A meteor enters the Earth’s atmosphere and splits in two pieces. One piece strikes the center of a small mountain town and immediately starts to freeze everything and everyone nearby. The second piece forms a tropical zone amongst the snow and ice. A university grad student and a local man struggle to join the two pieces of the meteorite back together to save the town and mankind.

Also Known As: Natastrofe, Рождественская история, Ice Armageddon, Icetastrophe, Eissturm aus dem All, Oblodzone miasto, Catástrofes no Gelo, Ledena katastrofa za Božić, Dernier Noël avant l'Apocalypse, Ice Apocalypse, Jégkatasztrófa, Ledová zkáza Czech, Christmas Icetastrophe, Catástrofe helada

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  • buron-zolotas
    buron zolotas

    This movie was entertaining to watch if you can overlook a poorly written script with a ridiculous plot especially the ending along with special effects that were mostly badly done. However the actors did a good job considering what they had to work with and the cinematography was good with spectacular scenery despite some mistakes.

  • dr-f-horvath-gergo
    dr f horvath gergo

    The science made no sense but the special effects were a lot better then I expected.The plot was interesting, not the typical fair. The idea of a meteor splitting in two, one half cold and one half hot was a little far fetched.I liked the action in the movie, the boat scene and the snowmobile were the best. Out running the ice storms was a little over the top. This movie did not spare the bodies. A lot of good people died in this movie.One part that did not make a lot of sense to me was that every once in a while there was a gigantic ice crystal popping up out of the ground that could destroy a car or helicopter and would cause the cold to dissipate in all directions freezing every thing in its path.

  • nathan-lawrence
    nathan lawrence

    On TWO hooded jackets in the freezing cold while stranded in an “icetastrophe”, but she nor her boyfriend thought to put it on her head??That’s all I could think about while watching I guess an ice cold version of Sharknado with one of my favorite man crushes as the lead actor that’s now become a middle age hunk.Oh, and what’s even more ridiculous was the fact that that dad was able to find his son on a mountain, in a blizzard, as if he was following his son’s “find my phone” signal, but no, he just happened to walk right to his kid? LOL!It was that stupid, but still fun to watch as long as my crush didn’t die.

  • jeronimo-helena-soliz
    jeronimo helena soliz

    A meteor breaks up when it enters the atmosphere with part of it landing in Lennox, located 80 miles NE of Olympia. Rather than burn up the town, it freezes it. People freeze and break. Ice stalagmites come out of the ground at random and knock down helicopters. Then they shoot ice bullets. An expert tells us this is “not your garden variety meteor” shortly after she corrects our hero for calling it a meteor and not a meteorite.In one scene our hero asks the authorities, if the have “experience with this type of thing” as if he did.The characters weren’t great. The disaster wasn’t realistic. I would recommend “Snowmageddon” instead for humor and cheese.Guide: No F-bombs, sex. or nudity.

  • nadine-gruijl
    nadine gruijl

    Okay, so I’ll say this…the movie was nice but I could have done without all of the lead girl’s screaming. She was a little annoying and I did not like her brother at all so I was glad when he was out of the picture. Other than that, I’d say that it’s worth the watch. Side note: Her love interest, the young guy with the dark hair reminds me a lot of Edward (Robert P.) from the Twilight series. He’s kinda sexy!!!

  • lidia-sanna
    lidia sanna

    This movie has no real story, a total lack of directing talent, bad acting, and mediocre effects. Did I mention the story is pretty bad? This movie is a total waste of time. The people that pirated it should demand the producer refund the cost of the blank DVD. I expect movies of this type to have some degree of unbelievably odd concepts, but this is more of the same genre of those space movies that would be good if not for the lame premise, which is sort of the level of a beginning middle school student. Some of the recent disaster movies have depended quite a bit on CGI, but even that could not save this disaster of a disaster film. Watch it if you want, but don’t say I didn’t warn ya. Promoted from a 1 because I managed to make it through the thing. There are other disaster films that are not so good and totally science free, but would make for at least a fun evening. 2012, The day after tomorrow, the core, and several other “just fun” movies come to mind. I could see a cult following, but I doubt if it will become that well known.

  • kenneth-burke
    kenneth burke

    This movie will honestly leave you wondering why anyone would ever look at this as a finished piece of film. First of all, lets talk about the title, “Icetastrophe” …..? Is that really the only title a group of adults could come up with? You could have named it “Cold at Christmas” or “The Mysterious Meteor” or literally ANYTHING would have been better than “Icetastrophe”. The plot is very underwhelming with actors who look almost as disappointed to be in this movie, as I looked while watching it. There is pointless and ridiculous flash freezing of random people, who happen to be standing ONLY steps away from other people who are miraculously untouched by the cold. Pieces of meteor keep falling and somehow slicing through cops, which would have been funny, had it not been so sad that the movie was really that level of unrealistic and stupid.The way in which the plot and dialogue describe the meteors state and behavior is in no way possible… nor is it even likely in reality for a meteor to ever behave that way! It’s as though a child with no understanding of physics or astronomy, wrote the entire plot and then, directed the movie, from the point of view of a very small, very male , child like mind.The entire movie is completely cliché and predictable right down to the little love bird teenagers getting a stupid, yet happy ending.The one good thing I can say about this movie, and probably the only reason I watched it, is because the protagonist/ lead character actor, was very attractive. In closing, I honestly think this movie would have made a great parody disaster movie, had the actors been allowed to actually express in their dialogue, how terrible they truly thought the plot was, maybe throwing in a few jokes or some satire. The sad thing is, they actually meant us to take it seriously.

