When the daughter of a powerful senator is kidnapped by a psychopath, the senator requests a particular homicide detective, Caitlyn Conner, to head up the case. She knows the kidnapper better than anyone else – he just killed her husband. Against the advice of her closest friend, a police psychologist, Caitlyn enters the killer’s web of sadistic games and discovers the crime is far more twisted than anyone imagined.

Also Known As: Burden of Evil - Die Last des Bösen, Océanos de maldad, El peso de la maldad, Le pouvoir du mal, Burden of Evil, Chasse à l'homme, Burden of Evil - Il peso del male

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  • dr-simon-richards
    dr simon richards

    It was what I expected. To be honest, I only watched it because I am a new fan of Canadian actor Graham Cuthbertson. I became a fan of his thanks to his role (voice) in the video game Outlast Whistleblower. He voiced Eddie “The Groom” Gluskin. Anyway, it seems like one of those movies you’d see on Lifetime, I’m sure it aired at one time on that station. I was just happy to see Graham get quite a bit in this. He played Malcolm Gitteridge. I will say that I didn’t expect his character to be helping the very young kidnapper. This kid did look like his was in high school. It was an OK film, I just skip to Graham’s scenes.

  • catherine-turner-mclean
    catherine turner mclean

    I will not say much other than to say I was roped into watching this incredibly amateurish travesty. Although some films never portray real law enforcement work properly, this one goes above and beyond the call of duty to prove that: A. The writers and director have never met a police officer in their lives B. Some Canadian productions live down to our expectations from the 1970s C. Michael Ironsides still had a film commitment to finishIncredibly weak plot, no dramatic moments,insipid action scenes, and a robotic portrayal of a policewoman by someone who may some day be the best actress ever to appear on radio. At least there she will be able to lull us to sleep in the wee hours.The best thought is that if I can track down a DVD of this movie, it will make pretty flames in my fire pit.I will not say avoid it, because then people will seek it out and watch it…beware…dry heaves can hurt.

  • giga-mamulashvili
    giga mamulashvili

    Zea is so unbelievable in this trite story of a lady cop, if you can believe it, out for revenge, like most LMN so called thrillers. And our leading lady cannot act a damn. She flaunts around in too tight jeans, do cops really dress like that? Also unkempt hair all over her face. I have never seen a cop or detective in real life that looks like that.This is so unreal and acting so bad you want to never watch LMN again. I never heard of this Zea dame but hope to never see her again. On the bright side is the presence of Michael Ironside as the father of the kidnapped girl. What a waste of a good talent. He must have been keeping his talent in tact trying not to laugh at his co-star.Avoid this terrible film at all costs. Better to watch old movies of the 40s on TCM. So much better.

  • sharov-andronik-timurovich
    sharov andronik timurovich

    So 10 minutes into the show, 80 lb Kate attacks and twists the arm of a beefed-up 220lb man who annoys her on the street. Then he lays on the hood of a car for about 10 seconds because she really hurt him so bad..What a joke! I hate when movies do such unbelievable stuff.It gets better. She gets hit on the head with a big glass vase that shatters into pieces and shot 2 times. Not a cut on her face. Then she is such a superwoman that she goes right into a car chase and drives great. For about three seconds she acts like she has a concussion; then her face never has a trace of pain again and she is normal and completely focused. Runs out of the car completely fine.Then she’s completely forgiving of the person who murdered her husband – practically emotionless. She then shows more agitation and anger when the murderer of her husband is shot. RIDICULOUS!

  • marinka-hocevar
    marinka hocevar

    Caitlyn Conner (Natalie Zea) and husband Jamie are both police detectives. Kyle Randall is arrested when Jamie is ambushed and killed. Kyle manages to escape prison transport and kidnap Senator Pitfield (Michael Ironside)’s daughter. Kyle endlessly taunts Caitlyn with phone calls.This should be an action packed kidnapping thriller but it barely has any action. There is no intensity or thrills. It spends too much time trying to talk about Kate’s psyche. This is strictly a B-level TV movie.

