Seattle call girl Gracie Blake wakes up in a cage, in a warehouse – somewhere in America.::Warren Dudley

Also Known As: Cage, Клетка, Cage: Directors Cut

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  • silvia-manole
    silvia manole

    I wish I had read the first review that said to save you time and not see this movie. Its not that good (acting isn’t bad, just the script is not that great). Its not a suspenseful thriller. Not much suspense and surely no thrill. After initial interesting setup, you realize that there is only one actor and setting and you will never see another person. And, like many other people, have to ask: “Why didn’t she just kick the wooden bars and break them (or wrap the leg-chain around them and break them. She didn’t explore the top of the cage to see if that was a weak spot either. She was shown as pretty athletic before she was caged but failed to use her muscles while in the cage? Also, why didn’t her abductor tell her the combination so she could just let herself go, especially when he was going to die and leave her alone? Or just text her the address or just text the address to the cops and throw away his phone etc. etc. She seemed to die in the end with no one to find her, or perhaps they did, just a day late…silly ending but convenient so no other actors need appear. Don’t waste your time. Don’t believe the 4 rating…quit reading this and go see something else.

  • enzo-da-mata
    enzo da mata

    I’m going to say spoiler alert, but there is not much to spoil. The movie had potential with some decent twists. At times, I was enthralled waiting to see what might happen next. Probably the worst prop in the movie was the cage. Sad when that’s the title. A metal cage is impenetrable, but a wooden cage with 2×2 bars is a joke. To top that off, the bed was metal. Metal hits wood, wood breaks. Needless to say, that doesn’t happen. It also seems that the intentions of the captor were never revealed, unless I missed something. Bad acting on the boyfriends behalf. He was way too nonchalant for a guy who’s love is missing. Admittedly, I really wanted to see how it ended. Maybe I was hoping the ending would save the movie as well as get me past the flimsy wooden cage. It failed.

  • dr-mohammad-mason
    dr mohammad mason

    I saw the trailer for this movie last night on Youtube and thought it looked intriguing. I hadn’t seen Buried or Brake for a long time and after watching the trailer, it got me in the mood for a claustrophobic-feeling-thriller movie!The trailer gives you the premise of a girl locked in a cage and being tormented via her mobile phone. But there is some exposition given at the beginning and through her phone calls during the movie to explain why she is there.The story goes: the protagonist works at a sex chat phone company and one of her clients has become too attached to her and is the reason for her being locked in the cage.Throughout the film we discover she has had a tough life with her child being put up for adoption and her father suffering from a weak heart. So she is a bit of a disheartened person and isn’t known for being reliable by her family and partner.She’s a bit of an unlikeable and unsympathetic character as she tends to just scream down the phone at her captor and make demands in a ’16-year-old-princess’ type of way. But this was the only downside acting/script wise.There is a slight twist in the movie half way through which I’m still not sure is clever or not. It certainly made me feel more anxious after everything that had been unravelled up to that point as it makes her situation much worse than it was before.As annoying as the protagonist is, the movie did suck me in. However there were a few movie clichés which made me almost exclaim out loud at the screen and also encouraged my anger towards the lead character!I felt the ending could have been avoided if she’d have made a few extra calls on her mobile (which by the way was a Nokia 3210). Which was interesting as most modern thriller/horrors these days play on the fact electronic devices run out of battery and cause the situation to worsen. But I thought they’d have trouble with that phone as it’s so DAMNED RELIABLE!All in all, it was a good thriller and got the heart pumping but in the end I would rather watch Buried as it has better twists and i think is the best movie for this kind of scenario!

  • kelemen-szabo-aniko
    kelemen szabo aniko

    Bad bad bad. Some stupid girl locked in a WOODEN cage… Yes that’s right a wooden cage for the whole movie without ever trying to escape. You never see her captor, in fact she is the only character that appears in this film. Totally wooden acting, the mobile phone has got more personality. Stupid storyline, bad acting totally unrealistic

  • iara-figueiredo
    iara figueiredo

    Very difficult to see any sense in this story. The strangest thing I couldn’t get my head around was why she didn’t kick her way out of the wooden cage? A ten year old could have done it easily.