  • erica-eftimie
    erica eftimie

    There is nothing trite about this flick…well…except for everything. Additionally this movie is absolutely original and there is nothing formulaic about it. Why, you ask…because it is all true. Of course if one has seen ‘Jaws’ and/or ‘Dante’s Peak’, one may be inclined to believe that nothing was original in this movie. To them I say, ‘Ha!’ – I will not be taken down by such negativity. “Christmas Icetastrophy’ is a fun time-killer, well worth some of my attention. The CGI is pretty good except for the icicles jumping out of the ground. I think the cast was perfectly selected. For example, I think Victor Webster, who plays ‘Charlie Ratchet’, is no dull man-tool. So manly a man, I suspect he might have even shared a socket or two with Jennifer Spence’s character, Alex. Dr. Alex Novak, is a professor coming down from the university. What university, you say? Ha! It’s THEE University of course. So you know she is very smart and talks smartly as well. Professor Novak had such important lines, allow me to share one, ‘Wait, no one’s going to believe me.’ So many more catch-phrases of wisdom are uttered by The Neuro-Meteorological-Nympho-Astrophysicist from THEE University that I lose count. I will say, that every phrase she gasps is key – so pay close attention. Mayor Gibbons (played by Ben Cotton) enters the story as some arrogant, dumb, man-ape (gibbon – get it.) Lots of bad things happen to him and he ends up as some kind of quasi-hero at the end. ‘Post-spoiler alert,’ don’t read the sentence before this one or else you know he survives. As in other classics (i.e., ‘Sharknado’), main characters die all over the place, but that is what makes up any classic icetastrophy. I have seen this once; enjoyed it, but doubt I will see this again. I think it is worth one view at least…and for those who get hooked…buy the DVD. I am not hooked, but I was entertained.

  • bayan-dilsitan-alemdar-soylu
    bayan dilsitan alemdar soylu

    Christmas Icetastrophe is your usual nonsense disaster movie that played on the SyFy Channel. The story is no different to at least half a dozen others that have already been made and shown on that channel, and it merely consists of characters running away from a fast-moving mess of cold air which freezes anything it touches. A meteorite caused the disaster this time around, somewhat unbelievably. The cast is made up of clichéd characters, the script is monotonous, and the references to A Christmas Carol are completely pointless. Add in your usual round of awful CGI effects and you have all the ingredients. It really is an unrewarding film.

  • bill-allen
    bill allen

    The *only* good thing about this movie was the science lab scene with a rather holiday-enthused astronomer played by the brilliant Jonathon Young. Otherwise, this was the type of movie you only finish because you’ve already wasted so much time on it you have to keep watching to see JUST HOW BAD IT WILL GET… The story was ridiculous, the other actors were terrible and the special effects were worse than pathetic. I love a good sci-fi movie, but this was just a cheesy thriller with a crappy plot and nothing remotely convincing.

  • heather-case
    heather case

    It was very close to being so bad that it was fun to watch, but it lacked the necessary tongue in cheek or at least going over the top. In the end it was boring, really boring, while taking itself seriously. For something that doesn’t make any sense, the film ran like its makers expected viewers to take it seriously as well.For me the only notable thing was that the main cast was mostly taken from the Continuum TV show. Other than that everything was really silly, just not silly enough to entertain.But that’s just me. If you believe in meteor(ite)s that can lead to growing ice crystals that suck the heat from an area the size of a small town, while not interfering with the rest of the world climate, then this is the film for you.