  • dinu-nistor
    dinu nistor

    The focus of “Burden of Evil” is on the dedicated police detective Caitlyn Conner, who is on the trail of a serial killer and kidnapper named Kyle Randall. But there is an interesting array of characters and a lot of evil to spread around in this well-produced thriller.The actress playing Detective Conner is terrific, but the entire cast is also good in a wide range of interesting roles. There is the authoritarian senator, who believes that everyone has a price. There is the well-intentioned but helpless police psychiatrist, who really is hopeless in influencing the highly motivated Detective Conner to stay away from the serial killer. Then, there is Malcolm-in-the-Middle, one of the Senator’s hatchet men. And “Big Henry” rocks as the head of the Senator’s security team. The fascinating character of Kyle’s mother shows up in the middle of the film to add an interesting twist to the narrative.While the film dragged a bit in the middle, there was a strong ending with a number of plot twists. The inventiveness of the screenplay was apparent in more than one character who was a study in evil. Detective Conner had some luck in becoming heroic in the line of duty. But, in the end, she prevailed, due to a surprise that is revealed in the final moments of the film.

  • maan-abhilaassaa
    maan abhilaassaa

    OK this movie is so bad!! Natalie Zea is a detective that has her boyfriend (detective like her) killed by a serial killer that she has been hunting…then the guy is in jail for like 5 minutes until he escapes so easily that you couldn’t believe it, and kidnapped the daughter of a powerful senator!! the acting is so terrible, this girl Natalie is like a supermodel trying so hard to act like a tough cop girl, but of course she poses for the camera all the time, and the tight shirts and pants, high heels…she moans for her beloved boyfriend for like 2 minutes and then she looks perfect! there are so many ridiculous situations in this movie, let’s name a few of themthe serial killer is so miscast, it’s like a high school dude trying to act and look bad but failing so miserably! – the senator’s girl kidnapped is suppose to be a sport multi-medalist boat rower, but the girl look chubby and no sign of an athletic body at all, wtf!!! – the mother of the kidnapper ask Natalie not to kill her son, and she mentions the issue to his partners… and no one understands why this woman want to protect this serial killer!!! well, maybe because is HIS MF MOM you morons!!!!! – Our cop girl gets her head smashed with a large glass vase and then shot twice from a very short distance, but she escapes almost harmless!! wtf is she robocop or what? – the kidnapper is caught by our girl, she crawls at him BUT…instead of put the gun in his head, she prefer to yell at him from a distance pointing the gun at him, BUT… while she point the gun at him, he release the chains of the kidnapped girl, take his gun out and place behind her pointing the gun at her head!!!!!!! and she does nothing!!! and the cherry on top, her partner came to the scene also pointing a gun at the killer but from a different angle, so they have the guy absolutely trapped OK? no, because our girl decide to throw her gun to the floor to persuade the killer to release the girl!!!!!!Guys please avoid this piece of crap!!

  • avotins-matiss
    avotins matiss

    This movie is quite watchable if you accept that is a low budget life time style thriller. Sure there are faults. The writing and scenes are uneven and sometimes a bit awkward and abrupt. The car chase is pretty lame. And the villain is a bit of a clown. The directing is a little amateurish. But having said all that there is a certain quaint fun in the way the story unfolds.Natalie Zea of “The Following” is very pretty and should be on TV more often and prime time too. The cast playing the police colleagues look a bit insipid.Worth a watch.

  • thea-grottner-reising
    thea grottner reising

    Natalie Zea’s movie career appears to be taking off, this being one of several that would seem to explain her absence from most of season 3 of TV’s “Justified,” a series in which she gets above-the-title billing. Still, it’s not a tough choice between playing the ex-wife on a TV series vs. the chance to star in your own movie, even if it’s a made-for-TV one.BURDEN OF EVIL is a mostly run-of-the-mill thriller. What distinguishes it from others is its star, Natalie Zea, who’s always a ten (okay, maybe a nine) in my book, along with a few (okay, maybe a couple) surprise twists in the plot. (The identity of the perp is not one of them.) Zea plays Caitlyn Conner, the distaff half of a married couple, both detectives. Caitlyn has clearly had martial arts training, apparent by the way she handles two overly-aggressive drunks, in separate scenes.The basic plot is outlined in the Storyline section on the front page of this title. The main deficiency, in my opinion, is the inter-agency tension between the FBI and local police, a device used in way too many cop stories.Without giving anything away, I’ll say that, despite some unsatisfactory directions taken along the way, thanks to the aforementioned plot twists, the tale comes to a satisfying conclusion.