It’s high school graduation and, like all seniors, they want to party. So, 500 high school seniors look forward to a party while, in the meantime, a boy wants to get a girl he’s loved for years who just broke up with her boyfriend, and one head-case who wants revenge on a lifelong bully. So, the party comes, things develop. People have sex, drink, and go along with most of the guidelines of a high school graduation party.

Also Known As: В очакване, Big Party, Mal Posso Esperar, Ya no puedo esperar, Не можу дочекатися, Szalona impreza, Den siste festen, Giovani, pazzi e svitati, Nyt bailataan, Ne mogu čekati, 待ちきれなくて…, Вече не мога да чакам, The Party, Ce soir, tout est permis, Alla var där, Ich kann's kaum erwarten, Πάρτυ αποφοίτησης, Ne mogu čekati Bosnia and, Не могу дождаться, Viata de liceu, Party Zone!, Can't Hardly Wait, Buli az élet

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  • belozerova-lidiia-danilovna
    belozerova lidiia danilovna

    Can’t Hardly Wait is the worst movie of the year for myself. Even I, a teen , didn’t find one single joke funny. And after about 2 minutes, you’ll say to yourself: “I can’t hardly wait to get out of here.”

  • truphon-kolokathes
    truphon kolokathes

    Geez, this movie is sure made for teenagers (which I’m not). The only reason I watched it was because it happened to be on cable. I’d be upset if I’d actually payed money to rent it much less see in the theatre (of course I never had any intention of either). Pretty much every character in the movie is completely shallow and not believable, including Amanda and Preston, whom we’re supposed to be rooting for. The only reason these two characters look good is because everybody else is so bad. I mean come on, one day she doesn’t even know who he is, and then the next day meets him at the train station where the two start making out after only a couple of minutes of conversation? And the rampant sex, even amongst total strangers, at the graduation party? And the nerd has the girls drooling over him after singing karaoke to “Paradise City” by Guns ‘n Roses? Gimme a break! Anyone who thinks this is a good film is either a) a Jennifer Love Hewitt fan or b) just hasn’t developed any taste for decent film-making yet. Everything about this movie is catered directly to teens, and is quickly lost on anyone else.

  • isabella-thomas
    isabella thomas

    First, if you’re over 30, you’re right out. You’re too far out from high school to take this movie seriously.Now, there are two types of people under 30. The first category are the teen-movie lovers — those who laughed out loud at American Pie, boogied to 10 Things I Hate About You, and even misted up at the unlikely finale of She’s All That. It doesn’t matter that some of the dialog is campy, the events don’t make too much sense, the sentiments aren’t profound, and sometimes the hijinks don’t resemble anything that ever happened in any high school anywhere. The movies are good fun, a nice reminder of a simpler time.For these people (myself one of them), Can’t Hardly Wait is great. It’s funny, it’s got Seth Green, a personal hero, and it has great intertwining plot lines held together by photogenic actors and actresses. Bug-eyed Ethan Embry is at his best here, as is Melissa Joan Hart as a yearbook-obsessed kook and little Charlie Korsmo, all grown up, as the resident geek who finds fame lip-synching “Paradise City.” All of the stock characters are represented — the jock, the nerds, the beautiful cheerleader, the shallow “best friends,” the white wanna-be homeboys — but, as in American Pie, are given enough human dimension that they’re plausible and fun to watch. The movie’s entertaining from start to finish, refreshingly irony and angst-free, and the ending is cute as can be.The other type of people under 30 are those who take their movie-watching very seriously. They don’t have time for fun, silly movies, and they viciously rip them apart because they aren’t perfect. They hated American Pie because it had semen humor, they loathed 10 Things because it “blasphemed” Shakespeare, and they wouldn’t think of buying a ticket to a movie called “She’s All That.” That sort of person should avoid this movie like the plague. If it’s playing at a party, leave the room, you’re only going to spoil it for the people born *with* a sense of humor.So, all you category-one youngsters, enjoy Can’t Hardly Wait. All you category-twos — lighten up, start slow (maybe Breakfast Club), and sooner or later you’ll learn to enjoy life.

