Waking groggy in pitch darkness, Paul Conroy, an American truck driver working in Iraq in 2006, slowly realizes he is trapped inside a wooden coffin, buried alive. With his cigarette lighter, he can see the trap he is in, and he quickly realizes that there’s not enough air for him to live long. He finds within the coffin a working cellphone, which allows him contact with the outside world. But the outside world proves not to be very helpful at finding a man buried in a box in the middle of the Iraqi desert. Paul must rely on his best resource–himself.

Also Known As: Погребан, Pogrzebany, Limit, Погребенный заживо, Toprak altinda, Похований живцем, Enterrado Vivo, Haudattu, Živ zakopan, Sepultado, Enterré, Buried - Lebend begraben, Buried - Sepolto, Buried, Kavur, Buried: Îngropat de viu, Élve eltemetve, Elusalt maetud, Enterrado, Zakopan

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  • celine-gabrielle-lacombe
    celine gabrielle lacombe

    With all the raves about this movie before its release, I KNEW it would be good and have sat waiting on pins and needles for it to reach my town. Now that it’s here and I’ve seen it, I have never been so disappointed in a movie in my life! Suspense only works when there’s rescue and a pay-off! Hitchcock-like in its opening music and spacing of tension,”Buried” ends up as pointless as a mother who gives birth to a baby and then buries it in the back yard to all loss to her, where she and everyone around listens insensitively to it scream for a rescue, only to berate it for crying in distress and insisting it needs to calm down and change its attitude–baby whose loss of life she’s paying for! Thirty years later, baby buried in its hole in the ground where Mama has left it is still crying to everyone in hearing distance to be saved–with no savior in sight and having been accused of deserving its abuse and neglect by everyone in a life just thrown away for no point!Atypical of anyone who has no helper that has been overtaken by an enemy and left good as dead, Ryan’s character of Paul Conroy sufficiently wastes the first THIRTY minutes of the movie trying to use the cell phone he was left with to get someone in the world to hear and understand that his truck had been seized and him buried in a coffin somewhere he couldn’t pinpoint underground–all the frustration of answering machines and no one home, hold calls, hangups, the fight with his what–mother- or sister-in law as he tried to learn his wife’s whereabouts, disconnects and reconnects…before inevitable contact by the embezzler that had buried him with the phone on the heels of a hostage negotiator determined to find him out of thin air–literally–I should have known then: all that suspense–just for the “call” to be dropped at the end with no further reconnect…. And after his ‘indecent’ “Proposal” of a movie with Sandra Bullock last year, I’d thought Reynolds had come into his own with this one–but it looks like it just got buried in its dirt! Waste your time watching it and you’re going to be the same–buried in a hole of a cemetery plot-line with no way to dig yourself out! I can’t understand how it is that so many reviewers here have found it divine! Thus, successfully murdered by my hour and a half on this turkey of a before-Thanksgiving Dinner Cortés has served me for nothing, I’m going to get the life and blood pumping back into me by feasting on a reviewing of Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz’ high octane summer comedy romance suspense adventure thrill-ride “Knight And Day.” A REAL Thanksgiving for THAT happy meal…!

  • elli-kivela
    elli kivela

    In 2006, the American truck driver Paul Conroy (Ryan Reynolds), who was hired by the CRT contractor to work delivering supplies in Iraq, awakes buried alive inside a coffin in the Iraq desert. He recalls that his convoy had been attacked by rebels about two hours ago and finds a cell phone, a flashlight and his lighter inside the box. Paul unsuccessfully tries to contact authorities in CRT, FBI and state department office to disclose his situation, but he finds bureaucracy or absent people. Then he tries to reach his wife Linda, but she does not answer the phone. Out of the blue, one abductor contacts him asking a 5 million-dollar ransom and a video reading a note that is also inside the coffin. Paul realizes that the oxygen is running out and he does not have much time to survive. When he is contacted by the specialist in abduction Dan Brenner, Paul has high hopes to tracked by Dan and found in time. “Buried” is a claustrophobic and tense thriller with only one character and location and practically in real time. The plot uses a storyline similar to “Phone Booth” with a man trapped alone in a box having only a phone to contact the outside world, but in a pitch black with flashes of the location instead; therefore scarier than inside a phone booth. The viewer does not know exactly what is happening, and learns through the dialogs of the character. Ryan Reynolds has a great performance and succeeds in keeping the attention of the viewer along 95 minutes running time. My vote is six.Title (Brazil): “Enterrado Vivo” (“Buried Alive”)

  • andrea-cummings
    andrea cummings

    Although I might touch on a few details appearing in the film, I do not consider this to be a spoiler, as there is not much to spoil really!The film is about a (stupid) guy in a coffin with a Zippo, a Mobile and some Lights… As I want to spare you with the sudden appearance of a death-bringing snake and calls to people that seem to have decided to prank him, this is all you have to know! One and a half hours of terrible dialogs and a picturing of someone dying in a wooden box. Whether this takes place in Afghanistan or elsewhere really does not matter at all…Definitely not worth filming OR watching!

