After crashing an experimental aircraft, Air Force pilot Carol Danvers is discovered by the Kree and trained as a member of the elite Starforce Military under the command of her mentor Yon-Rogg. Six years later, after escaping to Earth while under attack by the Skrulls, Danvers begins to discover there’s more to her past. With help from S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Nick Fury, they set out to unravel the truth.

Also Known As: Stotnica Marvel, Capitana Marvel, Капитан Марвел, Captain Marvel, Капiтан Марвел, Marvel Kapitány, Dai Uy Marvel, Kapetan Marvel, Kapitán Marvel, Capitaine Marvel, Kapetanica Marvel, Kapten Marvel, Kapitani Marveli, Captain Marvel Czech, Kapitone Marvel, Capitã Marvel, Kapitan Marvel

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  • bruce-gadi
    Bruce Gadi

    this movies the best

  • curt-vogt-beckmann
    curt vogt beckmann

    Throughout the whole film not a single weakness was outlined for Danvers, and for me, this just makes her boring. I could compare her to Superman who I also find to be hugely overpowered, but even he does at least have one weakness.The film overall was not up to the recent standard of the MCU, especially when compared to highly entertaining movies such as Thor Ragnarok or Avengers Infinity War.A few moments annoyed me inparticular such as Brie Larson’s cocky facial expressions at the end of her unfunny plucky little quips. She just came across as obnoxious.The humor was poor, the character is so OP. I am dreading her being in Avengers Endgame and the way she has been wedged in so suddenly, only a month before the MCU’s main event; I think it’s such a bad move. I might have more love for her if she had been fleshed out in several films like other characters. Thor for example is a powerhouse, and his first film was distinctly average, but I have grown to love him over about 5 or 6 films. Captain Marvel is unfortunately being shoehorned in to the MCU and I think it has the potential to ruin the final Avengers film.

  • jacqueline-weber
    jacqueline weber

    8/10. It was a very enjoyable origin story. I look forward to seeing more. I mostly feel the same after seeing CM as I did after watching the first CA, IM, etc. Not THE best of course, but definitely entertaining. Despite being in the “hot seat”, having to follow Infinity War and BP, it mostly worked, and it was fun! I thought the cast worked well together. Brie Larson did the role well, and I cant wait to see where it goes from here.

  • t-amari-koberize
    t amari koberize

    While the movie was enjoyable to watch at times, I felt like I was watching it just so I wouldn’t become lost in future Marvel films. Captain Marvel was underwhelming, regrettably. I truly wanted this to be a knock-out, unfortunately, the KO was my attention. I found myself moving a lot and becoming bored–waiting for ‘the marvel’ to really take flight. Most of the jokes and ’90s pop culture references felt lackluster and forced. “Remember that song, guys? Here it is!” I felt Brie’s performance was yawn-able at best, maybe mis-casting or mis-direction is to blame, but something was off. The tone felt like a juggling act. This doesn’t feel like a film that is to bring the fourth phase of the MCU, and more like THOR 2: Dark World. All in all, blah blah blah, I only “read” this chapter to finish the book.Maybe my opinion will change in the future or when Disney gives me money so I can sell out, ya friggin’ turds, but I need more than Hentai cats to stay engaged.

