Diah works in Busan, South Korea, as a tour guide. For three years she has been engaged to a local male named Jun-ho. The status never improves because Jun-ho always postpones their marriage. Their relationship crashes. Feeling disappointed and hurt, Diah is fainting. After regaining consciousness, Diah must not only face the reality of living without love and hope, but also without sight. During the depression, Nik comes and always give optimism and enthusiasm. Love seeds between them slowly appear.

Also Known As: Cinta itu Buta, Love Is Blind

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  • abc

    Not downloading ,even not playing

  • claire-jones
    claire jones

    This movie is love to watch. Funny but also romantic. I see many audiences cried in the end of the story. I recommend to watch this movie for couples, friends and husband wife. Proud of indonesian movie

  • luigi-ferreira
    luigi ferreira

    One of the best romcom movies I’ve ever seen. Dodit Mulyanto is the best comedian with his own style. A little confusing in the ending scene yet Shandy Aulia and Dodit’s chemistry in this movie is excellent. No regret to watch this movie with your family or spouse.

  • tara-macdonald
    tara macdonald

    It’s about time for Indonesian romantic/comedy movies to hire actors based on their characteristic not just any random pretty boys dressed up and given make up as a funny looking guys. I think there are a lot Dodit Mulyanto’s own lines in the movies which I think are really funny. Shandy Aulia’s act as a female who falls in love to a, not good looking guy, is quite natural. She shows no hesitation to be that close to Dodit. I’m glad I bring my wife and my parents to see this movie. It was really entertaining.