Russia, 1936: revolutionary hero Colonel Kotov is spending an idyllic summer in his village with his young wife and six-year-old daughter Nadia and other assorted family and friends. Things change dramatically with the unheralded arrival of Cousin Dmitri from Moscow, who charms the women and little Nadia with his games and pianistic bravura. But Kotov isn’t fooled: this is the time of Stalin’s repression, with telephone calls in the middle of the night spelling doom – and he knows that Dmitri isn’t paying a social call…

Also Known As: Spaleni słońcem, 烈日灼身, Auringon uuvuttamat, Auringon polttama, Стомлені сонцем, Soleil trompeur, Изпепелени от слънцето, Saules nualinti, Utomlennye solntsem, Brændt af solen, Утомлённые солнцем, Quemado por el sol, Ψεύτης ήλιος, O Sol Enganador, Güneş yanığı, Sole ingannatore, Burnt by the Sun, Sol ardiente, Varljivo sunce, Pseftis ilios, Die Sonne, die uns täuscht, 太陽に灼かれて, Brända av solen, Brent av solen, Csalóka napfény, Sol Enganador

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