The city of Detroit, Michigan has been in severe decline in recent decades. Among the resulting problems is the dramatic rise of fires in a decaying urbanscape of abandoned buildings that seems to have no future. This film profiles the lives and trials of the personnel of the Detroit Fire Department, who are on the front line of this taxing battle. Facing constant emergencies in the face of shrinking budgets, the firefighters of Detroit are to determined to protect the city as best they can, whatever the cost.

Also Known As: Пожар, Burn, Burn: One Year on the Front Lines of the Battle to Save Detroit

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  • mariana-flor-barbosa
    mariana flor barbosa

    ***SPOILERS***Who doesn’t want to see some of the best real fire department action fit for the big screen? This is no made-for-television drama with connived Backdraft fire scenes and cheese-ball situations. No, in Burn you get to be in a place where the drama is actually something that could be going on right down your street. And if you live in Detroit, it is. Don’t forget to pay attention to the social subtleties spread throughout this move, which are portrayed in an objective, in your face way allowing you to take away from it what you will.If you have a chance to go see this film, don’t hesitate. It’s worth every penny for the ticket and every mile of the drive to the theater.

  • breno-nunes
    breno nunes

    This is the real deal, makes you feel like your on the truck and on the scene. You can’t get Hollywood with this, this is the real thing, it’s got heat and action all over it. IT’s amazing what these guys do , with so little. It truly is a passion that we take for granted. If you haven’t been to a fire scene this will take you to one. Amazing characters that aren’t fiction, you will find a kindred spirit with the crew.It’s well done, with great editing, powerful images, this is a must see. If you like Back draft this will be up a definite in your collection. But no Hollywood here, again THE REAL DEAL.

  • mallory-le
    mallory le

    A no BS look at one year in a firehouse. This was done at Station 50 in Detroit, a fire department that is troubled more than most major metropolitan departments, but is dealing with the same issues many departments around the nation struggle with. The new Fire Commissioner comes off as abrasive and unwilling to work with the members of the department but it becomes apparent in one scene that at least some of the personnel/officers aren’t taking an ownership stake mentality in a department that desperately needs it. According to cast members attending the film at the 11/29/12 showing in Austin, TX the staffing is down to 150 personnel. Detroit FD is definitely in need of help.If this movie is presented closer to home, I drove over an hour to see it, I’ll see it again! If you know someone in the fire service or are interested in the fire service YOU SHOULD SEE THIS FILM!! This is the real deal and it’s the most honest representation of life in the service I’ve seen portrayed BAR NONE!

  • hjalte-bach
    hjalte bach

    So I’ll say from the outset that I’ve got over 15 years with the emergency services, but not a fire department.This documentary was incredibly well done!The footage was amazing- if you wanna see a fire from a firefighters perspective, with no holds barred action, then this is for you!Being non American, I know literally nothing about Detroit. I had heard via the news that they were in a financial mess, so this was a real eye opener. A sad state of affairs when essential services such as fire and police have no money to perform their job.No money for PPE, equipment and truck repairs is a sad, sad state of affairs that everyone needs to see to believe and then make an issue out of.It’d be great to see a follow up in a year or so to see the difference….

  • apinis-inese
    apinis inese

    This movie is as real as it gets, no actors, no scripts, just just real firefighters doing there jobs and saving lives with so much against them. A year following the hero’s of the Detroit fire department. It is filmed on the front lines so you are seeing what they see and the danger they put them selves in every day. So hard to watch these firefighters put there lives in danger every day with outdated equipment in a city with so many abandoned homes and buildings for so little pay. It is so sad to see what has happened to this once great American city. I would highly recommend watching this movie, and have a respect for firefighters and what they live with every day.

  • david-stone
    david stone

    Detroit needs our help. This is a must-see real life documentary that takes you into a local Detroit Fire Station for an entire year. You will also be taken right into actual fires throughout the city. Although it focuses only on Detroit, similar fire departments across the country are going through the same thing. If you are a firefighter, know a firefighter, or you just want to see an emotional, informative, funny, inspiring documentary then you must see this. Well worth it, I have seen it twice already. Although it is not a lot of theaters across the country, check their website because they are usually in a different town certain days. If you haven’t seen it already I highly recommend it.