Calloni), begin a war against João and Pablo with tragic consequences. “Faroeste Caboclo” is one of the best (if not the best) Brazilian movies of 2013, with a story that is an adaptation of the lyrics of a song by the Brazilian composer and singer Renato Russo, who died in 1996 at the age of 36. The plot entwines romance, drama and action and is developed in adequate pace. The conclusion recalls the spaghetti western, where everybody dies. Great direction, performances, camera work, lighting, edition and music score make “Faroeste Caboclo” an unforgettable movie. My vote is nine.Title (Brazil): “Faroeste Caboclo” (“Caboclo Western”) Note: “Caboclo” is a mixed race of Indian and Caucasian from the countryside of Brazil.

  • arthur-gomes
    arthur gomes

    This was the biggest disappointment I had with a movie in a long time. With a great song as the inspiration and a lot of advertising everywhere, I supposed it would be at least a popcorn-watchable movie.I was wrong.The badly written script doesn’t let you get into any of the characters, some scenes happen too fast, others too slow (and too often, like the soap-opera style sex scenes, for god’s sake!) and from the moment she gets involved with the playboy, I just had to fast-forward it. It was just too ridiculous.A lot of gun-firing, random and unnecessary killing of people, bad sex scenes for horny pre-teens and finally, the shitty ending: a girl that gets pregnant from the arch-enemy of the main character, João, because she loves him and wants to save him from the prison that he was sent to after a super-fast arrest. Why he got arrested? Because they got caught together by her father. It was so painful I really had to write this review at 3am.