Joe Martin, a quiet American, lives a quiet life in the South of France renting boats to tourists. He is happily married to Fabienne and has a twelve-year-old daughter named Michèle. But the quiet man has a past: ten years before, Joe (then Moran) had escaped with four other convicts, among whom the sadistic ex-mercenary Katanga. Seeing the latter brutally kill an M. P., Joe had abandoned his accomplices and left with the car. One night, Captain Ross, Katanga, Whitey and Fausto re-appear..

Also Known As: Cuvaj se prijatelja, Ένα Ήσυχο Κάθαρμα, Ena isyho katharma, Οι Επισκέπτες της Νύχτας, Kalter Schweiß West, Gece misafirleri, Kryos idrotas, Rautaiset hermot, Desforra entre Amigos, Συμβόλαιο Θανάτου, L'uomo dalle due ombre, Sudor frio, Zimny pot, Los compañeros del diablo, Oi episkeptes tis nyhtas, Kalter Schweiß, Kylmäverinen, Kylmä hiki, Iskalla nerver, De kom om natten, From the Boys, De Indringers, Hideg veríték, Κρύος Ιδρώτας, Symvolaio thanatou, Sudor frío, Sudoare rece, Visitantes na Noite, Los visitantes de la noche, Varuj se prijateljev, De vrienden laten groeten, De la part des copains, Revenge, Холодный пот Soviet, Студена пот, Cold Sweat

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  • anonymous

    The main bad guy “death” is not final…
    they defenetly left room for a sequel with that death scene…
    even threw the dough for him to start over.

    Cold sweat 2 :Hot sweat

    Katanga was washed ashore, lived and was captured by Alzeris…who cut off his legs with a rusty knife…
    left for dead…he wants revenge.

  • sara-newton
    sara newton

    Terrific car chase! The thing I like in older action films that they always have great car chase scenes. Cold Sweat isn’t an exception. The exiting chase with the old red Commodore and the police bikes on the mountain roads was definitely a highlight of this film. Stunt driver struggled a lot to keep the car on the road. At some frames you could clearly see that the car went off but in next frame it entered the corner under the perfect angle again. And the chase was fun to watch and I believe it was fun to the crew also. Especially for the driver.Though the rest of the movie wasn’t much special, it was still fun to watch. It gives lot of unintentional laughs also. Although big name cast (legendary Charles Bronson who probably made push-ups before every scene, Liv Ullmann and James Mason, who was in this movie only because he was very good friend with Terence Young) the acting was average, but not the worst I have seen. The story was quite trivial: ex-soldier whose past catches him and sets his family into danger. And I loved that breathtaking landscapes of South-France were all the action took place. Although this movie was definitely fun to watch and it wasn’t boring a bit. If you are hard core Charles Bronson fan you should see this. But I think hard core Bronson fans already have. 4 out of 10

  • reda-galdikas
    reda galdikas

    Cold Sweat is a Charles Bronson film done at the cusp of his career change when he was transitioning from character supporting player to rugged leading man. As the Bronson phenomenon was taking off James Mason who plays one of several villains in the film said he was assured of a good pay day by appearing in a Bronson film in support.Bronson is a Hemingway type of character American expatriate in Southern France making a living as a charter boat captain supporting his wife Liv Ullman and stepdaughter Yannick Delulle. Bronson’s been keeping secrets from Ullman, she doesn’t know he’s an ex-con who served time in military prison and is wanted by the West German police for his part in the killing of one of their police. Not that he did the deed in fact he broke from his gang when it happened. Still he’s guilty because he’s associated with those that did it.Which includes James Mason, Michel Constantin, Luigi Pistilli, and Jean Topart. They’ve looked him up as they want him and his boat as part of another deal. And they hold Ullman and Delulle hostage.The film also features Jill Ireland who was Bronson’s real life wife and mistress to James Mason in Cold Sweat. She plays a spaced out airhead heiress who takes up with Mason because it’s groovy. Jill’s probably digging Mason’s Tennessee accent, the same one he used a few years later in Mandingo.Cold Sweat is a routine action adventure programmer. It’s all right but Charles Bronson would give us better films in the 70s and 80s.