  • jonathan-hampton
    jonathan hampton

    My English is questionable, but if you after this movie READ the so called MASTERPIECE movie statements and mainly on the message board. Then it gets pretty clear what kind of IQ those people posses to call this a masterpiece. Long story short, man gets taken hostage and buried alive, he has a cellphone. And then the man in that coffin gets to hear he was already FIRED (to cover there asses) then in the end he dies very realistically. That is according to the “this is a masterpiece” mediocre reviewers. Here some FACTS Mr realistic..Say for argument sake he is buried 6ft under the ground (average size coffin). A quick calculation would come to a running out of air in about an hour and 18 minutes. And this is when he breaths NORMALLY. The movie is already to long for that not to mention the how he is full of fear (using up more air) make it 1 hour and he would be going to the other world and that is not fiction. However the ending is that he dies and end of the movie. He is a American, the hajid has a totally wrong VOICE to be one. Then his so called angel (the man who talks him through it) sounds nothing like a American (UK by the tone of it) nothing wrong there. I mean I’ve been even fast forwarding this movie it was that BORING. And that badly done, then the snake that comes into the coffin. HE LITS A FIRE TO CHASE IT AWAY…so the air would run out in 45min already. I mean realistic? Really some of you guys should do some more research. Nobody needs a SUPER IQ these says to simply type a few things on the WWW. OK but i do respect both camps, some like it some hate it. To me this is properly the worst piece of movie-making i have so far seen in this year. Buried flopped as i heard some were here lost 2 million or something. WELL THATS BECAUSE ITS NOT A GOOD MOVIE! SORRY FANBOYS…I know will get critics over me now, and properly many 0 people find this review not helping them. That is OK I’m glad i set my standards higher concerning movie-making then them. Do enjoy, but you have be warned you will be utterly bored by it. And the so called “realism” well see what i write do the math. Its not that hard to defeat that comment of the fans. Just another overrated “masterpiece” by groupies here on IMDb.

  • roberto-homero-correa
    roberto homero correa

    I was quite excited for having the opportunity of seeing this film at Sundance yesterday. Luckily for me I don’t get claustrophobic so I wasn’t deterred from seeing the film like some I’ve spoken to. Initially I was concerned at first as to how a film could remain interesting when its complete focus was on one character trapped inside of a box, but with multiple twists and turns throughout, I was amazed at how engaged I was in the film and found myself quite literally sitting on the edge of my seat.The movie centers on Paul, a driver who has been hired to distribute supplies and such to different areas of Iraq. The film begins with Paul waking up to find himself trapped inside of a coffin. While it is quite believable that finding yourself buried alive would cause any person to begin hyperventilating, it does get annoying rather quickly because Paul’s heavy breathing and a black screen is all the audience gets to experience for the first five minutes of the film. Once the movie kicks into gear it’s quite amazing how quickly you feel your heart pounding. No truer words were ever uttered as director Rodrigo Cortes introduced the film by stating “take a deep breath because it will be the last one you take before the film ends.”

  • jeremy-robles
    jeremy robles

    My rating: 3.5/5 Honestly this movie looks like it was made with a budget of $1000! And most probably the director have used a wooden box with Ryan Reynolds in it and few cameras in the whole 135 minutes. But despite all that, seriously ‘Buried’ is not a bad movie at all. It’s just purely new and tense to look at and more enjoyable than many other high budgeted, cast crowded flicks. Paul Conroy (Ryan Reynolds-The Proposal, Just Friends) is a truck driver who works in Iraq. After getting ambushed and attached by insurgents he gets buried alive in a wooden coffin under the desert sand. Its rather a box which is a little spacious than a usual coffin which immediately comes to our minds but not spacious enough to be comfortable. He discover a lighter, torch and a cellphone and some other small stuff which makes sense when the plot start to reveal its true colors. Later its exposed that rebels expects to demand a ransom and so the story goes. What purely fascinates me is that the movie never, I repeat never leaves the wooden coffin. There are lot happens in the box and lot of interaction with the outside world but all other people involved are limited to voice acting. This gives an immense opportunity for the viewer to be practically get stuck in the box with the main character and just feel how he must be feeling. On top of that the fear mixed up rage and frustration which builds up is wonderfully crafted throughout the movie. I’m not gonna give out any spoilers about the ending or what really happens in the box coz I really enjoyed the movie coz I never knew much about it. Ryan Reynolds does a wonderful job with his character. The roll is very tough with limited moving space and lot of overflowing emotions. Very good work done there for sure. And hats off to the sounds crew including the dramatic score which play and huge part all the time. More than any other movie the sounds really becomes so important in this as visuals are not the key player for your imagination. Overall ‘Buried’ is a very nice and scary experience. If you ask anyone about their most deepest fears are, buried alive would be in the list. Coz I know as it remain on a top position of my list.

