The setup was within 1990’s till present where Anni, a divorcee used his past experience in overcoming challenges of being a loser in college where he met His Wife, Maya and his Losers friends, Saxa, Mummy, Acid, Derek and Bevda. His shares past experience to his son, Raghav who struggles with being failed at getting an offer to college despite being an excellent student.

Also Known As: Chhichhore

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  • anonymous

    Much much better than student of year…… They show reality of college not like Karan johar who create a bubble of non realistic college life

  • robert-moore
    robert moore

    By the seeing the rating of this movie as 8.9. My hopes were very high. This movie does have few good punches but overall It was bore. This is just one time watchable. Nowhere it deserves rating more than 6.BTW there is nothing to add spoilers. Same old college story.

  • ms-christine-watson
    ms christine watson

    CHHICHHORE REVIEW :-Who doesn’t want to relive college and hostel life memories after settled life? Who doesn’t want his kids to know thier funny and crazy stories? Everything which seems unusual to sophisticated society actually gives you immense happiness and that’s what Chhichhore does right from the start till the End. It is a film that will entertain you, make you laugh, recall your old memories and at last gives you one small but a long lasting message.Chhichhore is a story of an united college group and of a separated group of same people after some years of College life. Aniruddh (Sushant Singh Rajput) and Maya (Shraddha Kapoor) reunite thier college group when his son is admitted in Hospital who needs to know thier college life to motivate him self. As decided, Sexa (Varun Sharma), Derek (Tahir Raj Bhasin), Acid (Navin Polishetty), Mummy (Tushar Pandey) and Bevada (Saharsh Kumar) reunite and the Losers start telling the mad journey of thier hostel life. Their story takes you on a ride of non-stop entertainment where you meet some other characters too, where Raggie (Prateik Babbar) is one of the main character. Acting wise all the Characters are funny, emotional and realistic and everyone out there has done thier part with the sense. But college life characters are more impactful because variations there were more comparable to mid-life characters. In this roller coaster ride there are hardly any loo breaks and that’s the biggest strength of Chhichhore. The screenplay is flawlessly written for the simple story but the fashion of storytelling is amazingly crafted. Music being one of the loo breaks, that might give you the Chance to leave your seats for a while but that’s all, you don’t get any other chance to take a nap. Dialogues are Hilarious, vulgar but have humour and local feel in it. Director Nitesh Tiwari does an excellent job with the script and the actors he had in hands. Handling such a sensitive subject with realistic manners, humorous comedy and balancing 2 generations and 2 situations at the same time keeping the quality intact, all these are done by 1 Man so accurately. Mr. Nitesh Tiwari you’re officially a Big Thing In Bollywood now. The goodwill earned by Dangal will be carry forwarded by Chhichhore untill you come up with your next venture.Apart from entertainment, Chhihhore also focuses on an important issue like does we really have an option after failure. We all have plans set after victory but we never prepare for defeat and that might force you to take a big and horrible decision in your life. Whether it is Study, Sports or any competition in life you must have something planned for the defeat too. In a nutshell, Chhichhore is Hilarious Entertainment having emotions and heart at right place. If you wanna relive your college life and compare it with your later one then Chhichhore is a Must Watch for all 3 generations in your Family.RATING- 7/10*

  • ing-judith-montes
    ing judith montes

    The story has a good message. One that would remind many of what’s really important.The movie itself was a mixed bag of some good, funny scenes and other not so great cheesy, cringeworthy moments. Unfortunately, the latter was the prominent aftertaste while walking out of the cinema hall.It’s like they took the most cringe parts of 3 Idiots and SOTY and squashed it in one movie, hoping people would love it. It somewhat achieves that due to the college nostalgia most people would relate to.I felt the second tier actors/characters were better than the main actors. They brought a spark to an otherwise predictable, cliched storyline. The make-up for all the old (current timeline) characters was very similar and quite comical when seen together (mainly the same receding hairline). The music/score was quite average and failed to really have an emotional impact.I feel the movie is somewhat being overrated by some watchers. It’s the nostalgia and relatable youthful moments that makes it appeal to them, rather than the quality of the movie. Neither great, nor the worst I’ve seen. Overall, I’d say it’s a decent time-pass watch at best. Nothing more, unfortunately.

  • eila-jaaskelainen-hartikainen
    eila jaaskelainen hartikainen

    Great direction, great script n a great movie. This isn’t something u watch, entertain yourself and move on. Right after the end of the movie, I called to my father… I told him that i was watching a film and narrated the whole story in brief… it felt nice. U know, this was the first time i talked to my father like that, i tried to cheer him up, i tried to convince him that he has always been a great father… n hope i will be his great warrior son too…

  • holly-hall
    holly hall

    Awesome story line and direction with a simple and nice message for audience

  • toth-a-ildiko
    toth a ildiko

    IIT Bombay is Alma mater of director Nitesh Tiwari. I don’t think anyone else could have done the justice with this film. He has blended his experience in IIT with the typical problem of dealing with failure and ensured that the audience leave theatre with euphoric feeling at the end. He has captured the essence of college life and mixed with a impactful message for young guns. Something a very few directors are capable of pulling this off. This film brings back the memories of IIT. Though it was KGP for me. It’s a must watch film.

