In New York City, detective Billy Taggart goes to court for the murder of the rapist Mikey Tavarez, but the Mayor Nicholas Hostetler and the Chief of Police Carl Fairbanks vanish with important evidence and Billy is declared not guilty by the judge; however, he leaves the police department. Seven years later, Billy is a private detective and lives with his girlfriend Natalie Barrow, who is an aspiring actress and the sister of Mikey’s victim. His secretary Katy Bradshaw (Alona Tal) is trying to collect part of the debts to save their business. In the week of the elections, Hostetler summons Billy and offers $25,000 to investigate his wife, Cathleen Hostetler, whom he believes is having a love affair. Billy discovers that Cathleen is meeting Paul Andrews, who is the coordinator of the campaign of Jack Valliant, the opponent of Hostetler and favorite in the election. When Paul is found dead on the street, Billy finds that he had been double-crossed by Hostetler and he decides to investigate the truth behind Paul’s murder.

Also Known As: Broken City, Thành Phô Tôi Ác, Город порока, Podkupljeno mesto, La trama, Slomljeni grad, Burôkun Shiti, Zlomene mesto Czech, Корумпиран град, Žlugęs miestas, Гниле мiсто, Megtört város, Emprise sur la ville, Rikutud linn, Linha de Ação, Bitik Sehir, Ir shvura, Władza, Cidade Dividida, Orasul corupt, Broken City - Stadt des Verbrechens, Ciudad de sombras

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