  • margarita-castillo-carrillo
    margarita castillo carrillo

    Amazingly for once the movie critics actually like a film. This movie is well liked by critics and generally has received acclaim from different festivals, including Sundance. Also as per usual is the critics’ keen eye for being horribly consistent with their poor choices. They hate and pick on great movies and love the awful ones. Buried has got to be one of the worst movies I have ever seen. It is one of the most unconvincing movies ever made.Firstly, the premise is boring. I, unlike critics, didn’t find it claustrophobic or Hitchcock thriller like. For any potential viewers, I warn you now: DON’T WATCH THIS FILM! In all seriousness, the plot is that Ryan Reynolds’ character Paul Conroy is a truck driver in Iraq, delivering random goods to a community center when his convoy is attacked. He blacks out and wakes up buried alive in a coffin. He finds a cell phone in Arabic, a knife, a canteen and a Zippo lighter. He gets a call from the person who took him hostage. They are holding him ransom for $5 million dollars. They’re not terrorists but simply commoners who have a starving family. The movie revolves around Paul trying to get out of the coffin. He spends a lot of time, calling different law enforcement agencies in America, before getting hold of a hostage negotiator in Iraq, placed there by the US.The entire film sees Ryan Reynolds in a coffin. There are not even any flashbacks, so we see nothing but the dark and the inside of a box.MAIN ISSUES Acting- Let’s throw out a general disclaimer of ‘I have no beef with Ryan’. I love his other movies. But, he is just not cut out for serious acting. He tries to record his final will and manages to do so horribly, even attempting humor. “You can have the $700 dollars in my savings account” makes me want to punch myself out, to put myself out of my misery. The people he manages to reach on the cell phone all have ridiculously fake accents and their daftness makes you wonder of the IQ of the scriptwriter. He tells a woman he’s buried alive and she asks for his social security number. His emotional scenes leave us wanting, and the movie is quite offensive to Americans. He repeatedly says that they don’t care to save an innocent truck driver and that he’ll die like so many other innocents have.Percentages- We spend 1% of the movie with a black screen, indicating darkness. 10% with him scribbling numbers with his pen on the roof of the coffin (you can’t write with a pen upside down! Gravity…), 30% with him making pointless phone calls and the remaining 59% of the screen time with him grunting and carrying on, unrealistically. He sounded like a squealing pig when he grunted and groaned, trying to move in the confined space.General Plot- There are a few issues and points raised. A lot of things just don’t add up. If he was a few feet from the surface, why didn’t he use the knife and break open the crate and make a run for it? He could hold his breath for 30 seconds and doggy-paddle through the sand.Why didn’t he give the hostage negotiator his phone number to trace after he managed to change the phone’s settings to English? He said the tracing didn’t work, but they only tried it by location. Had he given them his phone number, they would have found him.So, did he end up cheating with Pamela or not? How did he not run out of oxygen? How did the phone battery not die? How did his torches and everything else survive? He would always leave them on for no reason when he randomly ‘gave up’. Where did the petrol for the snake fire come from? He’d been using the canteen as water earlier to take his anxiety tablets.Who jokes in a “last moments” video? Why didn’t he send it? How will anyone find the buried video? There are just too many plot inconsistencies, poor acting etc… I can’t handle it. I’ll hit the sack instead. But, in summary……it’s a catastrophic miss.

  • ane-vukman
    ane vukman

    Strongly advise against seeing this film I have to admit to being this bored only a very few times in a cinema. The plot is predictable, including the death of Mark White, and frankly repetitive. This film was very much an attempt, in my eyes, to be the new “Blair Witch”. The entire film being shot in the coffin was a poor attempt to offer atmosphere, the cinema screen being large and not offering any claustrophobic feelings. Also, I heard several people snoring during the 4pm showing. I won’t tell you the comments at the end of the film, due to the guidelines we need to stick to. 1 out of 10 is a generous review for this waste of 95 minutes. Zero would be more accurate.

  • david-velez
    david velez

    The movie is full of flaws. The lighter burning during most of the film?? How much oxygen does he have. He also uses the lighter to look at the screen of his phone which has a back light and nearly has as much light as the lighter. The snake comes out of nowhere and disappears into nowhere.The people he rings to help couldn’t care less. He writes with a pen upside down even a marker wouldn’t work due to gravity. And there is many more. So many mistakes will turn smart people off.Why he didn’t try to use the knife to break out of the coffin is beyond me. He was told he was only a few feet below the sand, even as a last resort he could have attempted it.Its just so obvious its a low budget movie but where did they spend 3 million honestly its mind boggling. Its a miserable film and I kept checking how long more was left. With a few minutes to go I was wondering how they will end it and ya the end was as terrible as the whole thing. It has no point at all. Its so slow all the way through and to be honest if it was any longer I would have packed it in and cut my losses.Stay well clear of this disaster