  • craig-sanchez
    craig sanchez

    “Can’t Hardly Wait” is proof of that! It’s not your regular “I wanna get laid” or “Unlikely friendship” thing, it’s solid, dramatic fun! The story follows a group of different characters’ stories the night of a party. There’s Preston (Ethan Embry), who is dying to talk to Amanda (Jennifer Love Hewitt). Kenny (Seth Green), the wannabe black ‘gangsta’ who is accidentally locked into a bathroom with quiet Denise (Lauren Ambrose).All of the different actors/actresses play their roles believably. Sure, you may think a story about a teen party is shallow, but believe it or not, this is one of the most funny, dramatic films I’ve seen in a while.Underrated (6.2? No way!) and overlooked, “Can’t Hardly Wait” deserves a good 8/10.

  • abjorn-mathiesen
    abjorn mathiesen

    Although not in the same class as The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, or even Better Off Dead, this is still a highly effective teen movie. It’s really the only teen movie made in the last 15 years or so that I keep in my collection.The plot is simple enough. We have a bunch of high school kids getting together for one last party after graduation. We see all types interacting with one another and getting pretty wasted in the process. Our main character is a sensitive writer type who has been lusting after the most popular girl in school for the past four years. She has recently been dumped by her jock boyfriend, so this Mr. Sensitive thinks this party is his chance to finally hook up with her! Along the way we see several side plots involving nerds, sluts, stoners, jocks, white guys trying to act black, and any other type of kid that the high schools of today produce. Overall, this film is very, very well done. I’m still surprised how much I like it.And every 15 minutes or so Jaime Pressly can be seen strutting her stuff. I swear that girl is amazing! It’s too bad she doesn’t have that many scenes. The last we see of her is when the cops bust that party. She’s all curled up and passed out on a chair. Just waiting for that special guy (like me) to carry her out of that party and take her home! Oh well, we can dream, can’t we? By the way, the guy who plays her boyfriend is the guy in the pickup truck whose buddies beat the crap out of Dirk Diggler in Boogie Nights!Anyway, I like this film. The sensitive writer guy is a lot like me. I also connect a little with Seth Green’s character since I was accused of acting black in high school because I was the first kid in the suburbs to listen to rap music. There’s a little of each of these characters in all of us, I suppose.Do yourself a favor and watch this film if you get the chance. It’s nothing profound or deep, just a bunch of kids having a wild party and learning some things about themselves and each other along the way.Oh, and have I mentioned that Jaime Pressly is in the movie?I’ll give it 8 of 10 stars.So sayeth the Hound.

  • manda-mamula
    manda mamula

    I just want to add that the line by the stoner guy, poolside at the party when he says “You know who else I like that didn’t get much play? Velma from Scooby-Doo. She was cool. She was a hip, hip lady.” That last part, she was a hip, hip lady, is a total ripoff of Slater’s comment in Dazed and Confused at the end of the part when commenting on Martha Washington he says that she was a “hip, hip lady” emphasis in both movies is exactly the same, and Dazed was first. yo Not to say that I don’t like CHW, its definitely one of the best 90’s teen movies. I definitely remember the early blink, and the huge house party in the movie, basically it set up an ideal of what a house party should be like…

  • elmira-gogsaze
    elmira gogsaze

    in twenty years, people will mention this movie, and people will say ‘what?’ and ‘umm haven’t heard of it’ or ‘uhhhh nope.’every character in this movie is annoying except clea duvall, and we dont get to see enough of her. i wish the trench coat mafia had been students at this school so they could wipe out these irritating geeks. i couldn’t hardly wait for this movie to be over.

  • viktoriia-derkach
    viktoriia derkach

    I can’t believe that people would waste $7.00 bucks to this crap which is nothing more than your average NBC teeny bopper movies! All of the characters are cardboard cut-outs from previous teeny bopper flicks: The poor little rich girl who whines if anyone so much as breathes on her parent’s furniture, to the Casanova wannabee, to the black sheep of the school, to the nerd who ends up scoring all of the girls, Pluleeease!!! I guess this film didn’t come with the tag..”No Trees Were Harmed During The Making of This Film”.I “really” feel sorry for Jennifer Love Hewitt. You get the feeling that Hollywood’s mocking her with these B movie material scripts–and don’t tell me that it’s because of her age either! Just take a look at Christina Ricci!Rating: 1