  • christopher-yu
    christopher yu

    The 21st in an ongoing storyline, of a 20 run movie streak, & a month before the most anticipated movie of all time (Avengers 4), this movie was ALWAYS GOING TO MAKE MONEY…But could the film makers deliver a quality movie when they are so caught up in gender, identity & social justice politics? Sadly… no.I loved Jude Law & his Kree team in this movie. Gemma Chan was melt in your mouth & STILL break a tooth cool! I could easily have watched a good movie about these guys, (called Kree/Skrull War?)… not what we got though.Brie Larson as Captain Marvel looked sad, uncomfortable, awkward & angry the entire movie. Her appearance did not look heroic, any Captain Marvel cosplay I have seen looked better than her, & it never looked like she enjoyed the role or costume.Nick Fury the character, in almost half the MCU movies is ruined in this movie, & his origin & that of his infamous missing eye is thrown out for cheap laughs, that fell completely flat. For him to get his eye scratched out by a ridiculous MCGUFFIN is film heresy, & the writers should never work in film again.The Skrulls first outing & origin is also ruined in this film. For 57 years in comics & cartoons, they have been the coolest & bad-ass enemies of the Fantastic Four, X-Men & Avengers. But in this movie for a social commentary they are made into sympathetic refugees (2/3s into the movie?) & ruin any chance of telling some of the greatest stories in the MCU.Captain Marvels powers were completely inconsistent the entire movie also, sometimes she could be beaten by Jude Law, or normal humans, or an average Skrull, & her photon blasts were just that, a lame light show that mostly did nothing? Also, CM received her powers from the cosmic cube being shot at, but Jude Law was ALSO caught in the blast & received a concussion instead? Bad writing…Over all, I gave this movie a 3 or 4 out of 10 for 2/3 of the movie & watched it reluctantly entertained… until the final 1/3 when it completely $hit the bed. The ending was so poorly written & executed it went down to a 2/10 with absolutely NO chance of redemption. A real blown opportunity & the first FAIL in the MCU…

  • clinton-carter
    clinton carter

    I heard about the bad reviews before seeing Captain Marvel but figured from all the reviews saying it’s people slayting on it cause she’s a women (which didn’t make sense as this isn’t the first movie we’ve had a women in the lead role and as a superhero eg wonder women,Alita and ghost in a shell to name a few) I went in there with the mind set it may not be great but good enough…well me,my wife and sister all thought the same…this is rubbish!…the whole time I was waiting to get pulled into the story and get excited to see her use her powers and fly but you sort of see her powers straight away(minus the flying and when you do see it it’s nothing like a wow! Moment) you find out how she gets her powers near the middle-end) so most of the film Your just wondering how she got them and when you find out your like “oh right ok was that it” I just felt like it had lots missing to it…I didnt really care much about her..I was never really woried or felt much toward her like I did for wonder women or any of the avengers…I think the actress who played captain marvel was very woden and not a very good actress…scarlet johanson played her part really well In the avengers so hopefully she can get some tips of her!….I was just really disappointed that this is the hero who’s supposed to save the day in Endgame…I thought her powers were not amazing and felt like when she used them they didn’t really do much(unless your a juxbox or door) tbh if your seeing this to the up to endgame you don’t need to!…has nothing in it that ties to endgame apart from the credit scene which you can get on YouTube and tbh it wasn’t all that(if you wondering how fury gets the pager…….*Little Spoiler*********** ******************she gives it to him after he hands it to her earlier in the film but this time she modified it to call her) overall I’d say it reminded me of a Netflix marvel show I’d say it was watchable but nothing more…annoyed at myself for sticking up for it before I saw it and now I actually want my money back!

  • roxana-albu
    roxana albu

    I live in Indonesia, and I’ve just seen it since it aired today. The action scenes are good, the de-aging of early SHIELD Agents are great. I can’t really notice in seeing Fury. That’s it. Those are the good things about this movie. Brie Larson comes off as snobbish when she quips like Tony Stark, but became boring and unlikeable the more she does it. There are moments in the action scenes when it’s all CGI that looks like it came from a PS3 game. Comedy is sub-par. Worth of nose exhale at least.To quote Laura Clifford, “Captain Marvel is a boring mishmash of ideas from a score of other movies and franchises”.

  • andrea-andrews
    andrea andrews

    Weeding out the very obvious social justice messaging here, which comes off as cliche any more, we have another overproduced, predictable, superficial cartoon masquerading as something more than it really is. The craftsmanship is there in terms of acting, production, audio mixing, etc. but strip all of that away and there just isn’t anything all that interesting to see. Want to immerse yourself in a feminist super-hero universe with depth, range, and meaning? Skip Captain Marvel and binge the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series.

  • lisa-hall
    lisa hall

    A fine example of political correctness…. Dull and disappointing. Please don’t waste your time and money. P.S. If you looking for a real female superhero I recommend Wonder Woman or Alita.