  • margaret-edwards-mclean
    margaret edwards mclean

    In 90 mins, you will see how fast this Blackberry battery goes, and how stupid Paul is trying to get himself out from the coffin.Okay, this is probably a man’s worst nightmare – buried alive. But in this movie, no fancy story behind, but just about war, terrorists, govt, etc. The most boring boring boring element.So here we goes, with a phone that actually have reception, a zippo lighter, a knife, there are lots of ways to try to get himself out, but in every ways he does, he did it the wrong way.Now I think even an idiot knows we need oxygen to stay alive, and in this case, our Paul seems to think there are actually too much oxygen for him, so he decided to light up the zippo and burn as much as oxygen every time he make a stupid phone call!!!! COME ON PAUL!!! I don’t see Paul is getting smart but with a phone he probably could just call anyone that able to help him. But he chose to trust the US Govt. Alright, that’s your call Paul, but when his company, FBI and whatever dealing-with-hostage-expert cannot help, Paul, You’d better think of something better.Here is my favorite part, a fxxking snake came from no where, suddenly appear in Paul’s pants and then get out. Okay, I can live with that, becoz when a snake could get in, and Paul have a knife, he could probably at least try to break the coffin and dig his way out! Nah, our Paul still think he has enough oxygen and let’s burn the snake heck out! Blah blah blah that with that lawsuit phone call from his company, what the hell??? There are ways to make Paul desperate but this part is just a really sick cheap shot!!!! I don’t really see how Paul is getting himself out, but just watching him die every minute closer.Some people might think they not gonna buy a blackberry phone becoz the battery run out in 90 mins. =p Some people might think Paul might get out and let’s see how he do it. But no, he is dead becoz he’s stupid.Some people might think what the heck, I just want to watch a movie for fun… OOPS, “Buried” is not fun either.So that’s it, there’s no way Paul could live, why don’t we give a chance to some other movies?

  • dumins-gatis
    dumins gatis

    The plot is a guy with a zippo lighter and a mobile phone is trapped underground in a box for 90 minuites while the oxygen runs out. That is literally all it is a guy in a box. The guy winds everyone up that it is possible for him to such as wasting his phone battery, accepting calls at stupid times most of which are either pointless video requests or being put on hold. He literally calls everyone he knows before calling people worth talking to and does not figure out how to change the language setting until half way through. He makes fires and spills chemicals no wonder this man died after 90 minuites in a coffin. The ending is poor as the man dies after just being told that they are digging up the wrong guy. One that they had said earlier had been saved.

  • hans-johansson
    hans johansson

    Overall, I was utterly disappointed with this film. After hype surrounding the release my expectations were running high, but I found myself leaving the cinema feeling cheated and empty.It follows the story of an American truck driving contractor who, prior to the start of the film is ambushed and placed in a wooden coffin and buried underground. The film starts with Paul Conroy (Ryan Reynolds), waking up inside the coffin. The rest of the film follows Paul as he tries to follow the demands of his captors as well as negotiate his rescue with seemingly incompetent and unconcerned operators in America.The film lacked any real plot line and major events, and seemed to just flow from start to finish in almost a single scene. With an estimated budget of approx. $3 million I expected so much more, especially seeing as it started Ryan Reynolds, but I was let down with poor camera work and a very poor script.A very claustrophobic atmosphere is created inside the coffin, but the film is just over saturated with close up shots a dark lighting. I understand the angle the director was taking whilst creating this atmosphere but it was just too heavy, and I am not surprised that the film only make approx. $100,000 on opening weekend. I feel for anyone (like myself) who entered the cinema with high hopes as you will most likely be solely disappointed and left feeling why a star such as Ryan Reynolds would put his name to such a travesty.

  • ergul-tulin-demirel-ergul
    ergul tulin demirel ergul

    Original and ingeniously basic premise full of suspense and intrigue in spite of developing only one scenario. Paul (Ryan Reynolds) is an U.S. truck driver working in Iraq . After an attack by a group of Iraqis he wakes up to find he is buried alive inside a coffin. He encounters within the coffin a working phone, which allows him contact with the outside world. With only a lighter and a cellphone it’s a race against time to getaway this claustrophobic death trap . Paul must rely on his owns resources to survive , taking on serpent and burying .This freaky and clever film chronicles fear ,desperation, paranoia of a kidnapped trucker in Iraq who faces off a completely Kafkaesque situation . This is a thrilling film in which the abducted starring quest to find answers and solutions to why he’s imprisoned and getting freedom . The buried trucker very well performed by Ryan Reynolds works utilizing his skills and talents to survive the deadly trap which guard the coffin with serpent and falling down included , as using his intelligence he attempts to avoid get smashed because the coffin is caving itself in .The picture succeeds because the thriller, tension , as well as a superbly written script delving into the human psyche in such extreme situation and our instinctive urges for survival . Despite low budget the picture manages to be intelligent, intriguing and thrilling. The good thing about this film is that the director made it on a shoestring budget only having to do one set , yet the movie works on many levels but is constantly reconfigured . The trucker contacts by means of cellular phone with the outside world asking for help various characters , they are played -voices-by prestigious American secondaries as Stephen Tobolowski , Kali Rocha and Erik Palladino ; furthermore Samantha Mathis who plays another hostage .The interesting plot bears special resemblance to ‘The cube’ and ¨Fermat’s room¨ but also there’s a dangerously premise with strangers closed attempting to find an exit to exasperating situations. Good musical score fitting to tension by Victor Reyes who is also film producer . Fine cinematography , and naturally , plenty of dark and shades by Eduard Grau . The motion picture is originally directed by Rodrigo Cortes . Rating : Good , better than average .

