An FBI agent goes undercover in the California Highway Patrol as officer Frank “Ponch” Poncherello. Members of the CHP have been robbing cash delivery vehicles and his job is to uncover the perpetrators. At the CHP he is partnered with a 30-something rookie, Jon Baker. Baker is a former professional motorcycle rider with a list of ailments and personal problems who is lucky to be in the CHP. They are very different people and immediately clash.

Also Known As: Bukós szakasz, CHiPs: Motopatrol, CHIPS: Patrulla Motorizada Recargada, CHIPS: Patrulla motorizada, CHiPs, loca patrulla motorizada, Otoyol Devriyesi, Калiфорнiйський дорожнiй патруль, Chips: Patrulla Motorizada recargada, Targil le'shotrim matkhilim, Patruliai, Paskalakit pyörillä, ChiPs - Crazy Patrol, Калифорнийский дорожный патруль, CHIPS, CHiPs: Магистрални ченгета, CHIPS,ordine pubblico, Patrulha de Doidos, CHIPs, CHiPs: O Filme, CHIPs: Politisti de belea

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