The son of an American coffee importer forms an unlikely bond with his Colombia counterpart. This romantic comedy follows the pairing of two 20-somethings thrown together by a business feud that may result in an even more unlikely romance.::Sean King

Also Known As: Coffee with Ana

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  • marit-klomp-jan-konings
    marit klomp jan konings

    I enjoyed every minute of this movie. The budding romance between two unlikely candidates flourishes in a delightful way. What should have been a business trip sorting out a deal between a U.S coffee importer and a supplier morphs into a shy awkward and refreshing boy-meets-girl story. It’s obvious that the two have feelings for each other, but the romance develops off screen in the imagination of the reader. A little physical contact wouldn’t have hurt, just a brush of hands and a closer embrace between the two dancing. Still, the two characters are believable, like the boy and girl next door. I think the way Ana shared about her Colombian culture was an added bonus. I am not sure about eating ants though… I don’t think the plot was totally believable at times, but I didn’t mind as the focus was on the young soon-to-be- couple and the serendipitous way they met. And one more thing, I dare anyone to produce such a wonderful movie with such a ridiculously low budget.

  • siem-jacobs-houdijk
    siem jacobs houdijk

    This movie is too bad, too, I watched until the end, Only good landscapes. Poor acting, all is poor here.

  • aniko-lomsaze
    aniko lomsaze

    Except introduced us the beautiful Columbia cities and the countryside, this film is actually a very boring and awkward turkey. Bad acting, bad cast, bad editing….etc. , etc. This film is some kind of a Columbia travel log, sponsored by the Columbia Tourism Bureau and PBS Globetrekker (?), but at least the Globetrekker episodes on PBS are more fun than this hollow film. The dialogs in this film between the two male and female characters and a few lines with the Columbian Coffee Export CEO, were so awkward and rigid without any meaning. The only good thing was through the camera lens we saw the messy but fascinating graffiti in Bogota and the beautiful spots everywhere in Columbia. This film just tried so hard to change the stereotyped and generic old version of Columbia that used to be the major cocaine export country, the murder capital in Latin America, the constant war and battleground among the drug lords. Not anymore, dude, now we only saw a revived and resurrected beautiful and almost spotless country in Latin America, its cities are so colorful and safe, the countryside so green and peaceful with fresh air and streams, except you must be careful when you get off the taxi.Just watch this film as a tourism movie or “Columbia for DUMMIES”.

  • theologos-otsos
    theologos otsos

    Travelogue for Colombia. King should never again appear before a camera. The only saving grace was the diminutive Camila Jurado.

  • balantes-poludoros-peukianakes
    balantes poludoros peukianakes

    Let’s be clear: this is a very very Indie Movie… and to be completely honest, it could compete in a Local Championship of Bad Acting.But it’s not pretentious and watching was absolutely pleasant for me: images are cool, camera is steady, shots are perfectly centered, the story flows with ease and follows a logical theme. Dialogue is actually good.Everything revolves around Camila Jurado (who really is an actress, and a very good one too) who graciously carries the entire thing on her shoulders. Anyway… I feel like recommending it and I send my compliments to the Kings (father and son) together with my best wishes for the future.A fine romance (as Dorothy Field would have said)…

  • sakalauskas-jolanta
    sakalauskas jolanta

    I really can’t say anything bad about this film, but it doesn’t quite live up to it’s potential either. The plot is very simple, and pretty much described in the synopsis or plot summary. The son of a U.S. coffee importer is sent to Columbia to meet with their supplier, and when he is forced to deal with a number of delays, ends up spending a few days with the supplier’s daughter who shows him around the surrounding countryside.The scenery, including charming towns and countryside is beautiful, as these two offspring of the business owners share memories of their childhood, while enjoying their adventures, and slowly warming to each other. There are no big plot twists, or shocking moments, it’s really a simple story about two people who wouldn’t normally meet, thrown together because of circumstances and start to develop feeling for each other. There is some chemistry, and the dialogue between the two mostly feels genuine and realistic. Worth mentioning that the musical score feels authentic for the location, and adds to the overall lighthearted mood of the film.A couple of final notes; this was a low-budget independent film, so as such, there are certain limitations here. The two actors are fine, but I would have liked to seen a little more flirtatiousness between them, more awkward sensual moments, where something almost happens, etc. I understand understated or subtlety, but it could have had a tad more sensuality. One very petty note too, the guys hair was a mess and somewhat distracting for a while. I’ve seen pics of the actor for other projects where it was neater, so this had to be intentional. It looked like his hair had never seen a comb or a brush, sorry…lol.Still, I would recommend this if the synopsis appeals to you, it may very well be your kind of movie. For what it is, it’s not a bad way to spend just over 90 minutes with these two likable characters.