  • mane-at-akhanyan
    mane at akhanyan

    Seriously this movie is just disappointing!!! A very, very stupid guy in a coffin trying to figure out how to survive but doing absolutely nothing worthwhile for 90 minutes… 🙁 It takes a few minutes then you really dislike the guy! OK so its very sad for him he’s buried alive in a coffin! I’ll give him that! But after fumbling around with the Zippo lighter for what feels like YEARS – he should get the point! He’s in a coffin – he needs the oxygen and YET HE KEEPS BURNING THE STUPID ZIPPO LIGHTER! Even after he finds a telephone with more light than the Zippo he still uses the LIGHTER who consumes all his oxygen…. ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? And everyone who’s ever held a Zippo knows how hot it gets if you burn it a long time… Not only that but he spends most of his time talking to people who gives a damn… or doesn’t believe him or he’s horribly rude to people! And so many things are just done for the action and are so not believable… The snake for instance… if it can get IN the coffin and OUT again so can he! But no he has to use the brandy or whatever it is in the cantina to start a fire and burn all the oxygen! He has the knife from the bag that he doesn’t find before the KIDNAPPER informs him its there although it has LOTS of thing in it! And whats up with that ridiculous call from his employers?!? Even people who doesn’t know ANYTHING about lawsuits and insurance can hear that he should hang up that call after just the first few sentences but he just lies there and answers! Seriously after that I almost wish he just dies! Thats how obnoxious he is! Thats how illogical he is… He keeps doing so many stupid things in that coffin that you just can’t believe it!!! And yes its not even original – People have been buried alive in movies so many times – and yes the CSI episode probably is fresh in memory but at least Nick Parker doesn’t behave like an obnoxious little brat for 90 minutes so I’d rather watch that episode ten times than having to ever re watch this horrible, horrible movie!!!!

  • grishina-tatiana-bogdanovna
    grishina tatiana bogdanovna

    Buried has an interesting concept to work with… man stuck in buried coffin, limited supplies and oxygen… yadda yadda yadda. But the filmmakers decided to make the story and the protagonist (Ryan Reynolds) dumb as bricks, which basically tanks the movie. There are so many flaws in Buried that it’s beyond irritating and makes you demand your 95 minutes back; from the constant use of a lighter when there’s supposedly limited oxygen, to the inability of the protagonist to stay calm for one second and figure out an escape plan instead of shouting into a cell phone from beginning to end. Any thrills or intrigue are quickly stifled by the aforementioned poor writing and trademark Ryan Reynolds school of douchebaggery acting.127 Hours was another 2010 movie that had a guy stuck in a tough situation where survival seemed impossible. But the protagonist in that one actually survives because he was resourceful and tough as nails. Throughout, the movie is thrilling and really takes you on an emotional and sensory roller coaster. However, the thing that is really ironic is that 127 Hours is a TRUE STORY. The filmmakers of this fictional trite that is Buried couldn’t even come up with a story that is more interesting than what happens in the real world. The point of many fictional movies is to take you out of the realms of reality, like an escape. Buried not only doesn’t do that, there are also no thrills or excitement. Even if the movie was supposed to be more grounded in reality, it fails at that as well.

  • rajko-jelen
    rajko jelen

    Buried: in which Ryan Reynolds is en-tombed underground in a coffin like structure with only a cell phone and a lighter for company spending 90 minutes crying out for help to anyone who will listen. Director Rodrigo Cortes keeps the drama entirely inside this average-sized coffin-like box but as anyone who watched Hitchcock play with space and tension in Rope and Lifeboat will know how inventive one has to be with limited room, Cortes used his skill to make this experiment work brilliantly with some interesting lighting effects to keep it visually interesting. After watching this movie I was left physically trembling. This was partly because the final five minutes are about as nail-biting as five minutes of film can possibly be, but mostly because of the tremendous adoration I have for the filmmakers who have achieved so much with so little. Whoever says you need to think outside the box should think again, because Buried is nothing short of a minimalist masterpiece. bravo for a very brave ending.

  • mitchell-blair
    mitchell blair

    It’s a bit hard to review this special movie. You can’t go into special effects because there were non. You can’t say anything about the cast because it’s just one person you see. And the set is simple too, just a coffin. Yes, indeed, it all takes place in a coffin. So that’s already tricky to watch because I know a lot of people who didn’t liked it because there was nothing to see or watch and I must agree with them. It takes indeed almost an hour before the suspense comes in. The first hour you will learn everything about the character, perfectly played by Ryan Reynolds. But it’s all done on phone. Of course, being buried you can’t do anything else than phone but for me it was a bit too long, an hour as I said. But from then on it goes faster and things go from worse to terribly wrong. The ending was a surprise for me. I won’t spoil it just watch it. Still, I won’t state it as a horror either a suspense or thriller. But you have to experience the coffin setting to sit it through. Simple story, excellent camera tricks.

