Featuring Master Saekson Janjira. This DVDs shows special training drills that you can use to develop balance endurance and so much more its unbelievable. After watching this, DVD,Fighting Spirit Magazine says, ‘this is one of the absolute best DVDs they have ever reviewed’. You will learn how to combine different training aids like a bench press and kicking pads to develop power balance and speed all at once. He shows fighting with four other fighters at once and how this, along with grappling throwing techniques particular to Muay Thai, will make you into a total fighter that can go the distance and still have more at the end.You will be so happy when you get this one – you will learn so much from Saekson, who is a master of masters.

Also Known As: Чок Дий, Chok Dee - Der Weg des Kämpfers, Chok-Dee - Az új évezred harcosa, O kickboxer, Chok Dee, the Kickboxer, Chok-Dee, Campeón de campeones, Chok Dee - Kämpfe um deinen Traum, The Kickboxer, Muay Thai

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