  • janez-bevc
    janez bevc

    Icetastrophe is not a completely unwatchable movie and SyFy have done worse, it is a better movie (if only marginally) than their previous seasonal offering the 12 Disasters of Christmas.The movie does contain a few things that make it a little better than it could have been. A couple of the death scenes are cool, once you don’t mind that they’re not particularly inventive, and do have a little fun and suspense. Some of the scenery is reasonably attractive too, looking much more than basement or abandoned allotment quality, and there is the use of some nice seasonal songs that fit well (there should have been more though).However, apart from the scenery the production values for Icetastrophe are poorly done, it’s shot rather drearily, is drably lit and while there are worse special effects in SyFy movies they still look laughably fake (including ones that look like giant penises). The direction mostly ranges from flat to incompetent, only coming to life in some of the deaths. When the seasonal songs are not used, the movie is scored in an unappealingly loud monotonous drone, with muddied sound quality. The script is incredibly poor, with forced humour (mostly unintentional), tedious ham-fisted melodrama that bogs the movie down rather than adding anything and dialogue that often sounds like gibberish.Very little compelling about the story either, as well as being as thin as ice it takes stupidity to extremes (even for science fiction, the science is as far away from believable as you can possibly go), continuity errors are so sloppy that you could have sworn there wasn’t any and it suffers from a large lack of tension, fun or suspense (albeit with the odd moment) as a result of sluggish pacing and the overload of stupidity, my tolerance for silliness and stupidity is high but this was to the extent that it was impossible to take at face value or enjoy. The characters have no development to them and are devoid of personality too, while the acting is the usual messy mix of over-acting and blandness.Overall, not completely unwatchable but left me ice cold on the whole. 3/10 Bethany Cox

  • hrvoje-pokos
    hrvoje pokos

    This movie was so bad in so many ways that I wouldn’t even know where to begin.It is ‘amazing’ how some people can completely freeze to death and then shatter to pieces when the ice type avalanche hits, yet others can survive it countless times.The acting of MOST of the people in the movie was atrocious! Who in the world wrote the dialogue because that was horrendous! Two of the kids are ‘stranded’, survived two avalanches which come straight at them, the ice is meant to be sooooo cold that it freezes you on touch, yet they don’t even flinch. The girl just screams annoyingly throughout and the fact that she has no hat and is wearing flimsy clothes (not for that kind of snow) she seems to be fine. Then at one point when the boy makes a fire he says something like “tannen is just over the hill, we can make it” and her response is so pathetic “you promise?”. errr… what the heck?The meteor has apparently split into 2. one is extremely cold and the other extremely hot. So two heroic figures (surprise surprise) are going to put the meteor back together, LOL!! literally LOL! so one would think that since one side of the meteor is extremely cold the other would be extremely hot, right? WRONG! apparently it can be picked up by a human being wearing a mere heat resistant glove! LOL!it was just so bad, acting, dialogue, the movie, storyline, etc.

  • dr-nagy-a-emma
    dr nagy a emma

    In a nutshell…..asteroid hits town starting to celebrate Christmas, Santa gets flash frozen, people scream, people flee and good looking lead actor and actress save town just before everyone is flash frozen. Too bad Mystery Science Theater is not still on TV, because this movie is perfect for it. There is no story line, no character development, no acting of note, no anything other than wall-to-wall things/people being flash frozen. There is not even a point to who is/isn’t flash frozen. But trying to find something positive to say, it does have a lot of actors who were in other shows/movies that were much better. Its just a classically bad sci-fi movie and the kind of movie for people who are into such things.

  • ilari-lappalainen
    ilari lappalainen

    Aside for a selective few, like the recent Everest, disaster movies don’t really have amazing track record. So, one would already expect what to come from the poster or title here. Christmas Icetastrophe works by incorporating cheap CGI and shots where people stand very still to create the illusion of being frozen. It’s as silly as it sounds and even worse when one finds out that the trigger is meteor fall.As common sense, or countless depictions of Hollywood, would dictate, a meteor usually falls down to Earth in blazing glory. For this movie however, it will create instant ice age to wherever it touches. Scientific reasoning be damned, yet it still tries to convince audience with pseudoscience mumbo-jumbo, which undoubtedly be a great pivotal point for the plot.Cast is all sort of cliché. You have the heroic father, the one scientist who figures things out, the douchebag who may or may not redeem himself, incompetent authority figure, a few sidekicks for brief comedy and half of the town for death scenes. Everything plays out in dramatically predictable way.The effect itself is far from convincing, most of them literally a blue filter being applied to create cold effect. There are many scenes where people instantly freeze over in ludicrous fashion. It does tend to repeat this tricks many times over, it becomes stale and not even hammy funny at the end.Being B-movie doesn’t exemplified the lack of quality but for a movie called Christmas Icetastrophe, it delivers what expected of it, with the conviction and thrill of random employee forced to work at holiday.

  • reda-gaiciunas
    reda gaiciunas

    A meteorite brings ice and freezing temperatures, which threatens to harm the residents of a small Montana town at Christmas.It would be nice to be able to say good things about this film, but there really is nothing nice to say. The script is nonsense, the science completely made up (remember when SyFy had heart?) and none of the actors seem anything special. The romantic aspect is garbage, with two overall pale kids pretending to be cold… and not trying very hard, because the girl never even puts her hood up.Someone thought they were being clever by naming the rival families Ratchet and Crooge, an obvious allusion to “A Christmas Carol”. The head of the Crooge family is Ben, clearly a shortening of Ebenezer. But the problem is that the name “Crooge” sounds so forced coming out of the characters’ mouths… there had to be a better way.