  • elisabeth-levy
    elisabeth levy

    Cold Sweet (1970) ** 1/2 (out of 4)Charles Bronsplay plays Joe Martin, a man living a happy life with his wife (Liv Ullmann) and her daughter. All of that is thrown out the window when his past comes back to haunt him. Captain Ross (James Mason) demands that Joe use his boat for a drug trade and this leads to a cat and mouse game.Terrence Young directs this entertaining if rather light weight action picture that fans of the action legend will enjoy while others will probably not be overly entertained by the thin plot. There’s no question that the plot really isn’t all that original and that a re-write certainly wouldn’t have hurt. Even by 1970 we had seen countless movies dealing with the family man and his past catching up with him.What keeps COLD SWEET moving and entertaining is the fact that you’ve got a wonderful group of actors. Bronson was just a natural at playing this soft-talking tough guys and he turns in a good performance. Both Ullmann and Mason certainly have much more important roles in their careers but it’s still fun seeing them in a film like this. Jill Ireland plays a hippie chick and it’s Luigi Pistilli who steals the picture as a cold-hearted bad guy.COLD SWEET features some very good action scenes including the finale with an excellent sequence of a car going down the side of a cliff that is highly entertaining. Again, this is a fun action film but one wishes that there was a bit more to the story.

  • karl-satherley-clarke
    karl satherley clarke

    Bronson is an American living in France. He operates a charter boat and is married to Liv Ullman. One night some men show up at his house and Ullman learns that she doesn’t know who he really is. While he was in a military prison, he had betrayed his former commanding officer James Mason, and now Mason is back to return the favour … and to hold Ullman and their daughter hostage until the debt is paid. A routine, but effective action thriller with a couple of major flaws. Bronson’s betrayal of Mason was really pretty egregious, but the film doesn’t seem to think our sympathy with him should be affected by that. Mason is unfortunately playing an American, and a Southerner too. His accent is beyond awful. Luigi Pistilli and Jill Ireland co-star.

  • viesturs-lagzdins
    viesturs lagzdins

    Terrance Young’s ‘Cold Sweat’ is a movie I feel that he (Mr. Young) was not completely satisfied with. This movie’s greatness would not have a chance had it excluded Mason and Bronson, these two great actors really held up the reins for this movie. Granted it can be complicated in parts because of the amount of scenes shot sporadically (I feel the same way about Rider on the Rain but nonetheless it is a great film as well) but regardless this movie is done very well. Jill Ireland makes a great appearance as a ‘hippie’ if I can use that term loosely, she was a very beautiful woman I might add too, boy did Charles Bronson have taste in women! But like I said this movie wouldn’t have two feet to stand on if it hadn’t had the great James Mason and you guessed it…the legendary Charles Bronson. More suspense than Thriller so don’t let the genre tag fool you. Nine out of Ten stars…a great movie.

  • federico-anabel-matias
    federico anabel matias

    I bought this film for $6.00 because I am a huge James Mason fan. I knew it was a bad film because of the previous reviews I read but I never thought it would be as bad as it was. The car chase, which was highlighted as the best thing was also a major let down, it was boring and stupid.Don’t waste your money, even if your a James Mason fan such as me. He puts on an Amercian accent so you can’t hear his suave English voice (most of the time anyway), and the quality of the film is crap. Don’t buy this because it will only make you think lesser of your favourite stars. (A little lesser of James Mason, but not much, because I know he is an excellent actor. Charles Bronson on the other hand leaves me with the impression that we have the worst actor for the century. How can this guy have been the most highly paid actor at one time?) If you want Bronson “action”, watch Death Wish, a good film. If you want Mason, watch North by Northwest, an excellent film.So remember, DON’T BUY THIS FILM, EVEN IF YOU WANT TO SEE YOUR FAVOURITE STARS, FIND SOMETHING ELSE BECAUSE YOU WILL BE AS DISAPPOINTED AS I WAS!

