This is the story of six Punjabis from India, Pakistan and their struggle to get settled.::sialvi

Also Known As: Chal Mera Putt

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    This movie has everything, from a good plot to a cute love story. Not to mention super entertaining cast. You will literally role on the f floor with laughter. Must watch!!!!

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  • andreeva-alevtina-olegovna
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    Loved this movie, has to be the funniest panjabi movie I’ve seen, loved it, watched it twice in cinemas and would still watch it again. You have to watch it, full on family movie one to enjoy with the family definitely.

  • kaarina-moisio
    kaarina moisio

    Very good story and funny movies ever Iftikhar Thakur and everyone was perfect

  • khokhlova-vera-rubenovna
    khokhlova vera rubenovna

    When come to punjabi movies the only guy who is doing things differently and with success is Amrinder Gill. Ordinary Singer and actor but his sense of cinema and art of choosing good work is what we see in his movies. This movie is another good piece. Few problems with direction and writing other wise movie is great.

  • frederico-mendes
    frederico mendes

    I watched this movie cause of Iftikhar Thakur and Arminder Gill, i found this movie really funny a great entertainer. Iftikhar Thakur’s funny timings were perfect especially the golden Thakur. My only problem was the whole cinema hall was completely full everybody was laughing pretty loud so I missed few parts from the movie. As I like to watch a movie in full and listen to every single word in detail…i will try and watch the movie again when it’s not as busy. Over all movie was good, entertaining and very funny. My only oh no moment was the girl opposite Arminder Gill, she didn’t show enough emotions on her face expressions, as i said some people might not had noticed. Well it’s a movie you can watch again and again.

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  • jill-jones
    jill jones

    Good movie, great actors and alot of fun, hope to see indian and pakistani actors working together in future too….

  • mr-stephen-smith
    mr stephen smith

    Very good, nice movie. Full with fun. Really enjoyed

  • dr-george-koch
    dr george koch

    Very much funny, Impressive massage. Simmy Chahal #Love And Amrinder Ji Gill #Respect Other cast performed too good. I was surprised that i didnt noticed that time has passed n we have reached to interval.#ChalMeraPutt

  • ion-stoica
    ion stoica

    A very good movie and very good initiative. Combining both Punjabs and thus started a new chapter altogether. The first half is very funny. In comedic sense the movie is perfect as expected because punjabi cinema’s trend is like this; its comedic in nature. Though it felt like a lot of threads were started in the story of this film but all of them didn’t meet the end. A great and needed message is included in the script. Overall, a must watch movie! Chal mera putt!

  • antonio-urena-montemayor
    antonio urena montemayor

    Watched it by chance and I had a good laugh. A must watch film for Punjabis.

  • emma-trine-tangen
    emma trine tangen

    Brilliant comedy, brings together some of the best talent from two countries, showing the tough situations faced by illegal immigrants in england. Recommended!!

  • hubert-konstanty
    hubert konstanty

    I haven’t seen anything like this in my life. Not a single second without entertainment. It’s all about Punjab and foreign life with absolute fun. If you are a Punjabi, than you don’t dare miss this movie. Go watch in cinemas.

  • scott-wheeler
    scott wheeler

    First of all, thanks to the director and producer who put both country stars mixed in one film. Every one has done great job and entertained us with their acting and comedy. I laughed a lot and cinema is cheering and clapping for the dialogues & messages. 👌👌👌 😍 Must watch movie for family and friends….

  • damon-miller
    damon miller

    Very good movie with Indian and Pakistani actors. Great effort

    • aqib-saeed
      Aqib Saeed


  • brita-norman
    brita norman

    It was a treat to watch so many talented stars Workng in a movie with strong storyline. A must watch.

  • kalvenas-neringa
    kalvenas neringa

    I am a very hard person to please when it comes to movies, and I must admit when I read about the plot for Chal Mera Putt I was expecting amazing. Was I wrong!!! A film has not made me laugh so much in a long time. It is a lighthearted film with great comedy and some good underlying messages. The film had some firsts, Janjot Singhs first film as a Director, A first collaboration with Pakistani actors in a Punjabi film and the debut of Rup Khatkar who many will know as Roop Kaur from her Poetry Recitals on Facebook and YouTube. All were a success. The acting from Arminder Gill, Gurshabad, Hardeep Gill, Nasir Chinyoti, Iftikhar Thakur and Akram Udas was superb and did let us down. However, I found Simi Chahal’s acting is now becoming tiresome with the same monotonous and underwhelming style as her other films. However, her lack of versatility and passion was definitely made up by Rup Khatkar, who in many scenes over shadowed Simi. Rup shed her serious traditional poetry recital style, by being very comedic in this film, and hence showing a real breadth of talent and diversity: I wonder if she will be the next Neeru Bajwa of Punjabi Cinema, one to watch out for. All in all, another great production by Rhythm Boyz. I am sure we will see many more films that follow suit, with the collaboration with Pakistani actors, and again hats off Rup Khatkar hope to see a lot more of you.

  • dr-yda-jessen
    dr yda jessen

    I watched ‘Arjun Patiala’ and ‘Chal Mera Putt’ in the last 2 days respectively. I’m surprised at the movies as I expected the former to be much better than latter, but this was not the case. Chal Mera Putt is very well executed, remarkable Punjabi movie which is very good in terms of story, dialogues, content and direction. While Amrinder Gill and his team were always good at acting, it was the Pakistani star case that truly amazed me with their commendable performances.

  • matea-harapin
    matea harapin

    The best punjabi movie I’ve ever seen.. already watched it twice in cinemas and planning to go again next weekend. waiting chal mera putt 2..