A teens life is shattered by a tragic car accident. Leaving his mother dead and him lost from the world. He’s forced to move to a small town to live with his grandmother, whom he’s never met. After living together they discover that they’re unable to find peace with their own demons until they’ve found peace with each other. Broken Roads is a contrasted portrait of life; dealing with loss. A character driven journey of rediscovery and the hills climbed which forever change us.

Also Known As: Broken Roads

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  • bondo-k-ut-at-elaze
    bondo k ut at elaze

    I enjoyed this movie thoroughly it had a great cast and even though sally kirkland was the only actress with credentials the rest of the cast definitely pulled their weight to say the least. this movie is long but if your in the mood to watch a good full length detailed movie with a powerful message and not a 30 minute TV show then this is a movie for you. unfortunately i saw some extremely negative comments which struck me as odd because as a person of morals if i don’t like something and if i felt it was that much of a “waste” of life i certainly wouldn’t “waste” anymore of my life writing a “full length” negative review about it. You be the Judge and Give it a Go!

  • maureen-reynolds
    maureen reynolds

    Okay so I was on here and heard of this film, read the reviews here on IMDb, which I understand are from most people who are in the business and it seemed like everyone either loved it or hated it. Personally I am always curious to see if it really is as bad as some people try and make the film to be, you sometimes have to thing, did these guys have a personal vendetta against the film, cause who has time to write such a long hateful review. But never the less I proceeded with caution. I am glad I still watched it because I feel like I struck gold.I also realized that those who gave it a negative review didn’t see the masterful craftiness that Chambers’ put into it, from music, to shots, to the writing. Everything was so seamless it felt so simple it almost was masterful. This isn’t your get it quick film. It is carefully structured and well written to. It’s life as we know. I feel like maybe these guys below were looking for your polished Nicholas Sparks film or Lifetime movie and they were miss guarded. Because this film has some powerful lessons to teach us all if you stop and take the time to understand what the story is saying and telling you. Also I looked Chambers’ up and he practically did everything on this film and that is astonishing for how young he is. I see great things for him in the future, he has a new fan!

  • vphaadaar-prdiip
    vphaadaar prdiip

    Not much to say here but I LOVED IT! It will make it cry, it will fill you with lessons that make you look at your own life and say, “am I doing everything i can to be my best and better than my yesterday.” Splendid job by all involved and looking forward to more films from these guys! An exciting find was Aidan Bristow, very reminiscent of Joaquin Phoenix. I really enjoyed his acting. The visuals were absolutely breath taking. The direction was great and the script was well written, the film all together was masterfully done. The sound track will make you want to hop on line and find every song and play it a million times over. That is probably what I found most incredible is that fact that every song seemed so strategically placed as if it was the sound track to this young boys life. A must see, watch it now!

  • malle-vosu
    malle vosu

    I read all the reviews of this movie and would not say it was as bad or as good as was posted. I think the actors were all pretty good, but the script needed some work. I am not in the film industry so my critique may be flawed, but I am an avid movie goer and I know what I like. Evidently the producer is very young from what I have read. Perhaps he took on more than he could handle which happens when first wanting to do a film. I think newcomers want to become famous so they bite off more than they can chew, so to speak. Movie was way too long for a character study, and that is what this movie is about. It appeared to be like a collection of auditions and not an even flow to it. Aiden Bristow can act but his transition from angry teen to forgiving grandson was way too quick. The movie was long so take the time for him to change character. All of a sudden he was happy and content. If his catharsis was to be the theme of the movie, then it should happen slowly not abruptly as presented. Do not know his real age, but much to old- looking to play a teen. Shoshona did a great job but her script was amateur. Photography was fine and Sally was OK with what she had to work with, as it seemed more like she was acting in a Broadway play. All done and said it was not a bad movie, it just needed some work. Perhaps Justin Chambers has matured since 2012 and had some advice in making a movie. I gave it 5 stars because it kept my interest, it made me cry, and I was curious to see how it all ended. So you see there were some good points to the movie, just needed a little cleaning up.