  • orlova-veronika-leonovna
    orlova veronika leonovna

    **SPOILERS** It seems that the film-makers of the movie “Cold Sweat” didn’t happen to see the rushes in that one very huge and obvious plot-hole in the movie has two of the heavies Fausto & Katanga, Luigi Pistilli & Jean Topart, reappear in the flick after the hero John Martin aka Moran,Charles Bronson, unceremoniously dispatched them just moments before! It was never even explained how they came back to life or to the hideout of the head of their Keystone Kops-like drug smuggling ring lead by ex-US army Captain Ross, James Mason, who’s southern accent was about as phony as a three dollar bill and just as cheap. Living the good life as a fisherman in the south of France John Martin is married to beautiful Fabienne, Liv Ullmann, as well as spending his free time drinking partying and gambling, where he never seems to lose, until his past catches up with him. Some seven years ago John together with a number of GI’s broke out of a US military stockade in Germany and got involved in smuggling stolen military equipment. Being the wheel man of the operation John checked out and left his fellow GI’s and one French Foreign Legionnaire out in the cold when the ex-Legionnaire, Katanga, murdered a German policeman who stopped to question them. Now seven years later these same gangsters, who were captured and sent back to prison, are out looking for revenge and plan to make John’s life,as well as that of his wife’s Fabienne and 12 year old step-daughter Michele(Yannick Dululle), hell. Instead of killing John the Ross gang seem to want to have him suffer as well as use his boat to smuggle heroin into France but their so inept that they end up all dead by the time the movie is over, most of them by their own hand! With the big boss Capt.Ross painfully bleeding to death, from a gunshot wound he got by accident from one of his gang members.Before he kicked off Capt. Ross had his hair-brained girlfriend Molra (Jill Ireland) go with John, who was being held captive after he had kidnapped her, back to town to get help before he bleeds to death. This sets up the movies exciting and dangerous car chase sequence with Molra and especially the doctor(Paul Bowifas),in the back seat, having trouble keeping awake.Back at the hideout both Fabienne & Michele make a run for it with Katanga hot on their tail after Capt. Ross finally checked out, with a little help from his friend, of the movie due to loss of blood. There’s a silly scene with both John’s wife and daughter setting the entire brush and woods on fire to stop Katanga from killing them only to be captured by him together with John who tried to come to their rescue. There’s also the mystery of what happened to Molra who just disappeared from sight, and the movie, as if she just had enough of this BS and walked off the set! The last we saw of Molra and the doctor was at the hideout trying to save or bring back to life the already dead Captain Ross.The movie “Cold Sweat” ends with a bang with the still alive and active Katanga, all his fellow hoodlums were long gone by then, getting John to take him out to sea at night in order to still pull off the switch, with the cover of darkness, in a heroin deal with a Turkish freighter. Katanga ends up as one of the many fireworks in and around the Southern French harbor town! that evening just happened to be July 14, France’s National Bastille Day!

  • alicia-gaines
    alicia gaines

    one of films only for fans. and not for every fan. because it is a real delight to admire Liv Ullmann , James Mason or Charles Bronson acting. but not in this case. first – the roles are only cages for crush the potential of each actor. the second – the story is not only well – known but almost boring. the past invading the present and events far by the same confrontation from Les Miserables. so, a predictable story, the same fights and tension, bad boy who becomes the good guy , the old fellows looking revenge. all as a ball from different rags. short , a B movie and this status represents the real problem because only memory remains the flour mask of James Mason and the pain of Liv Ullmann in a more than uncomfortable role.