  • rodney-king
    rodney king

    This is a very controversial Marvel film. Which seems to be a running trend with Disney films recently. The hype around this film seems to be very mixed, some want it to succeed and some want it to fail, and both sides seem to have these viewpoints due to various political reasons. There seems to be a lot of agendas involved. I do not have any stake in either side because I do not care about this kind of thing when it comes to film. I don’t think it’s fair to judge films from that perspective in a positive or negative way. In the same sense that I don’t think it’s fair to judge a film from a positive or negative perspective based on whether or not you like the actors involved. I don’t care if films succeed or fail financially. Film is an art form to me and I just want to see films that are well-made by people who have a lot of passion for their craft. To start with things I liked, there’s some spurts of entertainment that come from this film. Some fun action scenes, the chemistry between Brie Larson and Samuel Jackson was very on point. The de-aging effects for Samuel Jackson and Clark Gregg were surprisingly great. The first act overall was relatively enjoyable, especially the opening action scene. The music/score was pretty good. And the cat was a fun addition. But overall the film was very bland and disappointing. Honestly, I was hoping for better. To me a superhero movie needs to have an interesting story, well developed characters, and it needs to grab me and make me care about what’s going on. This applies to film in general. One of the saddest things about this film that I was genuinely hoping I wouldn’t have to say is that I don’t think Brie Larson did a good job in this film. Brie Larson is an incredibly talented actress so I don’t necessarily think she’s to blame for that, it might have just been the poor material she was given to work with. As the film progresses she gets increasingly more stoic, and the film never showcases any emotion or vulnerability towards the character for some reason. And her character is given almost all backstory with too much exposition and very little depth. And at the same time there isn’t enough given to make you care about her or any of the characters. Overall I don’t think she fit the character, the performance was very wooden and uneven. Which is sad to say because you can tell how much passion she’s giving towards this character. The narrative is so scattered that she kind of gets lost in the shuffle & they forget to develop her character. Which was disappointing for me. The storytelling was very messy. This film is trying to be an origin story, a connecting piece to the past as well as to what’s going on now, and a set up film for what’s to come later. So the film kind of collapsed in on itself because it’s trying to do too many things at once. This honestly felt like Phase 1, which is not a good thing. That’s not to say that Iron Man and The Avengers weren’t good, it’s just that this film feels a lot like the early Marvel films in the sense that it felt like they were still in an experimental phase. They were still trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t work about their films. They’ve passed that point and they know what works by now so this film as well as all the other new ones should be progressive steps forward, and this film was definitely a gigantic step backwards. They also don’t do a good job making this character feel important or relevant to what’s currently going on in the MCU. We’re told she’s the most powerful character in the MCU, but they never show us that or make us feel that way. The film is a lot of telling rather than showing. Needless to say the writing and directing were pretty lackluster. Also the action other than the opening was not very good or memorable at all. The Skrulls were fun villains, and relatively unique compared to other Marvel villains, but they weren’t really given any character. There was a lot of fun 90s references but I think the film relies on this as a crutch way too much. Which caused the tone to be very disjointed. They have 90s nostalgia for a little bit, then it feels like a buddy cop film with Nick Fury, and then it’s a story about the friendship between her and Lashana Lynch’s character. And there’s no effort given to make the audience feel emotionally invested in any of these stories. And since it’s always jumping back and forth between these contrasting tones, and that made the film uneven as a result. There are some needless explanations for things that happen in the MCU and when they happened it felt corny and forced. The film was a fun time but this is the 21st Marvel Cinematic Universe film, so at this point generic fun action films are old and tired. And since there have been dozens of Marvel films at this point they need to live up to a higher standard. So in order for me to like their films at this point they have to do something more than just making a fun movie. I can’t believe I’m saying this but DC did it better. Wonder Woman had charm, charisma, and character development. And I Captain Marvel definitely fell flat in this regard. Again, there are moments of potential here, but they are hiding under the bland cliched Marvel formula. It’s a very generic film that we’ve seen many times before not just when it comes to superhero movies, and I was hoping for more than that. 5/10. Please see the film though and make up your own opinion on it. Don’t listen to what others say, don’t give in to online agendas no matter what side they’re on. Just go see the film, make up your own mind, and when you do be honest about it, because that’s how we get better films, by letting the filmmakers know what works and what doesn’t work about their films. But at the end of the day the fact that this film didn’t live up to its potential doesn’t matter, and I’m still very excited because… “We’re in the Endgame now.”

