Love is never an easy road. No one knows that better than Carly and Rina, whose relationship takes a turn for the worse after Carly decides to drop out of med school and Rina loses her job as an attorney. This forces them to move into a motel, a situation neither of them are happy with. To makes matters worse, Rina’s battles with depression have returned and Carly has decided to use what money she has left to buy a camera so she can pursue videography as a profession. Despite the cracks that are starting to show in their relationship, Carly and Rina pledge to repair what has been broken, no matter the circumstances, no matter the odds. But are they both as adamant as they say they are? Unfortunately, time is not on their side. When a pandemic disease ravaging the world appears in their city and starts turning people into crazed flesh eating machines, Carly and Rina decide to keep documenting the occurrence with their camera. Doing so, they are forced to band together like never before in order to survive.

Also Known As: By Day's End

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  • justin-mills
    justin mills

    Forced into a motel together, a lesbian couple on the verge of breaking up are put to the test when a supposed viral outbreak reaches the area and infects the other residents turning them into flesh-eating zombies forcing them to put their relationship and their lives on the line to get away alive.Overall, this effort wasn’t too bad. Among the best aspects here is the innocuous setup that slowly drops the exploits of the virus into their lives. Going for brief, random blurbs and news pieces while the main focus remains on the two of them as they attempt to fix their problems provides great hints of what’s to come while still maintaining how to keep the relationship afloat. As the underlying theme here is that they were heading for a break-up but still manage to come together it the end by continuously helping each other while trying to fight off the creatures, there’s a wholly enjoyable and sympathetic relationship at the center of this one. That early setup, in turn, brings the oncoming zombie pandemic scenes which are incredibly well-handled. The close-quarters mindset of staying in one location around the motel, and their room specifically, gives off the locale for solid, chilling sequences here from the initial contact with the woman and her infected husband, the continuous encounters as they try to poke their heads out of the room to get an update on what’s going on or the escape attempts in the final half. Despite focusing on individual zombie attacks instead of swarms, this one still manages a great mix of thrilling action and brutal encounters through the found-footage technique that holds the film up. There are a few minor issues to be had here. The main problem is the usual issue affecting this genre where the entire course of their situation is caused through stupidity, from the failure to heed zombie rules by caring for an infected victim, failure to heed caution in protecting them from potential infection when they’re in contact with zombies and completely ignoring the obvious to put themselves in harm’s way. Most of the encounters around the motel result from general stupidity to keep checking on everything or even returning to their room after a horribly-botched escape attempt. That also applies to the usual found-footage tropes in place, but otherwise, there isn’t much wrong here.Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Violence and Graphic Language.

  • siv-andersson
    siv andersson

    Honestly, there are worse movies than this and I have watched a lot of them honestly…..it’s true that the story is really simple and you can clearly see where the movie is going by the first few minutes of the film but the redeeming factor of this is the suspense and horror of the whole movie., while the acting may be sub par, the director makes up for it through the scares in the film. I would not recommend it if you’re a die hard horror fan, you may be disappointed but if you’re new to the genre, this may give you a start.5/10