  • sofia-da-pinho
    sofia da pinho

    Joe Moran is a fisherman who rents out boats in the south of France for holidaymakers. But what his wife & stepdaughter don’t know is that he was originally Joe Martin, an ex-soldier who left his corrupt comrades to get caught after they killed a German cop during a prison escape. The gang’s leader, Captain Ross, manages to track Joe down & kidnaps his family in order to force him to help them secure the money needed to escape the country. But Joe doesn’t take too kindly to those who threaten his family & promptly tries to sabotage their mission.Charles Bronson was one of the 1980s B-grade action icons, mainly due to starring as legendary vigilante Paul Kersey in the Death Wish series & some supporting roles in films ranging from the Vincent Price classic House of Wax to the likes of The Dirty Dozen. In the early 1970s, before he became a superstar thanks to Death Wish, he was making a living starring in thrillers like The Mechanic & Cold Sweat.Cold Sweat is a pretty reasonable thriller, nothing more. The pace is a bit on the slow side, enough to show the action set-pieces as being decidedly forced. Key point being the shootout & car chase during the final third of the film – the chase takes too long for the film’s pacing & is completely superfluous. There are also glaring flaws in the film’s story & internal logic.But what makes this otherwise mediocre thriller rate as passable for me is the fact that Charles Bronson, who is somewhat an underrated actor to me, gives a good performance (even though he only has one facial expression in that granite slab that passes for his face) & even has a little fun constantly thwarting the bad guys’ plans. The scene where Bronson & (future wife) Jill Ireland & a doctor they abducted to treat James Mason’s wounded villain are speeding to evade the police while Mason & a traitor comrade exchange gunfire while Liv Ullmann & Yannick de Lulle attempt to escape is passably exciting. This is also probably the only film you’ll ever find that has James Mason speaking in a Southern accent AND Jill Ireland playing a spaced out hippie. Not to mention that this is based on a story written by legendary Twilight Zone writer Richard Matheson (who also wrote I Am Legend). Not as well known as some of Bronson’s other films but if you track this down, it should make for interesting viewing.

  • gogita-kurtanize
    gogita kurtanize

    Charles Bronson is as cool as cool gets in this okay action-thriller based on a Richard Matheson novel. Bronson plays “Joe Martin”, American expatriate and boat expert living in France with a wife (Liv Ullmann) and stepdaughter (Yannick Delulle). One eventful night, his dark past catches up with him; an old associate, Ross (James Mason) wants him to atone for a past mistake by getting mixed up in the drug trade.”Cold Sweat” is an okay film of its kind. No more, no less. It’s directed with some competence if not an over-abundance of style by Terence Young (“Thunderball”). It mostly derives tension from the pressure put on Joe by such characters as Ross, Whitey (Michel Constantin), and Fausto (Luigi Pistilli). Of course, one is never in much doubt that Bronson will rise up righteous and kick some ass. He handles much of what goes on with some true savvy – and a fair amount of amusing dialogue.A drawling Mason is great fun to watch, especially as Ross must deal with unexpected difficulties. Some folks might say that Ullmann is slumming here, but she offers an appealing performance as a wife who tries her best to be strong. Bronson’s real-life love Jill Ireland is okay as a moll. But it’s Jean Topart who tends to steal the show, cast as a tough-talking, trigger-happy goon named Katanga.The unqualified highlight of the film is an extended car chase that is at least reasonably exciting. Bronson, who’s at the wheel, has a pretty imposing (and unlikely) deadline staring him in the face.Overall, “Cold Sweat” is well worth a look for fans of the star.Seven out of 10.

  • paata-basilashvili
    paata basilashvili

    This film just does not work. In fact, it was so painful, we turned it off.The basic flaws are in the characters. The actions of the characters do not make sense and leave you gasping for breath at their stupidity.It actually looks like part of the script was improvised or nobody checked the script after it was written.

  • thomas-tucker
    thomas tucker

    I had just told a girlfriend of mine that I love Charles Bronson movies. So we’re at the video store and I see this title on sale for $3.00 I had to have it. My Bronson collection would never be complete without this film. We came home, fixed a couple bowls of ice cream and popped in the flick. Fifteen minutes in, and I’m starting to worry. Half hour in and I’m becoming nauseous. One hour mark, I’ve had it. Out of the VCR please. My female companion asks “I thought you loved everything Charles Bronson did?” I don’t reply, simply throw the movie in the closet time capsule and hope future generations don’t run across this terrible film.