  • zachary-shaffer
    zachary shaffer

    This movie was LITERALLY a waste of time. You dont need to listen to me but go ahead and watch it & you will see for yourself. POINTLESS! no meaning the movie went NOWHERE from beginning to end

  • joao-gabriel-da-paz
    joao gabriel da paz

    Apparently the budget for Cage was 14,000 dollars…which would have been better spent on a few semesters at community film or writing school. The story is quite simple: Girl kidnapped and locked in wooden cage, alone in what appears to be a medium sized hangar in some remote Seattle location. There appears to be many potential opportunities and items to facilitate an escape all around her, she has a phone even…but is asked (rather stupidly and politely) not to call the police for help by her captor…over the phone…just because that would be inconvenient for all. It plays like an easy to solve puzzle, like a boring Saw, without the need to do anything terrible or amputate anything to escape, just possibly to think for a minute. Something our woeful captive heroin is clearly incapable of doing for herself. She receives regular calls from family checking in to say hi and would be boyfriend who is trying to get away from work or something to rescue her. She has a powerful need for a prescription. Then just for fun stock drama it seems, the concept of this occurring during 9/11 world trade center attacks is thrown in. She sits there, she cries, she begs over the phone for help, she tries to play calm for her mom on the phone, you know…to put on a strong face as she dies. Sorry if this constitutes a spoiler, but there is not much to spoil here. The moral of this story being if you are abducted, ignore any way out, whine about it to any outside means of escape you have as you slowly die, don’t call the police because they said not to, sit there, and just…die. The end. That this would somehow pass as entertainment is perhaps the biggest offense of all in this wasted length of film. A very poorly written short, stretched way out to feature length. Life is short, depressingly stupid, and pointless is the message here…so just sit back and die while chatting with family and friends.

  • gulfari-soylu
    gulfari soylu

    Couldn’t have been a worse movie if they tried. An hour and a half of the same exact thing, basically nothing at all changes.

  • dr-balint-kovacs-bence
    dr balint kovacs bence

    Okay, with 7 minutes left in the film, I’m like WTH!! WHO WROTE THIS UNREALISTIC STORY? The storyline is so ridiculous that I am stumped for words. I don’t want to say this film is the absolute worst; but I will say be prepared to experience several moments of sheer disbelief as the film unfolds. The decisions made, the outcome….I just don’t know. As I finish this short review the film has finally ended. All I can say now….I need a drink🥃

  • dario-polic
    dario polic

    I find it very sad that the ratings are so send back to you for this movie I found it to be of good quality good acting and although there are only two central characters the woman character health holds it on her ownSometimes we have to see a movie for what it is and not for what it is in and I feel that the reviews on this one or dead wrong

  • narine-egoryan
    narine egoryan

    I like it, but I’m not saying that it’s good. Really, half the time. The movie makes no sense. I wouldn’t rewatch it.

  • rodrigo-leonor-moreira
    rodrigo leonor moreira

    What an awful film. There was such good potential. There could have been many good endings however I was very very disappointed. There was no ‘high’ to the film, very boring waiting for the thirilling part of the film right until the end, where even that was absolutely awful. Do not recommend. No thought was put into this film, and probably not a lot of money as there was only one person throughout the whole film. Do not watch.

  • ginzburgas-leticija
    ginzburgas leticija

    Unbelievable, cannot actually believe this film has been released. The plot of the story is non existent, the writing is hideous and the purpose of it seems to be to make one feel as absolutely horrendous as possible. It has a twisted grasp that makes you want to keep watching in the hope that there may eventually be some point to the story. I can’t get into what is wrong with everything about it as there is not enough words. However briefly, the cage is made of the flimsiest wood that a child would be able to break. Her boyfriend seems completely uninterested in the whole ordeal, especially at the end, he gets pulled over by the police. Why didn’t he call the police then or tell her mother?! She seems to be there for zero reason, how did a ‘client’ come to her house if she works at a sex phone line? And how did her phone battery continue to be used after just one charge over fifteen days? Her conversations with her mother and father are ridiculous, suddenly she is in Europe with her boyfriend? Her dad is in hospital and she is ‘out of town’ so cannot make it to the hospital at all. She didn’t mention this in previous conversations and her mother seems horribly upset then completely uninterested by her daughters absence.The dads death and ‘peter’ being a victim of the 9/11 bombings is ridiculous and seemingly a desperate plea from the writers to create some sympathy or shock factor to the story…I feel it just shows absolutely terrible writing.I never comment on films, however this has left me in shock and is an abomination and a disgrace to modern cinema.

  • corvin-aanei
    corvin aanei

    **Contains Spoilers!**Can we just start by agreeing that it’s not cool to shame Sex Workers anymore. My eyes were almost permanently rolled back into my head as I listened to the lead sniffling “I’m not a prostitute!” Yeah bbz, we get it. You don’t have the constitution to be a wh*re. Let me tell you, if “Gracie” was a sex worker, she would have kicked her way out of that pathetic, flimsy cage and managed to rescue herself on day 1. This movie was appalling. The lead actress was shrill, irritating and impossibly weak. There wasn’t one moment when I wanted to get behind her and cheer her on. Her screaming was completely unnecessary and morbidly overused. She barely attempted to escape. The only defiance she showed was a half a**ed up yours to the camera. Her Mother was just as bad. The boyfriend was forgettable. I didn’t care about any of the characters and the story line was engaging. This movie ripped off “Remember Me’s” lazy and tactless ending. It showed poor taste and a complete lack of originality. The actors did terrible jobs and I wasn’t vested in them or in the story line. Don’t even bother watching this pile of decidedly average, contrived tripe.