  • isabella-costa
    isabella costa

    Chhichhore – Indian films have now come of age, they can give a message subtly without being preachy. Chhichhore begins with young Raghav suffering from a massive anxiety about whether he will crack the all India engineering entrance exam as he has invested 18 hours a day for the past many months preparing for it and wants to match the caliber of his parents.A failure to launch throws him into despair and the occasion brings together six middle aged people into a reunion with the objective of alleviating Raghav from his pain and encouraging him to bring hope back into his fragile life. LOSERS, as these six were known as in their student life, recount their carefree journey initially and the final effort to shrug off the underdog tag, drawing a significant parallel to Raghav’s situation.Director Nitesh Tiwari handles the subject with sensitivity and balances the Losers journey through the undergraduate years well. There was ample temptation available to propel this segment of the film into being an over the top and loud essay, but Tiwari never gives in, thus rising above the ordinary. Sushant Singh Rajput delivers an underrated performance and Tahir Raj Bhasin adds gravitas. Naveen Polishetty, Tushar Pandey and Saharsh Kumar Shukla add to the little masala with their individual contribution, but the star of the Losers union must be Varun Sharma. He is absolutely a laugh riot with his expressions, one liners and an incredible energy, cracking up the theatre on numerous occasions. The weakest link is yet again Shraddha Kapoor, who needs to experiment with diversity of histrionic capabilities and expressions.Don’t miss Chhichhore, it’s a fantastic mood lifter and easy on the mind, often drawing you into the proceedings.

  • victor-valdez
    victor valdez

    It’s my first review after becoming a member for 5 years in this site anyway. Despite the weakness of the film, I love this Nitesh Tiwari directional. it’s full of hilarious moments made us (audience) laught out loud. We will be invited to reminisce into college days like 3 Idiots with different atmosphere and themes, but with almost the same impact. I know, the transition of flashback scene was not seamless. Sometimes, it seemed out of control. But believe me, it’ll be still on the right track till the end. The performances of lead cast was also just okay, not that great. It was the supporting cast who looked stunning in this film. But overall, the chemistry between casts was excellent. Go for this one! You will regret if you missed watching this film at nearby cinema! Unfortunately, this one is limited in my country, Indonesia.

  • tasvir-soylu
    tasvir soylu

    Very nice Movie I enjoyed Entrainment Comedy everything good

  • dominika-urbanova
    dominika urbanova

    Movie was perfectly balanced with emotion,fun and entertainment while watching this film you will feel like that what else you want its an perfect movie and somewhere it was,film never losses its charm till the end,this movie is not about heroes or main lead or villains every single character was important and every single character was adding different flavor to this movie great story amazing screenplay and most important thing impact full direction by Nitesh Tiwary after successful film like Dangal he again came up with great entertainer with strong message which gonna stay with you for long.4.5 star out of 5

  • dorothy-wong
    dorothy wong

    Everyone should watch this movie….this a masterpiece like 3 idiots

  • jon-phelps
    jon phelps

    Really loved the story and acting was superb it did remind me alot of 3 idiots also great background score.

  • roger-ramos
    roger ramos

    One of the best movies after 3 idiots . Acting 1 no Story 1 no

  • sasa-novak
    sasa novak

    The movie has a very good plot. Direction is great. Dialogues are great too. All the main actors have done really well. Varun, Naveen, Tushar, Tahir along with Sushant and Sushant have really filled the movie with lots of humour. There were tense moments involving human actions and emotions. I loved the way parallelism has worked in the movie. What I didn’t like about the movie were some impractical elements and poor acting by some characters. Nonetheless the movie is a great and must watch. If you have lived in a hostel or you have spent a lot of great times with your friends, you can find moments to relate yourself. The movie also teaches us about our expectations from life and from those who are around us, especially the kids. It keeps us entertained and engaged throughout the runtime. Definitely one of the best movies of the decade. Go watch it..

