One day Rony meets an unexpected guest Chandy and they become very close, however, Chandy does not disclose his true identity. Over time Chandy discloses his identity and introduces his daughter Santa and a lot of unexpected events follow.

Also Known As: Brother's Day

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  • synnove-ahmed-hauge
    synnove ahmed hauge

    The movie starts good with some comedy scenes. But that’s it. Second half is meaningless and rubbish. Some of the characters of this movie are really meaningless. Shajohn is a good actor, but his directorial debut is utterly disappointing. A movie to avoid!!

  • pani-nela-biesek
    pani nela biesek

    First thing i want to say that this movie is forcasting the strong bond between brother and sister. Well narrated movie comdey is really worked well. Prithviraj played a very good role and 4 heroines also do their task well. Shajon Debut as director is pretty much good. Overall its good movie

  • shawn-smith
    shawn smith

    Bad writing, bad direction, bad performance, bad comedy, bad songs and almost everything sucks in this onam offering from Prithviraj. I didn’t expect this kind of film from Prithviraj as his recent script selections had minimum quality. The movie is so badly made by the debut of actor Kalabhavan Shajohn and watching it was like watching a Malayalam serial. All the supporting cast was bad in their roles. Only Prassana as the negative character did okay. Prithviraj’s performance was bad and it surprised me. Overall, Brother’s Day is a very bad film and give it a watch only if you don’t have anything much to do.

  • maria-berry
    maria berry

    A decent entertainer with lots of fun in the first half & twist and turns in the second half.

  • leslie-rodriguez
    leslie rodriguez

    Kalabhavan shajon manages to make a well packed entertainer with humour,action and thrill.Happy to see that prithviraj is back as a local mallu guy

  • polukhronios-kitinos
    polukhronios kitinos

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  • giedre-gronskis
    giedre gronskis

    Brother’s Day is a jigsaw puzzle where few pieces are missing and even the director does not know where they are, so he ends up compromising the end product to make it look like it’s finished. There are so many questions you would get after watching the film that you will vow never to go in for a Kalabhavan Shajohn film ever even if it boasts off a cast line-up such as Prithviraj Sukumaran, Vijay Raghavan, Dharmajan, Madonna Sebastian, Miya George, Aishwarya Lekshmi, and Prayaga Martin. It is a convoluted piece of cinematic experiment that shouldn’t have seen the light of the day not because it rehashes everything you have seen in all the psychological thrillers in the past but because it’s just pure mockery of the entire artform. TN.

  • finn-lind-johansen
    finn lind johansen

    This movie is a complete waste of resources. 4 heroines + Prithviraj, along with other well-supporting cast; but the fate of “Brother’s Day” is to become one of the baddest movie released in the festival season. I agree, there are movies even worse than this, but considering the resources this movie had, “”Brother’s Day” deserves all the blame. The director attempted a crime thriller, but the movie is not pleasing in any manner. I watched this movie expecting a fun-filled Prithviraj movie seeing the songs and trailer; Disappointed.

  • zhdanova-valentina-kharitonovna
    zhdanova valentina kharitonovna

    The movie starts with so many character introduction in first half. 1st half is really full of joy and fun.. And end with a suspense.2nd half is of emotion, revenge and all, They makers were able to connect each part of the story. Even though the movie is for 2hr and 44 mins. We won’t feel any lag or boring… Each moment in the movie is so good.The vintage prithviraj is back to MOLLYWOOD 💜

  • michael-jefferson
    michael jefferson

    Failure movie bad direction and poor storyline. Below average

  • jordi-galiano-sebastian
    jordi galiano sebastian

    Watched “Brother’s Day” Malayalam movie other day. Bad plot, scripts, direction and total bad experience. Seems a “serial” writer wrote this plot. If a good director got this story he would have done a better job. Movie brings a array of actors and actresses, seems to waste everybody’s time! This shows a real contrast between a well directed movie and a bad one! Not a movie for Onam festivities!

  • anej-vidmar
    anej vidmar

    First half is really boring and second half a bit thrilling

  • nicholas-hall
    nicholas hall

    The movie is a comedy thriller and the first half is full of comedy and the comedys were not so working on audience and some serious issue are shown to us in a comedy mood and in second half is a littile bit thriller were these serious issue are being interconnected to their life’s average acting,direction,bgm…, NOT A GOOD THRILER

  • filipa-correia
    filipa correia

    Nothing new thought,not for family. Just watchable