  • malxaz-kac-itaze
    malxaz kac itaze

    Wow, what an awful film. Save yourself the time and give this one a miss. I’m honestly writing my first review to hopefully stop you wasting your time, like I sadly did. Although the lead actress wasn’t completely useless at acting, she has to be the dumbest and most annoying character I have seen in any film, ever. Basically she gets drugged, wakes up in a cage made from match sticks, and dies. Before she dies though she hopelessly tries to beg her capturer to free her via a mobile phone that he kindly let her have..this of course fails and when she runs out of food and drink she finally decides to try and escape herself by guessing at the flimsy 5 digit padlock number. She eventually gets the number correct but forgets that her leg is chained up, meaning she’s is still trapped. The film writer then decides to steal the ending from “buried” (another spoiler here) and gives her one last glimpse of hope that she is going to be found, in the form of her boyfriend closing in on where she is located, then snatches it away and concludes the pile of trash movie by letting her die. All in all, it’s a rip off of “Buried”, with much worse scripting and infinitely, shabbier acting. Trapped person has a phone. Calls some people to try help them escape. Doesn’t work. Just when you think the person might live, they don’t. Do not watch!!!

  • karyn-franklin
    karyn franklin

    Man, saw this film on Tubitv, checked it out, came here for some reviews and everyone here has given it a 1/10. The few external reviews are a bit nicer. It doesn’t start off that good, in my opinion. I mean, you have a whiny girl on a phone and my thought was “Is she going to be whiny throughout the film?” Pretty much. Her phone is her life. It’s how she makes her living. She needs her phone yet she owes a lot of money to the phone company and they’re threatening to cut her line. My thought was “Who cares?” It’s a cell phone, not a home line. They’re not literally taking her phone away, just cutting the service. Go buy a phone card; they’re relatively cheap. Eh, whatever…I laughed out loud when she actually dialed back the combination lock to all zeros and then started to do 00001, 00002, 00003 etc., while possible to figure out the combo it would take so long by the time you did figure it out you’d want to gouge out your eyes or break your own fingers. But she quit after four tries so apparently she wasn’t quite there yet; she does try several other times throughout the film but gives up quickly each time. She has her phone but the bad guy has rules which she follows in this cage, in a warehouse, she is kept in. If one is expecting horror, really it comes down to: what is horror to you? Being locked up in a cage without a way out is not this girl’s horror; being without her phone is. States it from the beginning which is why she’s mainly relaxed in her cage. Don’t get me wrong: she has her moments of panic, crying, whining, etc., but they are just so few and far between and this isn’t exactly a long film at 80 minutes though it does move slowly but you’re mainly just watching a girl in a cage.One reviewer mentioned jamming technology in 2001 and whether it existed, or not: it did. The first cell phone came out in the early 1970s and jamming radio frequencies have been around decades before that. There is a psychological aspect to this film. The kidnapper says he’s traveling but there’s no evidence he actually is because all we see is her in a cage. Also, there is evidence that he actually hasn’t gone anywhere based on the same things many of the reviewers here mention but then you get toward the end and we find he says he’s on a hijacked plane by terrorists and he ends up dying on 09/11/01; so, that’s solved but a bit inconsistent. Does the cage look flimsy? Sure…but looks, as anyone knows (or should), can be deceiving– but that doesn’t necessarily mean she has the strength to break them. Maybe she could but she’s still chained up. I think the actual cage, in this film, is her mind rather than the physical one she believes she’s trapped in. Of course she does finally figure out the combination but then realizes she’s not free yet because she’s chained up. The only true thing that bothered me was that she must be one of the heaviest sleepers out there because he comes and goes from the cage when she’s asleep; unless he drugs her, or something?A stronger script and actress would have been better but you work with what you got, and if that isn’t a lot then you work with that. It’s not the worst film I’ve seen; I’ve seen a few similar films these past 10-15 years and while none of them were great films they still kept my attention and didn’t bore me…too much. This film is pretty much like those. And to those who think they can make a better film, all I can say to those people is: go do it. Until you do then you’re just all talk and no substance. This isn’t a great film but at least the filmmakers tried; and to them it may be perfectly fine (I doubt that; everyone who creates something artistically always looks for perfection; they may not wholeheartedly strive for it but they look for it) or not, who knows but them.

