Casey is a young boy in a family that trains racehorses. His best friend, a foal they call “Casey’s Shadow”, looks to be a loser, but comes out a champion.

Also Known As: Desejo de Vencer, Cien Caseya, En busca de un sueño, Vinnerhesten, The Coon-Ass Colt, Moukan tuuri, Ultimo handicap, Det stora loppet, To teleftaio lepto tis agonias, Casey's Shadow, A derbi sztárja, A Horse of a Different Color, Unidos por um Ideal, Der Champion West, Caseys Schatten East, La sombra de un campeón

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  • haykaz-badalov
    haykaz badalov

    Well made children’s film about a young boy and the horse he hopes to make a champion. Matthau is here to guide us through the picture.

  • jason-clark
    jason clark

    Casey’s Shadow takes the movie viewer into the world of quarter horse racing. So named because the total distance one travels is a quarter of a mile. Two furlongs for those of us who follow thoroughbred racing. The horses are just bred for speed, no rating these animals. Just fly out of the starting gate faster than the rest.Walter Matthau stars as a trainer who is a widower named Lloyd Bourdelle with three sons, Steve Burns, Andrew Rubin, and Michael Hershawe. The oldest who is Burns buys a quarter horse mare in foal at a steal. The mare dies, but her colt has great potential and is named for the youngest son Casey’s Shadow.This is a racing family these kids are as involved as their father is in the world of the track, like they’d have any choice if they didn’t want the life. They also could badly use a woman’s touch around the place, possibly to smooth out the rough edges. A wife might very well have stopped Matthau from making some critical mistakes that affect all around him, not just the family. There’s a beautiful shot of the dirty dishes at the family trailer showing how badly these men have let themselves go to seed.Sporting a walrus mustache like you would have seen a century earlier, Matthau does fine in mastering a Louisiana French Cajun accent as the book the film is based on makes it clear what the family origins are and how proud of them. The kids love the old man, but also see how flawed a character he is and the mistakes he’s headed for. But Matthau wants to win Futurity at the famous Ruidoso Downs Quarter Horse track at any cost.Others in the cast that stand out are Alexis Smith as an owner of quarter horses and Robert Webber a very different and cruel owner of the breed.This is a nice boy and horse story especially with Hershawe and how he takes to the new colt. But it eschews a lot of the clichés with starring animal pictures and is refreshingly different.

  • kmboj-sinh
    kmboj sinh

    An interesting blip on Matthau’s resume is this family-oriented character study, which concerns a single father striving to make a mark in the horse racing industry. He plays a man with three sons who barely scrapes by as a boarder and trainer of racing steeds. When his eldest son Rubin makes a questionable purchase for a friend of theirs, he makes amends by raising and training the horse’s well-bred offspring in exchange for partial, temporary ownership of him. Rubin trains the horses, middle son Burns is a jockey who rides him and little tyke Hershewe loves and nurtures him (when he isn’t accidentally overworking him or putting him in some other danger!) As the promise of the title creature begins to shine through, both seedy, fat cat owner Hamilton and no-nonsense, top-notch breeder Smith make overtures with regards to buying him. However, Matthau, despite the hefty offers, is bent on having himself a winner just once in his life, no matter the cost. Matthau is slightly miscast as a Louisiana Cajun, but sinks into his role the best he can and uses his considerable talent to overcome most of its hurdles. Smith, a woman who dripped austere class in almost every role, adds a dash of taste and prestige to the proceedings. Webber, who plays Hamilton’s second-in-command, does a decent job while Hamilton is enjoyably slimy, as he often was in films. (Note, however, how Webber takes a beating, his face pummeled – literally – into the ground and yet the following day he is perfectly fine!) If the three sons seem a bit disjointed from one another, apart from not really being related of course, it could have to do with the fact that there are at least 10 years in age between each of them! Rubin was 32 at the time. He runs hot and cold, sometimes coming off effectively and other times appearing a bit high! He does wear some interestingly faded jeans, though. Burns has less to do, but is fine. Hershewe manages to stay pretty appealing despite the sometimes annoying and idiotic things his character is compelled to do. Bissell (in his last feature film) does a nice job as a veterinarian. One of the first in a wave of boy & horse flicks to hit theaters in the late 70’s (“The Champ” and “The Black Stallion” were around the corner), this is compelling, but also a little confounding. Despite being aimed at children, it contains a hefty helping of foul language (Matthau’s nickname is “Coonass!”) and a very graphic scene of horse birth along with plenty of boozing and squabbling. While it’s refreshing in this day of homogenized, generic, CGI-infested, brand name mongering JUNK to look back and see what children were expected to watch, it may still not be a film that all parents will find suitable (or that children will find particularly interesting!) A wealth of location shooting and use of authentic extras help lend a feeling of verisimilitude to the movie. The music ranges from effective to fairly agonizing (the title song, among others, providing “flavorful” noise.) Fans of Matthau or of horse racing will likely find this more tolerable than others.

