City of Hope is a portrait of a typical middle-sized American city of the present day. The crux of the story is an old apartment block which stands in the way of a major commercial development. Joe Rinaldi is the building contractor who owns the buildings, and is being pressured to torch them to permit the development to occur. His estranged son, Nick, soon becomes a pawn in the power politics of the city. Corrupt Mayor Baci and policeman O’Brien are determined to push the development, while idealistic city councilman Wynn soon finds himself torn between what he knows is right and what his black constituents want.

Also Known As: Город надежды, I poli tis elpidas, La ciudad de la esperanza, Ciudad de esperanza, Vida de Cidade, La città della speranza, Stadt der Hoffnung, A remény városa, 希望の街, La ciutat de l'esperança, Toivon kaupunki, Miasto nadziei, City of Hope

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