  • jyotsnaa-mhaadev
    jyotsnaa mhaadev

    The only idiocy here is attempting to even compare a classic like Animal House with a piece of pap like Can’t Hardly Wait (to see Jennifer’s Boobs), let alone comparing it favorably. Can’t Hardly Wait is your typical high school movie, filled with typical high school moments- nothing too memorable, inventive or creative here. For movies it gets a 4, for comedies it might rate a 4.5 but as modern “appeal to the raging hormone teenage girl” movies goes it’s better than the rest, maybe a 7.More enjoyable than Animal House? Put the crack pipe DOWN bro….When you want to compare something like Can’t hardly Wait you should use other more “high school” themed films like 10 Things I Hate About You or She’s All That (both just as good, just as pap as Can’t hardly Wait- perhaps they’re all done by the same 100,000 monkeys working at 100,000 terminals at UCLA) but you shouldn’t ruin your movie credibility forever by using Animal House and this seat wetter in the same sentence, much less the same movie review.

  • stepan-prochazka
    stepan prochazka

    Well my prediction that this movie would bomb was correct. It spent all of 2 weeks at most theatres. It’s not even pulling very good video rentals. It now seems to me that one of the only thing that keeps any one (especially guys) going to Jennifer Love Hewitt movies is the possibility that she may have a nude scene in a R rated horror feature. Alas, she probably will never opt to do this, thinking she actually has talent as an actress. A good actress needs to evoke emotion in the viewer. While she is nice to look at, about the only emotion she’s ever evoked in me is disgust at how dumb her character is in whatever movie she’s in. I foresee either a career nosedive or a continued future on TV. I can’t decide which is worse. As for the movie itself, I couldn’t watch most of it because all I kept seeing was a board meeting of producers trying to figure out how to sell to a teenage audience. Apparently blatant stereotypes and annoying characters no longer pull in the kids like they used to. A John Hughes movie (though it shares some of the stupidity of those films) it ain’t.

  • gareth-harris
    gareth harris

    Can’t Hardly wait was like one of the best movies ever! It inspired me to become a screenwriter. My name is Priscilla, I am fourteen years old and can’t hardly wait touched me. The plot, the music, and the friendship between Preston and Denise. I really loved the hooker’s words of wisdom about fate! It’s so true “fate is there, but it only takes you so far because once you are there it’s up to you to make it happen”-The angel hooker.If you have not seen can’t hardly wait and you have ever wanted to do something so bad, but you never got the chance to just remember if fate was willing to take you that far then take that chance! This movie is about love, fate and following your dreams. Fate clearly brought this movie and me together! I give it more than 10 stars!!!