  • irmantas-galdikas
    irmantas galdikas

    A man wakes up to find himself locked in a buried coffin with nothing but a cell phone, lighter and a flask of alcohol. That’s the simple premise for this unique thriller. Ryan Reynolds brings his acting talents to a role that breaks from his usual comedic style. The film’s 95 minute running time is completely dependent on Reynolds and he delivers a completely believable and realistic performance. On top of Reynolds’ performance this Spanish/Australian production boasts amazing direction by Spanish director, Rodrigo Cortes and a thrilling musical score by Victor Reyes. The simplicity of the plot allows the filmmakers to truly get creative. Having an entire film with only one character in a coffin using what seems to be natural lighting? Not a problem. The script even manages to have a lot to say (it’s set in Iraq) whilst continuously raising the tension levels to the point of it nearly being unbearable. Buried is a suspenseful and exciting thriller that forces the viewer to feel claustrophobic at every opportunity. This isn’t just a movie, it’s an exhausting experience that leaves you breathless.

  • jens-tveit
    jens tveit

    Buried seems to be a very divisive film. I’m seeing lots of 1 star reviews, and lots of 8-10 star reviews.**THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS**I won’t rehash the plot, as every other review seems to. I will say that the movie is extremely taut, claustrophobic, well-paced and tense, and that at every step you will believe that this man – who has woken up buried alive – is desperate to survive and is trying to come up with a possibility of escape.The reason that this movie is getting so many 1 star reviews is because it is REALISTIC. Yes, REALISTIC.I imagine most of the reviewers giving it low scores are viewers who don’t yet have the maturity to face up to a hopeless situation. Most movies these days give the hero impossible odds to overcome, and he DOES overcome them… because it’s a movie. In real life impossible odds means that you fail, you lose. Say goodbye.Well, the odds are impossible in this movie. The main character wakes up in a box with almost zero mobility. The air supply is limited. He has only a lighter and a mobile phone (initially). He is in a foreign country, with no knowledge of his precise location. It is a nightmare situation. The odds are practically impossible. Yet we do believe that survival is possible. No, we almost DEMAND it. We hope and we pray that he will get out of that box. We empathise completely with his situation, but we believe there must be a way out.And that is why the movie is garnering such a mixed response. He doesn’t get out. It was doomed from the start. He’s been put in there by men who don’t give a damn whether he survives or not. By men who’ve killed other innocent people and will continue to do so because their country is war torn and they are angry and desperate. His only hope is the US government and a hostage working group, whom he communicates with by phone. Every conversation is an exchange of information, with Reynolds’s character offering whatever information he can in exchange for vague promises of help, and the various people on the other end of the phone having their own agendas and needs. But ultimately what can they do? His location is unknown and his phone is untraceable. They’re looking for a needle in a dusty haystack. He can’t get himself out and they can’t find him to get him out.Read all of the 1 star reviews for comments like “why didn’t the guy just use the knife to dig himself out?” and “he wastes oxygen using the zippo for light, what an idiot”. He doesn’t use the knife because every crack in the box lets sand in, and without the manoeuvrability to stand up, he would increase the speed at which he is buried. Remember, he cannot sit up, reach past his thighs, or even lift his head all the way up. And he uses the zippo for light because the alternative is to save oxygen while sitting there in the dark waiting for death. Action requires the use of resources, but only action gives the hope for success. Everyone seems to criticise his actions but I haven’t yet seen a plausible escape plan offered up. If you’re the type of person who thinks that if you were buried alive you would simply one-inch-punch your way out Kill Bill style then you’re not going to like Buried. It’s as simple as that, because your solution is fantasy and you will have no interest in seeing how such a situation would actually play out.This movie is about THE CHARACTER’s choices. It’s about what HE chooses to do for survival. If the viewer has the wisdom to accept the reality of the situation presented, and the understanding that this isn’t some safe video game puzzle but rather a man’s struggle to not die alone in a box somewhere in Iraq then they will find this movie hauntingly powerful.If you only want happy endings and the overcoming of impossible odds then you will probably hate this film. It will upset your delicate notion that life is sparkly and everything works out for the best. You will probably give it 1 star and explain how you would have killed the snake, cut off it’s tail and used it as a hose to breathe through. But one thing’s for sure: it will get under your skin and it will evoke a REACTION from you. And isn’t that what good cinema is about anyway? See this film. You might hate it. But at least it will make you THINK.