  • sharon-steele
    sharon steele

    One of Bronson’s European action movies and certainly not a bad one, although some reviewers will always want to say negative things about Charlie, because, well, he is Charlie. A much bigger problem in this (as in many more of his films) is the presence of Mrs Bronson, Jill Ireland. She was always in on the contract to get Charles himself in, as she was really a horrible actress most of the time in my opinion. In all his films in which she performs, she always has a role in the corner somewhere, as a hooker, as a hippie, as someone’s friend. Where Charlie usually didn’t say much, she said too much, which might have been the secret of their marriage. Anyway, Cold Sweat is in a brilliant R2 DVD from Canal Plus now, so stop arguing about poor film quality and fading colors and all that. One thing struck me as odd when you look at the actors and actresses involved. Some were very popular and much asked for names, whilst there are at least 4 or 5 people involved who only made 1 film, this one. Notably the girl who played Bronson’s daughter here could have done some more roles I gather, but you never know what happened.

  • kaylee-ramirez
    kaylee ramirez

    Charles Bronson (as Joe Martin) appears to be leading the good life, on the French Riviera. He sails with his lovely step-daughter, and plays cards with the boys. Mr. Bronson has a beautiful home, where housewife Liv Ullmann (as Fabienne Martin) watches westerns on TV, and fetches him beers. Ms. Ullmann and daughter are relatively recent additions to Bronson’s World – which is about to be rocked by the return of some really BAD men he knew when he was “Joe Morgan”.”Cold Sweat” is a fairly typical Bronson film, despite its origin, in France, as “De la part des copains”; and, the surprising appearance of Ullmann as the periled wife. The real Mrs. Bronson (Jill Ireland) appears later on, as the main squeeze for the film’s villainous James Mason (as Captain Ross). Mr. Mason’s slightly French influenced US Southern accent is interesting. Bronson is very fit. The 14 July “Bastille Day” is somewhat similar to America’s 4 July “Independence Day”. There is a too brief amount of female flesh. This is far from the best film in this genre; so, action afiliados should expect to be bored. **** Cold Sweat (12/18/70) Terence Young ~ Charles Bronson, Liv Ullmann, James Mason, Jill Ireland

