In Brooklyn, amid drug deals, violence, casual racism, poverty, housing projects, and corrupt cops, we follow three officers: Tango, African-American, working undercover, believing he’s earned a promotion to a desk job but told he has to set up the bust of an ex-con who saved his life; Sal, who’ll commit murder to get cash; and, Eddie, the precinct’s oldest beat cop, a week to go before retirement, assigned to mentor an earnest rookie. Can this end well for any of the three?

Also Known As: Rehovot Brooklyn, Permiso para matar, Crossing, Бруклинские полицейские, Gliniarze z Brooklynu, Бруклинските стражи, Brooklyn's Finest, Brooklyn'in Azizleri, Los amos de Brooklyn, Η σκοτεινή πλευρά του νόμου, Brooklyn mélyén, Bruklino geriausieji, Gesetz der Strasse - Brooklyn's Finest, L'élite de Brooklyn, Los mejores de Brooklyn, I skoteini plevra tou nomou, L'Élite de Brooklyn, Atraídos Pelo Crime, Politisti în Brooklyn, Zakon ulice, Behtarin e Brooklyn

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