  • dr-renee-thompson
    dr renee thompson

    When this movie started and the opening credits began, it was in parallel with Hitchcock movies, almost a replica of the Psycho opening sequence. It was fairly obvious that the director has been inspired by the Master of Macabre.I was intrigued for the entire 90 minutes of the movie, and although there were a couple of scenes that I was unsure about, it was still well worth watching. Ryan Reynolds is believable as a man buried alive in a coffin, and you can really feel the emotions he experiences during the movie. There is some wonderful conversations he has on the phone, in particular when he speaks to his mother.Just as you think that nothing more can happen, a surprise twist occurs which makes you want to stay and see if he will or will not survive. The ending was a surprise to me.Like Phone Booth and Man On A Ledge, both I have only seen recently, I had to watch this to it’s full conclusion, and I did enjoy it.

  • alicia-gill
    alicia gill

    If this doesn’t remain in my top five come year-end I will be shocked. Who thought that a movie can not only sustain a full 90mins stuck within the confines of a coffin (and believe me, it doesn’t leave the coffin) but that it would be one of the most cinematic and audacious pieces of cinema I’ve seen in a good few years? Like this year’s Inception and Toy Story 3, movies like Buried are the reason I love cinema. It is escapism at it’s best, ironic considering the setting. Who thought Ryan Reynolds, Van Wilder: Party Liaison himself could be so utterly mesmerising in such a challenging role? The movie is literally his. Sure, there are those he speaks to over the phone (he’s buried with a Zippo and a Blackberry) but for the film’s length, he is the only physical presence on screen. He goes through every emotion possible: fear, panic, anger, sadness, happiness, depression, acceptance, and all of it played so convincingly that you almost wonder whether they genuinely buried the actor and left a camera in there with him.There are minor gripes, all predominantly found in the first half. It feels somewhat episodic at times and there’s a lack of any real tension during the first forty minutes but this is a pressure cooker of a film and the last half is unrelenting to the point of nausea, culminating in a truly great finale that caused me to shout-out in the quiet, near empty cinema.Buried is extraordinary. The only performance to beat Reynolds’ in recent years is Sam Rockwell’s stunning turn in Moon. High concept thrillers like this rise or fall on the delivery of their challenging set ups. Fortunately, Buried works.It really, really works.

  • eda-strazdins
    eda strazdins

    I wasn’t expecting this film to be set entirely within a coffin and nor was I expecting Ryan Reynolds to be much good. As it turned out I was wrong on both counts! Brief summary:Ryan is a contract driver in Iraq whose vehicle is attacked by Iraqis. He wakes up in a coffin buried underground with a few “helpful” tools…and so ensues a claustrophobic, frustrating and scary journey for both the character and the audience! I found Ryan’s performance quite compelling and was almost living the experience with him, I even found myself holding my breath at times and feeling quite panicky! The fact that you can’t see what is going on above ground adds to the tension and you are never quite sure what to believe.I also found this a thought provoking film on another level. It’s very easy to immediately dismiss the hostage takers as “the baddies” but I think this is a very shallow and naive view of human nature. It made me think, that transcending race, religion and nationality, what would any human be capable of doing in the their situation. These are sometimes hard working law abiding people who have seen their country torn apart by war, who have seen their children dying and who no longer have any other way of making money, and who see the Americans as to blame for this….not that I want to sound like I was on their side at all or that I condone it in any way, which I don’t, but I found this film a very interesting study into human survival instinct and desperation. A very good film, probably the best thing out at the moment, along with The Town, and definitely worth the ticket price. And to the reviewer that felt this was a 95 minute terrorist propaganda movie, shame on you! You clearly misunderstood the entire film!

  • angelica-pettersson
    angelica pettersson

    I hate it when fantastic movies such as this get completely overlooked when it comes time for awards to be handed out. Buried is a triumph in minimalist filmmaking and is a heart wrenchingly intense movie experience. It is gripping, moving, frustrating, and terrifying. Oh yeah, and it all takes place inside a box. Paul Conroy, who is played by Ryan Reynolds and is the only character in the movie we actually see, wakes up in a coffin buried under the ground with no idea how he got there or who put him there. He shortly finds out that he is being held by ransom by a group of terrorists in Iraq. With only a pen, a flask, a cell phone, and only 90 minutes of oxygen, Paul has to act fast. The movie limits itself to an astounding extent, but makes the most out of what it has, creating an incredibly thrilling experience.How much can you really expect from a movie that takes place in a human sized box with only one person? Buried delivers a lot more than you would expect from this scenario. It has all the right elements to make it as enthralling as any action film we see today. To start off, Rodrigo Cortes does a great job directing his limited space. He miraculously pulls off a lot of great shots and brilliant claustrophobic nuances. He directs with enough skill to keep the movie interesting in its entirety. The movie never felt lagged or drawn out and every moment where it would have slowed down it would throw a great twist or shocking moment that drew you right back in.Furthermore, the director does a lot of great artistic work with what little he to work with. We have to take into consideration the fact that when you are buried underground in a coffin, there is obviously zero light. Thankfully Paul has various light sources with him in the coffin. And so to keep from breaking the realism of the film, these light sources are the only light in the film, making sure all light is authentic. Paul’s light sources include a lighter, a flashlight, a cell phone, and a green glow stick. Each of these light sources gives off a different color, and these colors which obviously encompass everything when they are present add to and reflect the mood of the film. When things are calmer (relatively of course) we are treated to the soft blue light of the cell phone. As things grow more suspenseful and harrowing we are treated to scenes lit by the green glow stick. And when things grow more sinister the red lens of the flashlight is used. I found these minute details fascinating and they artistically added a lot to a film which had little room to work with.While Cortes’ directing gives the film plenty of life, Ryan Reynold’s stalwart performance really drives the emotion of the film. He delivers a top notch performance, and he as to seeing as he is the only character in the film other than the various people he talks to on the phone which we never actually see. It can’t be easy to carry a film all by yourself, but this year we were treated to two performances that did a superb job at it, the other of course being James Franco in 127 Hours.Buried is a film that Alfred Hitchcock would have been proud of. It is a groundbreaking thriller that does so much with so little. It is such a harrowing movie experience that you cannot forget. All 90 minutes of this film are fascinating and gripping, especially the last fifteen. The final moments of the film are some of the most captivating and enthralling moments I’ve ever experienced through film. During the finale of the film you will want nothing more than to know the fate of Paul Conroy, and when you finally do learn his fate at the close of the film your jaw will drop and you will be utterly blown away by such a captivating on screen experience.