  • sig-alessio-serra
    sig alessio serra

    …This is actually one of the most entertaining teen comedies I’ve seen yet. In the post-John Hughes teen era, 1998’s underrated multi-character comedy, “Can’t Hardly Wait,” a joint venture by directors Harry Elfont and Deborah Kaplan, is funny and engaging in a way most teen comedies aren’t anymore. This is a movie I’ve seen a fair number of times over the years but I have to admit a particular fondness for the characters, despite an uneven script and other writing issues, as it brings back memories of my high school career, which I left in June of 2004.In the movie, Denise Fleming (Lauren Ambrose) reminds the audience that “fate works in some really {expletive} ways sometimes” – we get rebuffed every time we want something to happen but doesn’t. But sometimes life cuts us a break and that’s what would happen for Lonely Guy Preston Meyers (Ethan Embry). For four long years, Preston has pined for Amanda Beckett (Jennifer Love Hewitt), who is of course the pretty cheerleader and has conveniently ended her relationship with her idiot jock boyfriend Mike Dexter (Peter Facinelli). In the opening sequences, Preston explains the circumstances regarding his “fateful” relationship with Amanda. An aspiring writer, Preston has revised and revised a soul-bearing love letter that will confess to Amanda the feelings and reasons for why they were destined to be together despite life elements that have proved otherwise. Preston plans to give her the letter at a post-graduation party the night before he’s scheduled to leave for Boston. And of course, a number of circumstances and misunderstandings will hamper Preston’s dogged determination to give Amanda his letter. But before one writes this off as a typical teen romance, please let me continue…Even more interesting, are the various subplots taking place paralleled next to the main plot line. Mike Dexter isn’t exactly the most cherished individual in high school, as explained by William Lichter (Charlie Korsmo), in a verbal tirade that parodies Bill Pullman’s inspirational speech from “Independence Day” (1996). Along with his two geek buddies, William plans to lure Mike and one of his random jock friends to the pool house, take Polaroids, and capture them in a “naked embrace.” However, circumstances allow William to become the unlikely life of the party. Meanwhile, wannabe homeboy Kenny Fisher (Seth Green), plans to “sex as many honies” as possible at this party. He’s got the full kit in his backpack, including the “Kama Sutra,” the Hindu book of love. But his plans take a backseat when he’s locked in the upstairs bathroom with Denise. It is here that the two former friends, now strangers, confront one another about the drastic changes their lives have taken since junior high, and it is this portion of the script that comes to be the most interesting, largely because of the interaction between Ambrose and Green. In addition to these, there are plenty of smaller subplots including a foreign exchange student, the party hostess as she tries to control the night’s events (as well as her sanity), a yearbook geek (Melissa Joan Hart) who wants to be the first to get the signature of every graduating senior, William’s nerd buddies who are on top of the pool house, and a band called Loveburger (fronted by Breckin Meyer) tries to get its act together but in-fighting nearly proves to be the group’s demise. Boy, it’s going to be one hell of a night…Despite its script problems, “Can’t Hardly Wait” is sure to get some kind of a cult following in a few years, which of course comes from the fact that the subplots are far more interesting than the core story. But I dismiss it as nothing truly detrimental to the film as a whole. Of course, my favorite story just happens to be the one with Amanda and Lonely Guy Preston. (I guess it’s because I more or less fall into the category of high school Lonely Guys who pine for the pretty girl but don’t get the pretty girl.) Yet, “Can’t Hardly Wait” obviously can’t hardly wait for some kind of cult fame over the next couple of years.7/10

  • darina-okhrimenko
    darina okhrimenko

    “Can’t Hardly Wait” summarizes perfectly well every single cliché and archetype from any of the teen comedies done in the nineties. Not That this is a bad thing, and think that I prefer the clichés from the teen movies made in that decade than most of the awful and unfunny comedies from the recent years.Even when some of the references in “Can’t Hardly Wait” could considered “dated” by modern audiences, and despite the fact that the story from this film is totally stereotypical and predictable, at least it still has a certain level of entertainment value to be worth-watching.Personally, I’d rather see a movie like this than stuff like “Project X” any day.

  • joana-anjos-guerreiro
    joana anjos guerreiro

    this movie is one of my favorites not because its an epic crime movie, or a moving memory masterpiece (i heart alliteration), or even a funky unique cult movie- its just a damn good chick flick and my favorite one of all time. this is because 1. it has my former dream girl of all time Jennifer Love Hewitt in it, and 2. the protagonist- Preston is me pretty much or at least i think of him that way. its a simple movie, as should all chick flicks be. and I’m gonna go on a chick flick tangent now. you know you like chick flicks, how can you not? if your a guy reading this then deep down you know a chick flick at some point has made you smile, or even made you shed a tear even if you refuse to admit it. there’s always gonna be a place for chick flicks in the movie world, because we all want that happy ending. sure some stuff is nice during the movie but it all leads to the climax, it all leads to the happy ending. and whats not to like about a happy ending? nothing. “cant hardly wait” has a freaking good ending by the way. I’m not gonna spoil it for you but you’ll definitely smile at the end and that means the movie has done its job. plus Seth green makes a nice appearance as the “white guy that acts black”. this movie has it all, or at least all that it should for what it is. i dunno what it is but i love this one.

  • muharrem-van-der-dussen
    muharrem van der dussen

    I have certainly seen high school movies I enjoyed more (Dazed and Confused, for example). I felt many of the performances, like that of Jennifer Love Hewitt, only came alive later in the action – JLH did not make much impact when she first appeared, but was good later on – and maybe there were too many different story lines. The most consistently good actors were Ethan Embry and Lauren Ambrose; I have to admit, I found Seth Green’s character a pain in the backside, and, not being of that age or culture, had little sympathy for his relentless “homeboy” stuff; he was much better when he stopped! There were some nice set pieces, like the nerd suddenly lighting up the party with his (drunken) karaoke performance, and the top jock getting his richly deserved comeuppance – but why was he back with his friends the following day, as if nothing had happened? One can’t feeling they would have been uneasy with him, maybe even a little contemptuous after what they had seen and heard.It was undoubtedly a bonus to see actresses such as Jaime Pressly, Selma Blair, and Melissa Joan Hart making an appearance, if only fleetingly in Selma Blair’s case.Nice ending (after some credits), reminded me of the end of Gregory’s Girlfriend.

