In the 1880s, after the U. S. Army’s defeat at the Battle of the Little Bighorn, the government continues to push Sioux Indians off their land. In Washington, D.C., Senator Henry Dawes introduces legislation to protect Native Americans rights. In South Dakota, school teacher Elaine Goodale joins Sioux native and Western-educated Dr. Charles Eastman in working with tribe members. Meanwhile, Lakota Chief Sitting Bull refuses to give into mounting government pressures.

Also Known As: Untitled Wounded Knee Project, J'ai enterré mon coeur à Wounded Knee, L'ultimo pellerossa, Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, Pochowaj me serce w Wounded Knee, Entierra mi corazón en Wounded Knee, O Meu Coração Jaz em Wounded Knee, Begrabt mein Herz am Wounded Knee, Похороните мое сердце в Вундед-Ни, Haudatkaa sydämeni Wounded Kneehen, Enterrem Meu Coração na Curva do Rio, Begrabt mein Herz an der Biegung des Flusses, Kalbimi Oraya Gömün, O kairos ton Indianon, Wounded Knee-nél temessétek el a szívem, Enterre mon coeur à Wounded Knee

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