  • garsewan-babowjyan
    garsewan babowjyan

    Very interesting movie I laughed too much Comedy and emotional too good

  • jakov-kalazic
    jakov kalazic

    #FinalVerdictA film of impeccable pedigree, a breezy entertainer with its heart in the right place! Director Nitesh Tiwari is truly working at the height of his creative powers. Sterling!You expect the moon from this Fox Star Studios and Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment’s production as far as the entertainment goes because it’s Nitesh Tiwari’s next release after Dangal. Let me make it clear right away. There are films & there are more films and then there’s Chhichhore. It can be rightly termed as a slice of life film. Nitesh Tiwari understands the intricacies of human behaviour & strives to deftly integrate authentic characters & bona fide situations on celluloid. Technically too, the product is first-rate.The initial reels are full of light moments & keep the viewer in splits with witty one-liners. More than the story, it is the screenplay (Nitesh Tiwari, Piyush Gupta & Nikhil Mehrotra) that should be talked about. You will be high on nostalgia for sure!πŸ‘πŸ‘One more thing! You cannot draw parallels with any other film, past or present, successful or unsuccessful. If masala means entertainment, amusement, hilarity, escapade, emotions and drama, yes, Chhichhore has it all. Only thing, it’s treated differently!Every person behind the camera gives his/her best to the film. Amalendu Chaudhary’s exquisite cinematography is another aspect that catches your attention. The feel of the film has been cut, compiled & presented with dexterity by editor Charu Shree Roy. Nimble-fingered!Pritam’s music perfectly grows on you after you’ve watched the film. Sameer Uddin’s background score uplifts the overall mood. Amitabh Bhattacharya’s lyrics leave an impression. And the best is reserved for the last – Mukesh Chhabra’s casting is spot on!Chhichhore boasts of an exuberant on-screen ensemble cast. As a matter of fact, it’s an unusual mix of actors & they unequivocally shine collectively. Together, as a group of friends, they have an easy camaraderie that’s easily relatable. Sushant Singh Rajput is blessed with wonderful screen presence & gets the timing of his character right. Watch out for him in the scene where he goes tongue-tied in front of Maya. Shraddha Kapoor emotes with utmost conviction, proving her mettle as an actress of substance. Varun Sharma is superb in his comic timing. His appearance, mannerisms & dialogue delivery are exemplary. Tahir Raj Bhasin portrays the role with plentiful charm & magnetism. Naveen Polishetty is quite a scene-stealer on more occasions than one. Excellent!Prateik Babbar’s registers a strong impact despite the small role. Tushar Pandey plays to the gallery & delivers a sparkling performance. Saharsh Kumar is in terrific form & portrays his role with precision. Chhichhore belongs to everyone. Copybook!On the whole, Chhichhore is brimming with solid content with a relevant message. Watch it for the spirit it is made in. Sometimes, we laugh at movies. At times, we laugh in movies. Chhichhore belongs to the latter type. Get ready to relive your college life!

  • pani-sofiia-iatseniuk
    pani sofiia iatseniuk

    Go for it guys. It’s a complete package. Good star cast , great direction , good story-line …an awesome movie to watch

  • rebecca-miranda
    rebecca miranda

    Story: A movie with a critical message that either you win or lose, life can’t be replaced by anything. This message has been conveyed in an engaging and enjoyable manner.Screenplay: This movie gives the nostalgic feel about college life. Screenplay does engage well in its first half. But got little slow in its second half, it’s because the message should be effectively conveyed. However the message is effectively conveyed.Music: Background score by Pritam was good. But, out of 3 songs, 2 songs are good. Background music helped a lot to make us involved with the movie.Acting: It’s definitely the best movie in the career of Sushant Singh Rajput and the best movie of Shraddha Kapoor after Aashiqui 2 and ek villain. Their acting is absolutely awesome and make us connect with the movie emotionally. Varun Sharma as usual made us laugh with his one liners. Prateik Babbar though underutilized, done his part well. Other casts have also performed well.Dialogues: The best part of the movie, which makes us emotional was its dialogues. Though old, the dialogues are awesome.Overall, a nostalgic film that can’t be any better.*My Rating: 4.5/5*

  • gangsanghyeon

    Comedy, inspiring movie of the year , all actors acting was good , Shushant Singh Rajput & Shraddha Kapoor done very excellent job πŸ‘Œ.

  • lia-reis
    lia reis

    A very good movie from bollywood after a very long time. Enjoyed it with my friends. It’s kinda must see.

  • goderzi-xurc-ilava
    goderzi xurc ilava

    Great comedy with strong emotional story. Even better than the director’s last film!

  • ana-pilar-batista
    ana pilar batista

    This is not a film where the friends characters are just in the backgeound laughing for hero’s jokes and just shedding few tears in emotional scenes, they play a very important role and carey the film on their shoulders! The performances are just mind blowing, after so long Shraddha kapoor has got a chance to show what she is. Sushanth is wonderful in his role, and the film also touches few social topics and leaves you with a message. The dialogues and college episodes are just mindblowing and it brings you laughs. You laugh so much that you no more care about the world. The director runs the screenplay of the past and the present simultaneously which is really fresh on the film. The sports episodes are also picturised in a clean way instead of adding a cinematic feel into it. Bottomline- you can watch it a million times and will never be bored.

  • ingrid-mikkelsen
    ingrid mikkelsen

    Please go and watch, this type of movie is made after so long

  • nika-gogich-ashvili
    nika gogich ashvili

    One of the best movie in recent years. Varun Sharma, What an actor!! Superb story line. Nitesh tiwari doesn’t disappoint at all.

  • eric-anderson
    eric anderson

    Perfect mix of storytelling which empathize with us+ humour+ emotion. A masterpiece by director of Dangal. Must watch with the family. Something that our youth and parents need to understand that failure is not the ending of the world and stop pressuring their kids and supporting them to atleast give their best and need not to worry about failure. Life has crores of things in which one can be good at. So give your best embrace the results and move on. Life has so much for you ahead. Without a second thought go with your complete family to watch it.