Law and Chan are gamblers and friends. Forced into a battle with the Yakuza, How far will friendship go? A high stakes card game will settle it all.::David Grant

Also Known As: Zhi zun wu shang, Casino Raiders, Ji juen mo seung Hong

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  • mr-clive-smith
    mr clive smith

    This movie has a nice plot, about brotherhood and friendship between 2 “tricksters”. The best part was the revenging and final showdown on the gambling table. During this final short scene, most of the viewers will be offered an insight into the mind of a trickster and will have a feeling of “enlightenment”. POSSIBLE SPOILERS***** Viewers who pay careful attention to find out who those machine guns guys will know that they are Italians. And thus they should be the Mafia. Viewers are in for another “enlightenment” even after the gambling showdown, the “Asia’s first gambling king” not only win the game wonderfully, but having a setup such that his enemies(the Yakuza head and his godson) killed each other.

  • kelsey-morton
    kelsey morton

    I have recently review this film again. And it is still the best “gambling” film after all these years. Although Wong Jing was infamous with his not-too-good movies and dirty jokes. This one is a totally show off that proves he is one of the most talent writer/director in 80s Hong Kong.Casino Raiders was released prior to “God of Gamblers” (also written and directed by Wong Jing), where the later has a better treater income. Personally speaking, the success of GOG is somehow related to the lead actor Chow Yun Fat, who was the hottest star at that time, and the story was filled with funny moments and local jokes which results a more releasing viewing experience, and more suitable to HK audience in 80s. In comparison, Casino Raiders features a more serious atmosphere, almost no local jokes at all, plus a better structured screenplay and twists. It is more suitable to call it a “gambling drama” (GOG is a cult movie instead).Wong Jing is well known to HK audience that he likes all kind of gambling games: horse racing, casino games, cards, dice etc. I believe that is the reason why he could come up a script with so many gambling twists (and tricks).Anyway, Casino Raiders is my most beloved movie of its kind. And it is recommended to anyone who is looking for a dramatic ride. One of the best (probably the only) from Wong Jing.

  • ramune-kalvaitis
    ramune kalvaitis

    Even in HongKong, the city of copycats, Jing Wong is infamous for his shameless way of movie making. While other HK directors are imitating Hollywood movies, he copied other HK directors’ movies. ‘Casino Raiders’ is one of them. If you watch it carefully, you will find that this is so similar to John Woo’s ‘A Better Tomorrow’. (Like Chow Yun Fat in ‘ABT’, Andy Lau got lost his everythig for his best buddy!)Fortunately, this one is a good movie. The running time is a little bit too long. But the title song and performance is good and the twist in the last scene is splendid!. If you really want to Jing Wong’s movie (or gambling movie), ‘Casino Radiers’ and ‘God of Gamblers’ is a safe bet. ¡Ú¡Ú¡Ú/¡Ú¡Ú¡Ú¡Ú¡Ú

  • urmas-liblik
    urmas liblik

    Wong Jing’s original and forerunner to the successful “HK Casino” film franchise is an excellent example of how skilfully the genre can be presented.Crab (Andy Lau) is a smooth professional gambler, although “con man” might be more accurate to describe some of his sleazy and deceptive means by which he tricks his rich victims out of huge amounts of money. Although it must be said, he never steals from the innocent, but only slimy business tyrants. His friend and gambling partner, Law (Alan Tam) is arguably the more careless of the two. They are called in to assist a Casino owning friend of theirs who has lost a lot of money to some cheating Japanese Yakuza, and so their investigation into the suspected men ensues. Needless to say, this attracts unwanted attention and eventually leads them into trouble with the Yakuza. When Law’s girlfriend, Tong (Idy Chan) is kidnapped by the Yakuza in exchange for Crab, a punishment for stealing back some money in a gamble, Crab goes straight after the kidnappers…Without giving the whole film away, little else can really be said, but the film does contain a great deal of plot twists and interesting developments.Alan Tam is probably the best lead here, and gives an emotionally deep and interesting performance. Andy Lau is not nearly as great as he was in “Casino Raiders II”, the unrelated sequel, but still gives a solid depiction of the morally uncertain ‘Crab’ Chan.In all, very rich noir-visuals and stylishly subdued direction from Wong Jing and Jimmy Heung make this a strong high-point of the HK Casino-Noir genre.

