When Regina Lampert’s husband, Charles is found alongside a train, murdered, in no time she’s left broke, homeless, and with the French police, the American government, and 3 rather insistent men all thinking she knows where the money they say Charles stole,is. Gorgeous Audrey Hepburn and debonair Cary Grant sparkle in the film, which has been called ‘the best Hitchcock film he never made’.It’s fun, suspensful, and stylish. Fall in love with Paris and a wonderful cast in this deservedly well-loved Stanley Donen film.

Also Known As: Scharade, Nem az vagyok, aki vagyok, Ραντεβού στο Παρίσι, Scharade West, Öldüren süphe, Petturid, Sciarada, Charade - ett farligt spel, Rantevou sto Parisi, Шарада Soviet, Charada, Charade - farligt spel, Charade West, Šarada, Şarada, Szarada, Charade, Charade - vaarallinen peli, Hvem svindler hvem?, Шарада, Amerikai fogócska, Charade - tre mand frem for en enke, The Unsuspecting Wife

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