  • derrick-eaton
    derrick eaton

    Simple plot. Bad dialogue, at times even painful. Bad acting. Stupid ending.So many scenes took so long to develop. Slow! On top of a plot that doesn’t have much depth and a somewhat long running time, that’s disaster.One thing the movie did OK is show Aldo’s pain and confusion even if Aidan Bristow was a poor actor. His screaming was very annoying. I have to agree casting him was not great because he looks like late or mid 20’s, not a teen, especially in the beginning of the movie..

  • patrick-cochran
    patrick cochran

    Lovely indie feature with a lot of heart that looks like it came from a major studio. A teenager (Aidan Bristow) loses his single mother in a horrific car accident and faces living with a stern grandmother (Oscar nominee Sally Kirkland) that he has never known. A touching portrayal of two lost souls finding one another through their own darkness. Broken Roads is also a story of renewal, and of not letting one’s past define one’s future, as grief gives way to forging new bonds. The film boasts powerful, affecting performances; from the masterful Kirkland and appealing newcomers Bristow and Bush to the fine supporting players Watts, Marquand and Glass, each actor creates an authentic, passionately felt portrait. Director Chambers’ premise is engaging and his well-written script is heartfelt and thought provoking. Beautiful cinematography gives the film high-budget texture and a first-rate score adds to the professional quality. A little film with a lot to recommend it.

  • jivan-tsatowryan
    jivan tsatowryan

    I have only watched about half of this “film” and am amazed that it ever got made!! Terrible writing and the “direction” is worse than some home movies! Sally isn’t bad (surprise) but the “grandson” could be her grandpa….terrible casting. Just all makes sense as to why it is on Netflix so soon (made in 2012). Just one of the worst things I have ever seen! Sally Kirkland has had a very strange up and down career…..this is one of the DOWN films, but she is better than usual now that she has attempted to play her age and stop trying to be a sex kitten! Who finances this bad a film. I see that the director also wrote the film. Maybe THAT explains it all. Maybe he also edited it!! Just awful! The grandson looks older than Sally!

  • iolanda-dumitrescu
    iolanda dumitrescu

    It you like soppy melodramas then this one is for you or maybe not even. The film begins with a loud and graphic horror movie like scene. So if you are squeamish like many melodrama lovers, then you might want to close your eyes for the first scene. The story itself can be told in a 5 min short, as it is predictable and climaxes very early to only drag on like “beating a dead horse” for 2 1/2 hours. However there is lot’s of shouting and childish tantrums to get you through to the resolution segment followed by a couple more “cups of water, to keep the pot of sorrow and heartache boiling at a slow simmer, until it eventually dries up”.

  • edit-lundkvist
    edit lundkvist

    I don’t know why, but I expected more from this movie; maybe because Sally Kirkland is in it. The storyline was incredibly predictable. One could argue that in movies like this, the arc/story is always predictable and it is the journey that is to be watched. Well, the journey was terrible also. The acting, well, talking in front of a camera was just plain bad. Sally acted stilted, which I get when she is with her “grandson”, but she acted stilted with her friends and neighbors. Grandson? I think he was an extra on “Intolerance”, that’s how old he looked. The actors who played doctors, the social workers, the nurses should have realized they were in a movie and not the set of “Days of our Lives”, because they were awkward, at best and over emoted at worst. Big difference between the small screen and the big screen.I must admit Shoshana Bush was decent, but she was hampered by, yes I’ll say it again, poorly written dialog. Her weepy speech towards the end, is so darn dated, I’ve “heard” it in silent movies.Spoiler alert: If you use the move to Colorado in your tagline and as a shock for the boy, why show none of it? Memo to the director/writer/editor- using the tried and true,African-American friend to explain the family history is like Star Trek using the red uniform. It is a lazy plot device to help you out of a jam.If you like poorly acted, incredibly predictable, poorly edited movies, this is the one for you.

