Sex addict and colonial theme park worker, Victor Mancini, has devised a complicated scam to pay for his mom’s hospital bills while she suffers from an Alzheimer’s disease that hides the truth about his childhood. He pretends to choke on food in a restaurant and the person who “saves” him will feel responsible for Victor for the rest of their lives.

Also Known As: Пунт, Zalknutí Czech, Tıkanma, Choke, セックス・クラブ, Soffocare, Aizrīties, Veliki zalogaj, Lämbumine, Fulladás, Udław się, Choke - Asfixia, Choke - Der Simulant, Choke - No Sufoco, Asfixia, 窒息遊戲, Задуха, Удушье, Tvrd zalogaj

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