  • dawn-morris
    dawn morris

    This is a great family film dealing with down to earth people who enjoy their local interests dealing mainly with horse racing. Lloyd Bourdelle, (Walter Matthau) is a farmer who also raises quarter horses and has a young son named Casey Bourdelle, who loves horses. Lloyd is able to raise a full grown horse who he calls “Casey’s Shadow” after his son and this horse breaks all speed records and is a possible winner of a million dollar race. Sarah Blue, ( Alexis Smith) becomes interested in this horse and offers to buy the horse for $500,00 dollars, however, this horse receives serious injuries to his legs and Lloyd receives a serious set-back which upsets the entire family. Walter Matthau gave an outstanding performance and this is a great film to view and enjoy.

  • anna-eriksson
    anna eriksson

    A wonderful family movie & a beautiful horse movie. 75+ %entertainment. Casey, Buddy, Kelly Marsh are very interesting and lovable characters. The horses are real beauties.Has the horse racing as a backdrop for showing how luck is sometimes nothing but some good commonsense. Shows how kids can do stupid things for stupid reasons. Shows how adults can do stupid things for selfish reasons. The very realistically portrayed characters transform the unrealistic theme of the film into something everyone can relate to.Andrew Rubin puts in a wonderful performance as Buddy,the sensible elder brother. Somewhat reminded me of Aidan Quinn(eyes, speech delivery, facial appearance). Casey makes you fall in love with the character because of the earnestness. Sarah Blue is also nicely portrayed by Alexis Smith. Lloyd Bourdelle, the father, is played by Walter Matthau and he IS the character.Though there is room for improvement in the movie, its a very enjoyable, feel-good movie.

  • dott-bettino-martinelli
    dott bettino martinelli

    A good movie for horse enthusiasts and most others. It’s a horse racing movie, and it’s a “little man gets his chance” movie, and it’s a “how far would you go?” movie. Walter Mattau once again proves his adaptability as an actor. He fits right in as Lloyd Bourdelle, a Louisiana Cajun horse bum. This movie gives you a rare screen glimpse of Lousiana Cajun horse drag racing. He has a young quarter horse who is a top racing prospect. “had nothing but a filling station and a good horse.” The Bourdelles seize the opportunity to make it big by taking the horse, Shadow, to Ruidoso, New Mexico, to get ready to run in the All-American Futurity. But how far will Lloyd go to win the fame and fortune? Also memorable from this movie are scenes of Lloyd spitting tobacco juice and waiting for his truck to start.

  • thomas-johansen
    thomas johansen

    Walter Matthau can always improve a mediocre film, and this movie proves it. He turns in a very realistic performance as a small-time horse trainer and single father, not sugar-coating either role.He can be, by turns, soft-hearted and doting, then iron-handed to his boys, and we can see the same dichotomy in his approach to horse training (we see that he doesn’t want his young prospect racing horse overworked and hurt in small-time races, but he seems to be willing to risk the horse’s life when he gets into the big time).This is just one of Matthau’s wonderful performances, and one that I highly recommend.

  • monika-abroyan
    monika abroyan

    One of my favorite movies. I like horses, I like happy endings, and I like Walter Matthau. I miss him and am glad to have a great film like this to remind me why he was so wonderful. Watch it with your kids (or your horse).The story of an old hard boot horse trainer with kids, and down on his luck. If you have ever had or appreciated horse racing you will appreciate the rags to riches storyline. It may be a little below “Seabiscuit”, but not a lot. The story is the same one, except it is the quarter horse version. Well acted, correct racing terms and equipment, and nice racing scenes. Don’t take my word for it, get it and make up your own mind.