  • max-ball
    max ball

    This gritty, straightforward, unpretentious, Charles Bronson hostage thriller relies on realistic, white-knuckled suspense to maintain its momentum throughout its tense 94 minutes. James Mason, Liv Ullmann, Jill Ireland, Michel Constantin, Luigi Pistilli and Jean Topart co-star in this no-nonsense, muscular yarn with the agile, charismatic Bronson. “Thunderball” director Terence Young emphasizes raw brute force as a man has to contend with criminal associates from his shady past who want to balance the books for his treachery. When “Cold Sweat” came out in 1970, the British censors complained about its violence, particularly a scene where Bronson snaps a crook’s neck without a qualm and then later on perforates a man with a flare pistol and turns him into a flaming shishkebab. Ostensibly based on Richard Matheson’s 1959 novella “Ride the Nightmare,” “Cold Sweat” depicts what happens when a group of unsavory thugs rupture the idyllic existence of Joe Martin. Scenarists Dorothea Bennett, Jo Eisinger, Albert Simonin, and Shimon Wincelberg have shifted the setting of the story from California to the scenic south of France. In the Matheson novel, Chris Martin had served as a getaway car driver for three bank robbers, but he abandoned them during the commission of a crime. The authorities arrested and sent them to prison. Meanwhile, Martin reformed, married, had a daughter, and found a responsible job as a music store owner. In “Cold Sweat,” Joe Martin lives with his wife, Fabienne, and her daughter and operates a charter fishing boat out of the port of Beaulieu-sur-Mer on the French Riviera between Nice and Monaco. Initially, Matheson had wrote “Nightmare” for an “Alfred Hitchcock Presents” television episode. “Cold Sweat” opens with Joe Martin (Charles Bronson of “Hard Times”)owns a deep-sea fishing boat and he is letting a client steer it into the harbor after a successful fishing expedition. Afterward, Joe gets into a poker game with some wharf buddies and wins a pile of dough from them. When he comes home to his wife, Fabienne (Liv Ullmann of “Persona”), Joe learns that somebody has been constantly called them. Somebody throws rocks at Joe’s windows and he sends Fabienne upstairs to lock herself up while he prowls around downstairs. Vermont ( Michel Constantin of “The Family”)catches Joe by surprise and clobbers him. Fabienne finds Joe unconscious on the kitchen floor. Vermont holds gun on Joe after he recovers and demands that he take him on his boat to an undisclosed destination. Joe outfoxes Vermont, disarms him in the kitchen and then cracks his neck. Fabienne grows suspicious when Joe refuses to phone the authorities. She argues that Joe killed Vermont in self-defense. Later, she accuses Joe of lying to her. Joe fills Fabienne in on his shady past. He served in the Korean War as an army sergeant. His commanding officer, Captain Ross (James Mason of “Lolita”),was a good soldier in combat. When the military transferred them back to Germany, Ross missed the combat. Worse, he got into graft, taking kickbacks from service clubs and hijacking U.S. Army trucks. He sold the stolen goods on the black market. “Sometimes around his headquarters,” Joe observes. “You couldn’t tell the Mafia from the army.” later, Joe ran into Ross in the stockade again because Ross had made ‘a pig of himself’ with his larcenous exploits. Joe was in the stockade because he struck a ‘chicken’ colonel when he got drunk. Ross invited Joe to join himself, Vermont and Fausto (Luigi Pistilli of “Eagles Over London”) in an escape effort. Ross knew Joe was a good driver. Unfortunately, during their break-out, the former Foreign Legion soldier who furnished them with new clothes and a car, Katanga (Jean Topart of “Action Man”)stabbed a German bicycle cop to death with a knife. The policeman had demanded to inspect their papers. Joe seized the car and left Ross and company to take the rap. Each drew a twenty year stretch in prison, and Joe would have gotten ten years. Vermont had finished seven years when he broke out and tracked down Joe.Fabienne and Joe cruise out to a desolate stretch of road and pitch Vermont’s corpse into the gorge. When they return home, they find Ross, Fausto, and a machine-gun wielding Katanga awaiting them. Ross keeps Fabienne at home and sends Katanga and Joe off in the charter boat to pick up a cache of opium from a Turkish ship. Joe gets the drop on Katanga and knocks him out. Meanwhile, Joe picks up Ross’s girlfriend, Moira (Jill Ireland) at the airport, punches out Fausto, and stashes her at a remote cabin.When he gets back, Joe discovers that Ross has kidnapped his step-daughter. Katanga recovers. Joe takes Ross and company to the cabin where he left Moria. When it looks like they have worked out their differences, Ross signals Katanga to open fire on the car that Fabienne is driving with her daughter. Joe and the former Legioneer struggle and Katanga accidentally kills Fausto and shoots Ross in the belly. Joe has to fetch a doctor for Ross before the villain loses too much blood and dies. Joe has to race back with the girlfriend and the doctor before Katanga kills Fabienne and his step-daughter.”Cold Sweat” qualifies as above-average with Bronson outsmarting both the criminals and the authorities. Although it is a pared down nail-biter that focuses on a small group of characters, this brisk thriller conjures up several twists and turns that keep the protagonist and his adversaries from taking things slow and easy. The biggest set-piece is a careening auto chase between our hero and two French motorcycle cops along a mountainside road with Bronson swerving recklessly around cars and trucks. Veteran stunt driver Rémy Julienne stages some tire-screeching scenes with a credible Bronson at the wheel. The novel charm of “Cold Sweat” is the off-beat casting of British actor James Mason as a drawling southerner and actress Liv Ullumann as Bronson’s love interest.

  • catalina-requena-cuellar
    catalina requena cuellar

    Yeah, it’s a terrible euro-pudding bomb, and Terence Young never was much of a director, but it’s also a film I saw when I was 12, where I discovered Bronson. As bad as the film (really !) is, CB is physically at his absolute best in it : thick moustache, black T-shirt, pumped-up muscles, he walks through “Cold sweat” with an incredible presence. Of course, his couple with Liv Ullmann is laughable, James Mason looks bored to death (he should be), Jill Ireland is pathetic as a hippie drug dealer (she did it again in “Assassination” years later). But as far as Bronson’s mythology is concerned (in Europe, at least), “Cold sweat” meant something at the time. The first time he was publicized as a superstar. For fans only…