  • bikentios-raphios
    bikentios raphios

    I think there is two kinds of thoughts of this movie, Hate and Love I love it, i think this movie has everything that is needed to be enjoyable, it has good acting, a good soundtrack, good characters, its really funny, and it got Jennifer Love Hewitt, (a women that can make almost every movie worth watching, because she seems to be one of the sweetest girls in the world).I think i don’t need to say anything more. This is the best(and first) college movie that is ever going to be produced, its miles before American Pie 1&2&3 and other movies…

  • eliana-stamelou
    eliana stamelou

    this movie was great! i first saw it myself and it was really boring, but when i saw it w/ my friend it became my favorite. i guess this was because u feel stupid to laugh by yourself, and this is a movie u need to watch w/ someone. my fav character, like everyone else, is kenny fisher played by seth green. sadly, i know a lot of people just like him who are wannabe wangstas or wiggers. its hilarious. he reminds me so much of my best friend who’s like that. also the small appearance of Jerry O’Connel was good. this is my fav Jennifer Love Hewitt movie, and a lot of people i never even heard of did a good job. i also liked the TINY roll of Breckin Myer who i think is hilarious. this isn’t just a teen movie because my parents loved it.

  • loretta-ferretti
    loretta ferretti

    The plot was ok. I love the actors. Jennifer Love Hewitt was amazing. She really pulled it off. Ethan, of course, was good. He made Preston Meyers the person we all cheered for. Seth Green once again came through with his humour and his serious side. The movie is a good movie if you want a laugh, or if your a romance type person, it’s also very good. Or if you just want to relax and watch a pretty good movie, this is it.

  • stephany-da-cunha
    stephany da cunha

    Again, like the many, many teen comedies to come before it, CAN’T HARDLY WAIT has you watching as the teenagers run around, crack jokes, yell at each other, scream, drink beer, and kiss and fall in love. Yes, it’s all very mushy and romantic. Not so much in this movie…Like 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU, this movie doesn’t really concentrate on the romantic elements until later in the film, which I like. It is more original and gives the movie more flavor. This is why most of these teen romance flicks are not really big at the box office. Its because they are predictable, they have been done a thousand times before and because everyone knows how it will turn out. That is why horror movies are always big. Because at least with a horror movie you usually have to figure out who the masked killer is or something like that. But with these boring teen comedies, you always know how it will turn out. This movie is different.You never really know what is going to happen, because this movie takes the honor of having a very large cast of characters and follows each of them very specifically, developing a story and history for each of them. The cast includes Ethan Embry, Seth Green, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Melissa Joan Hart, Charlie Korsmo, Lauren Ambrose, Peter Facinelli, Jenna Elfman, Breckin Meyer, Sean Patrick Thomas, Brandon Williams, Jaime Pressly, Liz Stauber, Clea DuVall, Brian Klugman, and Jerry O’Connel have parts in this movie. Many of these people only have small cameos, but all are hilarious in this delightfully funny teen romp.CAN’T HARDLY WAIT gets 5/5.

  • unni-ingeborg-iversen
    unni ingeborg iversen

    After a while, it’s hard to remember back to that immortality of youth that this movie captures in a very clever way. The number of now famous actors and actresses who pop up in this epic is amazing. The characters are well polished: The jerks are jerkier, the nerds are nerdier, the jocks are even more jocked up, and as a boy who remembers what it was like to love the most popular girl from afar, the pain you suffered with that love was of a white hot intensity that the hero of this movie could not let go, much to his betterment, and to my loss (I didn’t go, and she never knew).Brilliant.