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      Why do the comments slowly than movie?

  • christine-harris
    christine harris

    This is not the worst marvel movie but certainly not the best. I saw it with low expectations and it somehow managed to beat it. It’s not an SJW movie in any way other than a few quips to show Captain Marvels absolute power towards the end. A solid 7 rating.

  • jonathan-nichols
    jonathan nichols

    I though it would be good movie because they teased it at the end of infinity war but it was garbage. main character is stale and boring, story sucks and fights are just i am strongest you go boom. and cat was unnecessary at all

  • donald-quinn
    donald quinn

    The wife wanted to see it and im a Marvel fan so I thought it would be a good idea to watch it for a date night. Long story short, we both left the theater disappointed. Acting, story, and flow sucked.

  • margarita-castillo-carrillo
    margarita castillo carrillo

    I was left with the general feeling, that “Captain Marvel” is a major disappointment.First of all, there is a good story here somewhere, but it’s just not well told, and there’s too much of it crammed within about 115 minutes. The movie is fast-paced, but never really works, because the pacing is flat and timing is off. Aesthetically, “Captain Marvel” has been processed through the same “Marvel filter” as the rest of them. Dull. The filmmakers (indie directors of the great “Half Nelson”) have given absolutely no attention to the music: the score is completely forgettable as are the 90’s songs.As for the themes, the MGTOW people are going to have a field day with “Captain Marvel’s” less than subtle “feminist agenda”. I’m putting that in quotations, because it’s more accurately described as simply female agenda. Which is absolutely fine and commendable; the problem is the infantile in-your-face way the filmmakers address the theme. The movie is set in the year 1995, and it really feels made for that year’s audience. “Captain Marvel” lacks a fresh perspective. And, by the way, any fans of “Buffy, The Vampire Slayer” will immediately recognise one pivotal scene lifted from a truly powerful scene in the series finale. In any case, Carol Danvers of the comics was always a decidedly feminist character, so this shouldn’t cause any waves. What’s lacking, is Carol’s wide array of problems: her character history in the comics is one of the craziest in the Marvel universe (which is saying something.). Movie’s much simpler.The biggest disappointment, however, is the resourceful Brie Larson. She’s just off. I don’t know what happened, but the brilliant actress from “Room” is nowhere to be seen. She was just the wrong choice, I guess. Still, I’m surprised by her lackluster-ness. The cast isn’t great, anyways, but at least Samuel L. Jackson and Ben Mendelsohn seem to be having fun.Unlike me, for the most part.

  • nancy-mckenzie
    nancy mckenzie

    I have scrolled through 4 pages of 1 star reviews but IMDB has this movie at 7 out of 10 stars. This movie is the single worst marvel movie ever made. Terrible plot, lifeless hero, and garbage dialogue. We get it Hollywood you want a film and actress like this to be successful but the simple fact that your politics don’t jive with people who just want entertainment otherwis show this film on CNN and not a theater.Save your time and money and wait till End Game.

  • julian-gwardiak
    julian gwardiak

    Bad acting, bad script, bad directing, just bad overall… seemed like I was watching some cliche movie made by a freshman in college with way too much money but not enough skills to pull it off.

  • jessica-baldwin
    jessica baldwin

    Captain Marvel is so lousy and a weapon the avengers can use to bore Thanos to submission.

  • mr-joshua-hoffman
    mr joshua hoffman

    Her performance was forced, uninspiring and flat! Not looking forward to the next movie with “her” in it….

  • kevin-moran
    kevin moran

    I REALLY, REALLY wanted to love this movie, but it just didn’t do it for me at all. I don’t want to run it for others, but WHAT THE HELL was in the studios/producer/writers/ and casting directors Kool Aid? First Ant Man and the Wasp and now you lay this poop on us? I watched it because I’m a Marvel Fan and didn’t want to miss any juicy details leading up to End Game, but no, just no. You’re better off streaming it online and saving your money. Maybe then Disney will get their act together.

