At overcrowded Westgate Penitentiary, where violence and fear are the norm and the warden has less power than guards and leading prisoners, the least contented prisoner is tough, single-minded Joe Collins. Most of all, Joe hates chief guard Captain Munsey, a petty dictator who glories in absolute power. After one infraction too many, Joe and his cell-mates are put on the dreaded drain pipe detail; prompting an escape scheme that has every chance of turning into a bloodbath.

Also Known As: Les démons de la liberté, Raakaa voimaa, Brutalidade, Forza bruta, Entre rejas, Wet zonder recht, Forta Bruta, Fuerza bruta, Med våldets rätt, Brutal magt, Brute Force, Zelle R 17 West, Vahsi Kuvvet, Zelle R 17, Ο δήμιος των κολασμένων, Грубая сила Soviet, Brutalna sila, Helvetes forgård

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