  • arsen-alekseienko
    arsen alekseienko

    Broken roads is a script driven film.Of which a teenager loses his only family (his mother)…The main character (Aldo Russo)thought that his life would have ended with his mother during the car accident.Yet upon to his surprise he still have a grandmother left.With this revelation of the existence of a relative have somehow sparked more anger.And questions of where he comes from.This is a story of struggle,the fight to move on and finding better meaning for his life.Persistence,his grandmother who never gave up for her grandson’s helplessness.Hope was shown to him when he learned to love.Change, have somehow give him a new idea and new hope.Triumph at the end he chose to move on and continue life.

  • craig-clark
    craig clark

    From beginning to end this is shocking. Appalling acting with a badly written script could have been soooo much better

  • ruben-montoya
    ruben montoya

    Broken Roads is a film that comes along every 5 years that can’t be seen from beginning to end in one sitting because it is so ridiculously bad that you can’t help but skip through it and watch it in segments.I don’t mind watching bad movies, especially when they are entertaining – however Broken Roads doesn’t allow us the benefit of enjoyment because it’s just that bad.The acting from the majority of the cast is awful and weak at best. The only decent performances came from superficial secondary characters and Shoshana Bush, but despite their best efforts to elevate the material, the script is too muddled and unfocused to display what they are capable of if given a good script. The biggest disappointment, of course, comes from the work by Sally Kirkland, considering she is the only one from the cast with a name and credentials. She is overly dramatic and sappy that every word she says is wooden and dull. However, as bad as her performance is, it is Oscar worthy in comparison to the male lead, Aidan Bristow – who is constantly yelling throughout the movie for no reason except at an attempt to be a “Good” actor, because “All good actors yell and cry.” in a movie.The direction of the film handled by Justin Chambers is unfocused and confused and extremely heavy. His attempts to make a “good” movie fall short because instead of letting the material speak for itself he tries hard to be dramatic – nothing is organic or earned, it’s constantly forced, everything in this movie is forced at the audience.The story is incredibly predictable with no conflict. You kind of sit there most of the time asking yourself, “what’s the point of all this?”Now there are bad films and there are terrible films. A bad film would be any movie that’s so bad it’s good where as a terrible film would be any movie that’s just not good at all and simply bad. Broken Roads is a fine example of a Bad Script + Bad Acting + Unfocused Directing = Bad Movie. I read a few reviews praising the cinematography of the picture, however even the cinematography was amateur at best with the exception of one shot that actually looked professional.The proof is in the pudding so approach this film with caution if you choose to see it for yourself. But if I were you and I’d say SKIP IT. Everything about this film is broken and beyond repair.

  • tamara-schmidt
    tamara schmidt

    Broken Roads is a well written, beautifully filmed and emotionally laden story of a young boy, Aldo, played by Aiden Bistrow, who does a beautiful job of showing the angst of a young boy who tragically loses his mother in a car accident. He is then forced to live with his estranged grandmother who is played brilliantly and emotionally by Sally Kirkland. Both Kirkland and Bistrow show a realistic view of the anger despair of losing a loved one and having your life twisted around. Anger turns to respect for them as they learn about each other while time passes, they then grow love each other as families do. This growth is shown very subtley in this film and mimics a real life scenario as this process would not be so easy. Shoshana Bush plays Aldo’s young love interest, Madeline, who I think every man watching the film will fall in love with along with Aldo. Ross Marquand, plays Aldo’s father and does an excellent job playing this tricky role of a man who never met his son and tries to explain why. Along with the acting, the songs and the scenery are both breathtaking. It is amazing how well this film is put together being such a small, independent film. Kudos to the directors and producers!!

  • luna-carvalho
    luna carvalho

    As a previous commenter noted the movie was melodramatic, I certainly agree with that assessment, It had some very promising moments which failed to deliver. Acting was often florid. The script predictable and contrived. It mostly felt like a hallmark movie trying to break free but it unfortunately failed. What success it might garner would probably be as a training video highlighting what not to do.