  • georgia-mccallum
    georgia mccallum

    Sam (Alan Tam) and Crab (Andy Lau) are good buddies. They both gamble, but Crab can con people who he feels is “fair game”. They get called to improve security at a casino located in Lake Tahoe. They get the Yakuzas who were cheating the casino, but Yakuzas tries to get even by kidnapping Crab’s girlfriend Tong (Idy Chan). Crab goes to the Yakuzas to get Tong back. Yakuzas gives Crab the choice if he wins the bet he can take Tong, but if he loses, then he’ll be poisoned by means of poisoned brandy. Crab cons them into thinking he won the bet and takes Tong home but he dies in the process from poisoning. Sam is also attacked by the Yakuzas, but he’s more enraged over the loss of his friend and swears revenge a la gambler style.The story is cool but what’s great is the friendship between Sam and Crab. Sam would go all the way to avenge his friend’s death. This is one of the best movie of this genre and still a good movie to watch after 17 years since its making.

  • nancy-coronado-castillo
    nancy coronado castillo

    Casino Raiders is overshadowed by the similar HK franchise “God of Gamblers”, although the story here really holds its own with strong performances by Andy Lau & Alan Tam along with solid writing by Jing Wong. Two of the best gamblers out of Hong Kong (Lau & Tam) are hired to work as analysts for a struggling US casino which is losing massive amounts of money to a Japanese group of poker sharks. Our duo of protagonists uncover the secret to the success of the Japanese sharks, and shatter their racket to earn any further winnings in the US. Bitter from their exposure, the Japanese sharks (which also happen to be Yakuza) vow to take revenge on Lau & Tam in which a series of incidents all boil down to one huge defining game of high-stakes Poker. The ride to the finish takes a few detours, however with some patience and character attachment to our duo, the time passes by fairly quickly and ends on a satisfying conclusion. I do believe the film could have been edited cleaner though, as there are a few scenes which just feel like filler and really weigh the rest of the movie down. Besides this one fault, Casino Raiders is an original story with no culturally specific elements like in God of Gamblers, to which Western audiences may enjoy better even with the absence of Chow Yun Fat. The tension is genuine because the stakes are set very high without being cheesy or predictable. If your looking for an out of the ordinary gambling-revenge tale, Casino Raiders is an excellent choice. -7/10

  • dr-luisa-peres
    dr luisa peres

    With a movie starring 2 top HK movie stars: Alan Tam and Andy Lau, you know that you are in a real treat.The movie is simple, 2 best friends, both are gamblers. One decides to leave and join the good side, but old enemies won’t let go of the past. Eventually, he has to face his enemy once again, in a final showdown at the casino table.Good performance from both leading actors, who share pretty much equal screen time. The female leads also complement the movie very nicely, though their characters lack the depth.Though movie tries to be logical, but there are logical holes, such as Lon’s boss willing to make such a big bet on Lon’s recommendation alone – that is pretty unbelievable. But one must suppress logic in watching a movie like this.A 6/10 on my book

  • karlina-rudzitis
    karlina rudzitis

    Casino Raiders (1989) is another gambling action/drama from the writer-director dynamo Wong Jing. Andy Lau and Alan Tam co-star as two buddies who work for a casino keeping an eye out for cheats and other shady characters. After exposing a group that’s been ripping off their place of business, the boss sends them to the United States to help out it’s sister casino in Lake Tahoe. It’s their that Andy Lau finds romance but uncovers a dangerous plot that’ll affect his and Alam Tam’s lives forever.Another film from the gambling genre that Wong Jing help popularize after the unlikely success of God of Gamblers. This big budgeted epic takes place in three countries and features the notorious Heung brothers (Charles as a casino owner and Jimmy behind the camera as a co-writer,producer and co-director). Andy Lau and Aln Tam act their butts off whilst Wong Jing makes another enjoyable picture. This film does what it sets out to do. Entertains, and it sure does, If you liked God of Gamblers then you’ll enjoy this gritty and violent opus.Followed by an unlikely sequel.Recommended.

  • lowiza-vardapetyan
    lowiza vardapetyan

    I think ‘Wong Jing’ is the Roger Coman of the Hong Kong. I think he must be rich. because he made a many garbage and trash movie for make money. sometimes watching his movie than I feel Angry. But this movie is great. He made Many gambling films. But there are only 3films are great. or Maybe that 3films is the only good films of his movie.once since this movie was released. after many gambling movie was made. but this movie is the best.