  • melissa-dalton
    melissa dalton

    Yeah, yeah. It is the girl, it is the boy, it is the crazy one, it is the geek, it is the popular one, it is the party. I know all those things that most of the time come along in the package of a teen movie. But this film is really one good piece. I can’t say great, but I can’t also say bad.Here, unlike many teen comedies, we get to meet the characters. To know details and things about them, because they aren’t comic creatures. They aren’t one dimensional, you know? It always happen that some characters just got to be there, and don’t have much development, but some others do. And it’s not easy to create much development for one night only, because there is only a party.This guy, Preston. He is totally mad for this girl, so that he thinks they are meant to be. And maybe they really are. And this girl, is so trapped in her world (no matter what that world is), that she’s not looking anywhere else. And if she looks, it might be too late. Jennifer Love Hewitt and Ethan Embry are more than alright for this characters. She (Hewitt)is gorgeous, and she doesn’t need a lot of effort to play Amanda’s part. It’s just the part of a gorgeous girl. He (Embry) is impressive. In his eyes you can see that he has been left aside, most of the time. Embry gives some kind of depth to his characters, even if he doesn’t have to. I liked him in “White Squall” and I understand him here.The rational character is Denise. She doesn’t want anything to happen but she hasn’t even tried. Ambrose gives simply the best performance of the movie. And Seth Green made me laugh. His character, Kenny, wants anything to happen, but he has looked to much, and needs to stop a little bit. As for William, well, he is that neutral character, he needs some new things in his routine. His life has been the same for too long. Many things could happen in this party.All the rest of the cast is in and out, going and leaving, talking, remembering. High School is ending, it must be enjoyed, I think.Last, but not least: there’s fate…

  • stephany-da-rocha
    stephany da rocha

    What a sweet movie this is! Predictable all the way, but saved by it’s extremely likeable cast: Ethan Embry, as the daydreamer nice guy, Seth Green, showing off is talent in his part as a wigger and the photogenic Jennifer Love Hewitt, who has the part of “perfect girl” down to perfection. (Is there any other way to describe it? She really is that good at it.)Like most good films in its genre Can’t Hardly Wait has many witty moments, pace and charm. The parallels with Fast Times At Ridgemont High are obvious.Seth Green as a white boy who really would rather have been a black boy is a very funny and to the point social comment. It’s a shame, however, that the film can’t break loose from the stereotypes that resurface in every teen comedy. There’s the blonde bimbos who just look pretty and are armpieces to the jocks. There’s the jocks who drink beer and pick on the nerds. There’s the nerds who have big glasses and re-enact scenes from Star Wars and the likes. Why don’t producers seem able to break away from those stereotypes? The moments where these characters are brought into play, the boring slapstick they engage in… Those are the moments where the film loses it’s pace and that’s why these films only brush upon interesting subject matter. This is also the reason why new generations won’t be bored to watch until the end of this film in twenty years time. I know I changed the channel 30 minutes into Fast Times…Without the everlasting stereotypes and standard storylines (nice boy wants girl… nerd gets cheerleader for one night or forever more) this kind of film might actually distinguish itself. As long as that doesn’t change the rating of this film is likely to remain stuck at 6.3, at which it is stuck right now. That’s where the genre deserves to be as it is. I rate this film slightly higher at 7.

  • lily-kof
    lily kof

    While walking through my local video store, I have walked past this cover box a trillion times and never really looked at it. Then one day, I noticed that Seth Green was on the cover, and since I became a fan of him during “Buffy”, I picked up this movie, thinking, “What the heck, it’s free!” (I had a Rent One Get One Free Coupon). I took it home not expecting anything but a few laughs from Seth, and boy was I ever shocked!”Can’t Hardly Wait” is not the greatest movie ever made, but I’ll be totally honest with you, it’s the biggest surprise of a movie I have ever watched.I now own this movie, and it’s one of those movies that, when I’m just not in the mood to go to a “galaxy far, far away”, (yes, sometimes it happens) I pop this in and giggle hysterically.Seth Green is wonderful playing the wannabe gangsta. The members of Loveburger are a riot. And Jennifer Love Hewitt isn’t even all that annoying.The soundtrack is quite amazing. With a movie like this, you’d assume that it’d be just Smash Mouth, Blink 182 & Third Eye Blind, and yes, those groups are included, but during the party scenes, there are a number of classic party tunes from Guns -n- Roses, Tone Loc and RUN DMC. Not to mention the whole Barry Manilow “Mandy” references.No, this movie will not be re-released for a 20th Anniversary, but it’s definitely worth watching, and ranks far above all the other “teen flicks” that are swarming to your local theater as you read this.

