The shy, lonely and outcast teenager Andrew Detmer is bullied and has no friends at high-school and lives with his abusive and alcoholic father Richard Detmer and his terminally ill mother Karen. Andrew buys a camera to film his everyday life. His cousin Matt Garetty drives him to school and invites Andrew to go to a party at night. Nearby they find a tunnel and suddenly acquire telekinetic abilities and Andrew becomes the most powerful. But he easily loses his temper and becomes dangerous while Matt tries to control him. When his mother needs a medicine and Andrew does not have enough money to buy it, his darker side overwhelms him and he becomes a menace.

Also Known As: Το χρονικό, Crónica, Az erő krónikája, Poder Sem Limites, Hronika, To hroniko, Chronique, Vaizdo dienorastis. Irasai turi galia, Хронiка, Хроника, Poder sin límites, Hronikas: pirmsakumi, Videopäevikud, Chronica bizman emet, Kronika, Cronici, Хроники, Dogaüstü, Chronicle, Kronike, Chronicle - Wozu bist du fähig?

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