In the eighteenth century, Casanova, known for his taste for fun and play, arrived in London after having to go into exile. In this city of which he knows nothing, he meets several times a young courtesan, the Charpillon, which attracts him to the point of forgetting the other women. Casanova is ready to do anything to achieve her ends, but La Charpillon always escapes under the most diverse pretexts. She challenges him, she wants him to love her as much as he wants.

Also Known As: Казанова, последна любов, Casanova, Last Love, O Último Amor de Casanova, Casanova - Az utolsó szerelem, Dernier Amour, L'ultimo amore di Casanova, Καζανόβα, Τελευταία Αγάπη, Dernier amour

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  • mrs-jennifer-ochoa
    mrs jennifer ochoa

    A vision let’s say very personal and original of Casanova: weakly charismatic, almost inexpressive, idle, depressed and even suicidal, … I guess the film evokes a namesake, because even Jean-Claude Dus within Les bronzés font du ski (1979) is definitely more seductive. Except this pathetic and inappropriate non-sense, the costumes and sets are top.