  • dusan-potocnik
    dusan potocnik

    I think the 1* reviews are harsh but that’s their opinions of course.Yes there’s no special effects, the actress is the main if not only member of the film throughout. This is very much like Open Water, Buried or phone booth. If you liked those movies this should be ok. Sure it’s not amazing but it’s ok 5.5-6 I really don’t know what people expect from films anymore. Yes there are loads of flaws in the film (being ex forces I worked out a 101 things I would have done differently) but that doesn’t mean others would have in the situation. Give it a try it’s not that bad!

  • frantisek-hajek
    frantisek hajek

    most pathetic movie i ever seen had to turn it off after ten minutes..the cage she was put in was lame the storyline was just utter crud the girls behavior inside the cage was just absolute bs words cant describe how much this movie sucked, or at least the 20 minutes of it i forced myself to watch..if i had any advice for the producer and cast it would be for them to get a proper job and stop trying to force this bs on the movie watching public..it sucks 0 out of 10 would be better if they all died in it straight away..

  • balogh-mihalyne-farkas-monika
    balogh mihalyne farkas monika

    What a shame as this could of been a good movie but it just wasn’t, everything was so poor, Seriously no thought had gone into making this movie at all, the only positive to this movie is that they couldn’t of lost much money in making the movie has very little money was used in making the movie, This is the first time that i have said that a movie is not worth watching and I have watched some terrible movies in the past but this movie is that bad.

  • pan-tymon-kolton
    pan tymon kolton

    If you have decided to read my review despite the spoiler alert you have just saved 80 minutes of your life! Unfortunately I didn’t! ***Spoiler Alert***The acting is below average doesn’t even represent 1% of the logical reaction to being abducted and locked up in a fragile wooden cage, almost all the phone calls the are even lamer.Gracie is locked in a wooden very fragile cage and she didn’t even for once tried to break the wood, the door is locked by a lock with 5 or 6 digits she didn’t even really try to mix the numbers combinations till after 11 days of her abduction. she didn’t try to break the thin metal chain. She basically did nothing but surrender from the first minute and keep on begging instead.The director thought he made an amazing picture that he decided to end it with her not being found and dieting on spot.I don’t understand the rating at all, I wish someone could explain how one of the lamest movies of the year got more than 1/10 on IMDb meter!

  • petukhova-nina-veniaminovna
    petukhova nina veniaminovna

    This is one of those films that makes you end up thinking not only “How did this get funded?” but “Why did they bother finishing production?”. Really the only thing interesting here is the concept – and just barely interesting at that. Our star is the only character we see in the flesh and she interacts with the others via phone whilst she is trapped in a cage. The biggest failure here is the complete lack of logic at every turn. First, the antagonist traps her in the cage because he “just needs this to be happening”. Then he goes globetrotting between Florida, California and Seattle. He indicates he wants sex once or twice but other than that there is no motive for her imprisonment. Lazy setup.Next, the main character tries to bargain her way to freedom. Fair enough. Mr bad guy tells her not to call the cops. Alrighty. However, she does tell her boyfriend what’s happening and he calls the cops for her. Nothing negative happens. The first twist: her father has a heart attack. “Oh, jeez!” Says our starlet, “I better get outta here quick!”. She calls the cops. Mr bad guy says “NO! I told you not to call them! I’m taking your phone away without you noticing I came back here and then leaving again!”. What? How did he know? Obviously, it’s not via a connection to the police or he would have known sooner. He does have a camera and mic in the cage so maybe he knew because of that? Uh, no, because the main character was openly talking about the cops with her boyfriend earlier and nothing happened… Fine, whatever.Moving on. Let’s talk technology. This film is set in 2001 but our kidnapper has some pretty advanced tech. He has some sort of mobile phone jammer which lets calls in and out but somehow prevents the police from triangulating the phone’s location. Does that even exist? He also has a pretty sweet webcam and mic setup, for the period. Yet, he can only afford to build a cage out of cheap wood that looks like whatever it is karate students snap with ease. Our main character decides not to even try breaking the cage bars. Probably because it would be impossible to convincingly pretend to try and break them without actually breaking them. Finally, I’ll go over the rest of the twists. Her daddy dies – the baddie feels bad and tells her he’ll release her tomorrow. Cheers mate. Oh no, it’s 2001 and this guy flies a lot? Of course, he is on one of the planes that is hijacked on 9/11. Really. He calls to say sorry but neglects to tell her where she is or what the combination on the door lock is. Cheers mate. Then she guesses the combination anyway (6 digits, lucky girl). But she’s still got this flimsy chain on her foot. Boyfriend is on his way to her, 5 minutes. Gets pulled over by the police. She dies. Good riddance. This film angered me and I wish I had switched it off instead of expecting it to get better. Do no watch this.