  • justin-braun
    justin braun

    I am a Marvel fan. I go see all the movies, then buy the blu-rays. I have character statues, posters and have read the comics including Captain Marvel. There is a reason people become fans of certain things, and those things done well over time generate more fans until it becomes a “Juggernaut” like the MCU has. I fear that it’s not unstoppable however, as the sub-par Captain Marvel has painfully illustrated. The movie is a pastiche of poorly written scenes with a bit of uninspired action sprinkled here and there with barely any plot at all. Carol Danvers has no character development whatsoever, no adversity to overcome besides amnesia and no villain to fight. I know there are people saying they like this movie, but I feel like they either aren’t being honest or they like it for personal reasons that are not present in the movie. Objectively speaking, in terms of the technical aspects of storytelling, Captain Marvel just isn’t effective. Subjectively, I was bored the entire time and the nostalgia parts made me feel as though JJ Abrams was poking me in the ribs asking me if I ‘member the 90’s. Yes. Yes I do. And for the record, people are criticizing this movie because it was bad, not because they “haaaate the wooomans!” Dismissing legitimate criticisms using this tactic will not produce better films, which is the only thing most people want. The problem is that they built the movie around the idea of “strong woman” and promoted it as an identity film, so when the movie ends up being bad some people rush to defend it because they don’t want the IDEA to fail. The movie itself is secondary – just a vehicle to slap their bumper stickers on, which is a real shame because this could have been a great addition to the MCU. I hope they learn something from this, but from what I’ve heard it appears that Marvel actually plans to escalate the identity politics in the next phase which would be an absolute disaster for them. When pointing to the box office as a defense for how “good” Captain Marvel was, just remember that tons of paying customers didn’t like it at all.

  • nancy-gonzalez
    nancy gonzalez

    Boring storyline with so poor script writing. Feel asleep during this film.. Marvel, whatever you doing, please stop and take a bit more time into the thought process of what could of been a great movie.

  • zachary-wright
    zachary wright

    Over-hyped and very underwhelming and sadly ranks alongside “the Incredible Hulk” in the otherwise incredible MCU. Does not bode well for Avengers: Endgame and Phase 4 if this is the path Marvel is going down

  • jennifer-wilson
    jennifer wilson

    I’ve liked Brie Larson in other films, but she showed ZERO range in this. When your main character in a superhero movie is unwatchable, you already have a problem. In addition, Captain Marvel has no weaknesses, which kills the tension immediately. There is no point at which you feel she is in any danger of losing, or any danger at all for that matter.It’s an OK origin story, but it makes no sense as to WHY she’s supposedly so powerful.The cat was good.

  • bethany-walker
    bethany walker

    Captain marvel doesn’t have any impact in the Endgame movie. With or without her it won’t change a bit. So… And it’s not a good movie anyway.

  • jankat-yuksel
    jankat yuksel

    This film ruins MCU continuityfails to inspire a single goosebumpboresexasperatesis far too glibtries too hard to be a feminist PSA (*show*, don’t preach plz)has a horribly miscast lead hero who is also poorly writtenmade me groan when Nick Fury’s eye injury was revealedshows a ridiculously happy-go-lucky Nick Fury that doesn’t mesh with his MCU personality AT ALLis possibly the worst MCU film (Ant Man and the Wasp anyone?)doesn’t deserve a 7 on IMDB (especially if Wonder Woman, a far superior film, is only .4 ahead)can and should be criticized without political insinuations (i.e, I want female superhero films, just not crappy ones like this).has mediocre at best fight sceneshas a sidekick character that – given the circumstances – makes an insanely poor decision to “come along”has a weak character arc, the hero doesn’t struggle enough to discover her powers and then has totally OP powers and THEN doesn’t fully use them against a certain person (who won’t be named, Spoilers)deflated the possibility of having Skrulls as villains for upcoming filmsmade me revise my opinion of Brie Larson as a good actressis regrettably diminishing my interest in the next Avengers movieis regrettably making me wonder if this movie is what we’ll look back on and say “Marvel jumped the shark”

  • iago-shonia
    iago shonia

    CGI and over power doesn’t make a good film. It was like Marvel version of justice league. She could just fly through whatever she wants to destory. There wasn’t any display of fight IQ or heart, something you see in Captain America or Iron Man. Just a girl who won the “over power” lottery without any character depth.