It’s the approach to Christmas. Having gotten the travel bug from traveling around the world with her parents when she was growing up, Emory Blake is now a writer with Journeying, a travel magazine. She is planning on spending Christmas alone like she has many years in her adult life in being on assignment in the far corners of the globe more often than not. William, her boyfriend of six months, just broke up with her in needing a stable life as a couple, he realizing that she wouldn’t settle in one place, at least never for and with him. Veronica Giles, her editor and best friend, does give her a last minute assignment due December 23rd, it different from all the others before: write about a traditional American Christmas in whatever form Emory chooses. Corporate attorney Scott Hays has been a widower for a few years, he not yet having started to date again. Ever since his wife passed, he, his adolescent daughter Katy Hays, and his mother Marilyn Hays have not placed any effort on a traditional Christmas, instead having gone out for brunch at a hotel as their primary Christmas activity. This year, Katy has a bucket list of traditional Christmas activities she wants to do, just like the vague memories she has of what it was like when her mother was alive. Emory and the Hays meet when they are double booked in the same cabin at Pine Grove in the mountains, where each was going to spend the holidays. With no other rooms available anywhere in Pine Grove and with other circumstances at play, they decide to share the cabin. At a loss of even where to begin with her Christmas article, Emory, upon discovering Katy’s bucket list, uses the Hays’ Christmas as her starting point. In spending time together working on Katy’s list of activities, Emory, Scott, Katy and Marilyn begin to get the true Christmas spirit. In the process, Scott and Emory, unspoken to each other, start to fall for each other. While Emory can envision having a next chapter in her life as a writer in a less travel oriented form, she and Scott getting together may face the hurdle of Alice Bennett, the single mother of Johnny, one of Katy’s classmates, the two who are also spending the holidays in Pine Grove. Emory can see that Alice would like to be the next Mrs. Hays, and believes – mistakenly – that Scott may want her in that role.

Also Known As: Uma Viagem de Natal, Різдвяна ескапада, Un Noël traditionnel, Rod i juleromantikken, Due sotto un tetto, Beg za bozic, Christmas Getaway, Vacaciones navideñas, Рождественский отпуск

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