Avoided by everyone for being half Native-American, the reclusive horse breeder, Chino Valdez, takes great pride in training his beautiful free-roaming mustangs. Then, unexpectedly, the young teenage runaway, Jamie Wagner, turns up at his door in search of food, shelter, and work, and just like that, an almost father/son relationship commences. However, the death of a young filly will be the harbinger of trouble, as the ruthless local cattle baron, Maral, is bent on eradicating the menace of the unpredictable man. Can Chino keep his horses, his land, and the woman he loves?

Also Known As: Chino, Chino - den ukuelige, さらばバルデス, Chino - puoliverinen, Caballos salvajes, Chino - Halvblodet, Valdez, Wilde Pferde, The Wild Horses, Wild Horses, Kino, Wilde Pferde West, O Mestiço Indomável, Harte Männer - wilde Pferde, The Valdez Horses, El mestizo, Chino - Puoliverinen, Valdez Horses, Valdezovi konji, Konie Valdeza, Кони Вальдеса Soviet, Valdez lovai, Βαλντέζ, Βαλντέζ, ο σκληρός καβαλλάρης, Valdez, o Mestiço, Los caballos de Valdez, Vahşi melez, The Free Spirit, Os Cavalos de Valdez, Yuan yeh tie han Hong, Valdez hästar, Valdez - puoliverinen, Yuen ye tit hon Hong, Valdez il mezzosangue, Конете на Валдез, Valdez the Halfbreed

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