  • sat-enik-t-ashch-yan
    sat enik t ashch yan

    This movie was great. It’s not blockbuster, but it wasn’t made to be. It was something geared towards teenagers, so older folks beware. I would not go see it if you’re out of your twenties. It was funny, it was sweet and that’s about it. The two best performances were given by Ethan Embry and Seth Green. Ethan was male lead, Preston who convincingly yearned for Jennifer Love Hewitt’s character, Amanda. Ethan pulled his role off wonderfully. The second awesome performance was given by Seth Green who was the local gangsta-wannabe Kenny. This one had me rolling on the floor laughing because sadly, most of the guys i know are just like him. So, if you just want something to entertain, make you laugh, and not think to hard, I’d go see this movie.

  • olaf-surmiak
    olaf surmiak

    I am a product of the 80’s slasher film and the teenage film generation. Films in the 80’s like Fast Times, Wild Life, Revenge of the Nerds and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and such, were films that may not have been classics to the critics, but to a fifteen year old boy, they were our Citizen Kane. They taught us how to pick up women, how to attempt to have sex, how to skip school and why to skip school. They taught us that parents and adults really don’t understand us and that kids really aren’t that bad, we just want to have a bit of fun before life gets too serious. We have all been through emotions and experiences like the ones that those movies preach about, so it is easy for us to relate to what those films are trying to say. And it makes it that much more fun to relive those experiences ten years later. Can’t Hardly Wait is the closest to an 80’s teen film that I have seen in quite some time. Compared to films like the aforementioned Never Been Kissed and even She’s All That, this movie is a classic.The film was written and directed by Harry Elfont and Debra Kaplan, and if they are not about my age ( late 20’s ) they certainly are lovers of 80’s teen films, because it shows here that they did their homework. Some of the scenes in this film are complete homages to great 80’s films like Sixteen Candles ( the two geeks on the roof ) Wild Life ( a huge party where some of the characters grow up and learn a bit about themselves and each other) and even Say Anything ( a not so popular guy in love with the school hotty.) It seems to me that Harry and Debra are lovers of the films that made growing up in the eighties so much fun.The story is about a party on the day of the completion of exams. Here we meet all the major players in the film. And yes, they are all contrived, but that is what a film like this is about. They were not trying to re-invent the wheel here, they were trying to stick to a formula that made so many movies work. You have Amanda Beckett ( Hewitt ), the prom queen that just got broken up with by the star jock named Mike Dexter ( played with so much zeal by Peter Facinelli, look for him to have a future in Hollywood ). Then you have Preston ( Ethan Embry ) who is not necessarily a geek but he is far from a popular jock, think of Dawson. Anyway, he has loved Amanda for all of highschool and now he is finally getting the guts to tell her of his undying passion for her. You also have William Lichter, who is the school geek that comes of age in the party. He does all the things that you would expect a typically written geek in a film to do— get drunk, have a public display of wildness that gets people to see him in a new light, and of course, in here it is his karaoking to Paradise City ( which is one of the film’s funnier scenes ) and of course get laid. As I said, this movie sticks to a very popular formula. Don’t look for a film like this to say new and something profound about today’s youth. This movie is here to entertain and that is it. And it does that well.Also you have Kenny Fischer ( Seth Green ) as a very white guy who thinks he is black to cover up his insecurities, and his friend from public school named Denise. Needless to say many issues are going to be raised at the party and some of them are hilarious.A great cameo is turned in by Jerry O’Connell who plays Trip McNeely ( the ultimate jock name ). He was idolized by all the cool kids when he went to their high school. Now he is in university and according to him , in a converstion with Mike Dexter, he tells him that ” guys like me and you bro are a dime a dozen. Chicks are a lot different in college. They care about the environment and things and they all date guys that are in pre-med. ” It is a very funny scene.What makes this movie so much fun to watch is that it is reminiscent of an 80’s film. And that is the highest compliment that I can give it. Because, just like they don’t know how to make movies like Halloween and Nightmare On Elm Street anymore, they sure as hell don’t know how to make films like Breakfast Club, The Sure Thing and Secret Admirer. But this film comes really close to being like those. And if you remember those ones as films that were some of your favorites when you were sixteen, see this, it will make you laugh and entertain you, and that is an accomplishment on its own.