A struggling actress earns the lead part in the production of ‘A Christmas Carol’, and falls in love with the director. But, the cast and crew need a Christmas miracle to save the show when the theater loses its lease.

Also Known As: Коледно бягство, Noel Dileği, Christmas Encore, A Peça de Natal, Bemutató karácsonyra, Bozicna predstava

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  • levi-fox
    levi fox

    I am a big Maggie Lawson fan from Psych and was excited about her being in a Christmas movie. I also love Brennan Elliot. They were both a delight throughout the movie. The first 30 minutes of the movie was pretty good. The movie lacked something in the execution of the story. The story was actually pretty good in which an actress gets her big break by starring in a Christmas play as a female scrooge. Wish they had included more of this play dynamic. The movie was not dull (stayed awake and engaged the whole time). A bit of a disappointment here but I hope Maggie keeps up the Christmas movies.

  • karlo-hermansen-nilsson
    karlo hermansen nilsson

    (Minor spoiler only, below.) This movie is a pretty typical Hallmark Christmas romance, but particularly light on Christmas themes. Christmas really is just when it happens to take place, Christmas is set dressing. But given what we do find out about the theater production, I guess that’s a good thing. The movie centers around an actress and an off-Broadway NY theater production of A Christmas Carol. The movie is NOT a retelling of the Dickens classic, though, and thank goodness. The minute or so they spend on an audition scene reveals that Scrooge laments the time she spent in the office, now alone with her laptop on Christmas eve, with her name merely on a cubicle where no one will see it. She concludes that she will remember the lessons of the spirits and work to achieve her goal of having her name in lights! Yes, really. Scrooge actually learned to focus her narcissistic selfishness. So it’s a great thing that we only see one more brief scene from their “modern take” on the Dickens classic. Now, “work to achieve your dreams” is an OK message, and it mirrors the main message of this movie well enough, but Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men, it ain’t. Since they picked A Christmas Carol as their production, it would have been nice to have a message concerning Christmas. Christmas movies often miss the true message of Christmas, but this one doesn’t even find the generic non-spiritual ones, like the joy of giving or getting cool presents. But nonetheless, there are reasons to watch. Maggie Lawson was great. She’s always enjoyable to watch, and did the best job here of anyone, although all of the performances were very solid. I did feel like they could have focused more on relationships with her character’s mother or friends, though. Or maybe the theater folks, who were under-utilized and seemed interesting.

  • nadiia-tsimbal
    nadiia tsimbal

    I missed seeing this movie when it was released in 2017 but I did catch it after Christmas 2018. I wish I could say I enjoyed this movie but unfortunately, it was just “ok”. It didn’t have that feel good effect on me. I also did not think there was any chemistry at all between the lead actors. Just another Christmas movie about some building or lodge in need of saving. I’m so bored any more with Hallmark Christmas movies. A Christmas Carol was not meant to ever be rewritten as a modern day tale (in my opinion) so for me, it was very far fetched!

  • teemu-salonen
    teemu salonen

    It’s a family movie which is supposed to be romantic and dramatic but unfortunately misses in both aspects. Its plot seems interesting but it also fails to deliver something good, as it is very linear, predictable and thus very unsatisfying. It has such a slow pace that it’s easier to fall asleep than pay attention to it, especially as it also doesn’t bring anything that might surprise you in any way. Its characters are also not very well developed, not managing to be likeable or to direct any sympathy towards them. To make matters worse, the finale is as predictable as It gets, not to mention the overall sensation that the movie leaves, that everything will be sorted very easily without breaking a sweat.There aren’t many things to mention on the plus side unfortunately, besides the core idea of the plot which was interesting (before actually seeing its implementation) and a couple of actors which are quite ok in their interpretation. It’s a shame that they weren’t able to do more with this movie, the final result being mediocre at best.

  • gulder-corlu-mansiz
    gulder corlu mansiz

    There is really nothing redeeming about this movie. It just doesn’t get it. It really has nothing to do with Christmas. Just doesn’t work. Maggie Lawson has got nothing going on. Ugh, Noting works in this movie.

  • nuri-schaaf
    nuri schaaf

    There’s nothing wrong with this movie, but there is also nothing really great about it. The story revolves around putting on a production of A Christmas Carol, which is pretty well used. (But the story itself is not patterned after Christmas Carol.) There is the additional plot device of they’re-going-to-close-our-theater-we-have-to-save-it. That’s also well used. It picks up some sentimental points with an underdog-makes-it-big story. And of course the romance. There aren’t any really exciting plot twists.The acting was good. Maggie Lawson is charming and optimistic and energetic. Brennan Elliott is his usual being a regular in the Hallmark romance stable. He’s maybe a tad old for Agostino. The rest of the cast was also decent.It’s pretty typical Hallmark, so if that’s what you like, you should like it well enough. If that’s not your cup of tea, this one is probably not for you.

  • james-berry
    james berry

    Tepid at best. Actress trying to make it big attempts to help save the local community theatre.

  • gaiciunas-dainius
    gaiciunas dainius

    Review Date 7/1/2018I Have Reviewed OVER 500 Christmas MOVIES. On all Christmas movies BEWARE OF FAKE REVIEWS & REVIEWERS. Many reviewers have only have ONE REVIEW. When it’s a POSITIVE REVIEW chances are that the reviewer was involved with the production. If its a negative review then they may have a huge grudge against the film for whatever reason. I am fare about these films.In this film A struggling actress cast in an off-Broadway show contemplates quitting the business and moving home. However, she has second thoughts after discovering a renewed passion for her craft. But when the historic theater where they perform loses its lease and the show is set to fold, she and her castmates need a Christmas miracle.This film is almost a chore to finish. It has some attractive leads but no great story to make this film worth remembering.

  • jennifer-glass
    jennifer glass

    OK, I admit I enjoy sappy holiday movies. I don’t expect award winning fare. I have no problem “suspending disbelief” for movies that incorporate magic, Santa, or even time travel. Christmas Encore pushed the boundaries a little too far. It starts AFTER Thanksgiving with nothing but a title and plans to put on a play for Christmas. That concept in an elementary school would be a massive stretch. This is a NY City theater. I can only imagine people who work both behind the scenes and on stage being mortified by the ridiculous time frame.Christmas Encore has the usual romantic conflict and misunderstanding (Which is minor so that is a positive) with a decent supporting cast. I wish some of the theater group had actually been shown doing their jobs. ie: sets, costumes. I love the set director, Sid.It is made more watchable by Brennan Elliott who seems to have become a Hallmark “go to” guy and Maggie Lawson who also has a Psych movie released at the same time. If you have time kill or are a fan of a cast member then by all means enjoy the movie. If you only have time to choose a few movies to watch, I would recommend moving on to another one…