  • linnea-svensson
    linnea svensson

    I caught this gem at Sundance earlier in the year. It was part of the ‘Park City at midnight’ group of films, which showcased horror and thriller movies, and played them at, can you guess? Midnight. I saw Buried on the last night of the festival, Ryan Reynolds wasn’t there, but both the director and writer were. It was a small theater on Main street, very artsy in it’s look. But once the film started I had eyes only for the screen.It starts off with Ryan waking up, trapped in a box. A long box, the length of a human body, buried deep beneath the ground. From there the film plays out in an awe inspiring way, especially seeing as there’s only so much you can reveal from one location. The way Rodrigo Cortes handled the filming is truly exceptional. From the start the camera switches between closely claustrophobic, and flying high above Ryan, showing the box with him inside and black all around. It’s constantly on the move just like our main character’s thoughts. Diving in when the action is intense, and then cutting to black when you don’t think you can take any more.The pacing and plot of the film were nothing short of genius. And Chris Sparling, the writer, should be commended for his work. He said after the showing, that after having his scripts rejected for their cost of locations he decided to go for a cheep but genius idea. One location, one star, and a wealth of idea’s. It makes a film like ‘Salt’ look like a giant waste of resources, when Buried does what even some of the best thrillers can’t do, it brings us inside the character’s head, and does it all without a romp through the city, or blowing things up.If you’re one of those people who loves to sit on the edge of your seat, chewing at your fingernails, while you’re constantly asking yourself what’s going to happen next. Then by all means watch Buried, and consider yourself lucky that you’re not in his shoes…

  • travis-perkins
    travis perkins

    Buried is a film that keeps things deadly simple, one character, one location and a one line but horribly inspired plot, those looking for flashy visuals or big action should turn far, far away from this one. It’s worth noting though that the film is well directed and photographed, director Rodrigo Cortes has a nimble eye for visuals and angles to keep things visually interesting, while cinematographer Eduard Grau gets the best out of the mere two light sources to make the experience a frighteningly vivid one. The plot sees Ryan Reynolds waking up in a coffin, with nothing more than a cell-phone and his lighter to help him out, things develop through his series of fraught, occasionally bleakly amusing and increasingly desperate communications with the outside world. Its rather interesting to see a film so based around interactions on a mobile phone, devices so often objects of fear, suspicion, or in the case of some horror films and of course the cinematic experience for the viewer, irritations. Here every ring is crucial, the battery bar is nail-biting, even the light of the screen is important. For me, just as interesting was the choice of lead. I’ve never had time for Ryan Reynolds, a face from some of the worst in lowbrow comedy and someone I never expected to appreciate breaking through into not just serious film but something as bold in its structure as this. A lot of people are likely to dislike the film on a fundamental level, but Reynolds gives the performance of his life here, running through a rainbow of emotions, angry, sarcastic and terrified are but a few. Compelling and sympathetic, likely physically arduous too (though I’d don’t know how the film was made it must have been tough, barring serious trickery) he holds the film wonderfully. The script is of course of utmost importance too, and writer Chris Sparling does mostly terrific work. An ordinary man reacting as best he can to a nightmare, drawing on the sort of resourcefulness he probably hoped he’d never need, occasionally breaking down but keeping ploughing on, shades of dark humour in the protagonist’s travails on the phone, its endlessly interesting and as time goes on, nail-bitingly suspenseful. I had minor issues with realism in the film, and there was at least one interesting little aside that could have been developed a bit more, but overall this is a great achievement. It surely won’t appeal to everyone and my rating might seem generous, but for doing this well on such a risky concept, and putting together a suspenser that remains thought provoking after, a 9/10 from me.