  • dan-nguyen
    dan nguyen

    Usually this Italian Charles Bronson outing gets torn to shreds, but I found this sturdy, vigorous and taut crime feature to be modestly well-done in what it sets out to achieve with its modest budget. This would be the first international production (the others to follow ‘Red Sun (1971)’ and ‘The Valachi Papers (1972)’) and the weakest of three films, which director Terence Young would have Bronson in the leading role. Bronson is reliable and looks in good shape. Along side him there are recognizable faces in James Mason, Liv Ullmann, Jill Ireland, Luigi Pistilli, Michel Constantin and Jean Topart. The lesser support cast do an admirable job, but the likes of Mason, Ullmann and especially Ireland hit the bottom. Mason basically chews on his lines. Ullmann doesn’t look all that comfortable and Ireland just makes you cringe. The former two are wasted. Other than Bronson, it’s the villainous side-kicks Pistilli, Constantin and the cold-blooded Topart that are the life of the party. The script falls on the flimsy side. A tightly drilled and violently gritty story, but elementary straight-laced all-the-same. A former soldier/drug smuggler attempts to start a new life in the south of France with his family, but some of his ex-comrades return to settle a score. What begins as slow-grinding, laying out the premise’s predicament would gradually unfold into a collection of grit-your-teeth, cat-and-mouse set-pieces. Thrillingly fast, long-winded and twisty-turny cars chase being the pick of the lot. It’s not until the last half of the story when the raw, brutal explosiveness kicks in. The pace moves well enough, and the scenic photography of the European locations is fittingly captured. The bravura camera-work solidly gets amongst the action and the swirling music score is penetratingly overstated in a gusty fashion. Durable action joint.

  • florentina-dima
    florentina dima

    This is a great Bronson film, that has some wicked car chases, and great performances!. It’s very well made, and it was very entertaining throughout, plus Charles Bronson is simply amazing in this!. It has quite a few shocking scenes, and i really dug James Mason’s character, plus the ending was great!. This was not a popular Bronson film, however i really dug it, as i really dug the plot, plus there were a couple cool plot twists!. The character development was excellent, and Charles Bronson and Liv Ullmann had very good chemistry together, and i was rooting for them all the way, plus Bronson had some very cool one liners!. The setting was really cool, and all the characters were great, plus the finale was awesome!. This is a great Bronson film, that has some wicked car chases and great performances, i highly recommend this one!. The Direction is very good. Terence Young does a very good job here using a great location some great camera work, and keeping the film at a very fast pace!. There is a tiny bit of blood. We get some bloody wounds, gunshot wounds and a stabbing. The Acting is excellent!. Charles Bronson is AMAZING as he always, and is amazing here, he is very likable, witty, intense, had some very cool one liners, had very good chemistry with Liv Ullmann, kicked that ass, was tons of fun to watch, and i really dug the mind games between him and Mason!. (Bronson Ruled!). James Mason is fantastic here, he was sneaky, very likable, and really gave a fantastic show!. Liv Ullmann is very good as Bronson’s wife i liked her lots.Jill Ireland is beautiful, and does her job adequately, she was OK. Jean Topart is pretty good as one of the main villains, however he got on my nerves at times. Yannick Delulle is good as the daughter. Rest of the cast are okay. Overall i highly recommend this one!. ***1/2 out of 5

  • aurora-cristea
    aurora cristea

    In a nutshell, DE LA PART DES COPAINS is the standard Bronson ’70s European thriller. Bronson aficionados, like myself, will find it worth watching. But it’s also a document of several notable actors—Ullmann, Mason, Ireland.Bronson was, in the now distant ’70s, one of the American action stars affordable for the European thrillers.DE LA PART DES COPAINS seems very characteristic for the kind of movies this director, Terence Young, and these actors made in the ’70s, when Bronson was, on the footsteps on Marais, Belmondo and Delon, the action star of such Euro thrillers, Mason was, after a more distinguished movie career, a dependable character actor while Mrs. Liv Ullmann did various supporting parts in average outings (–she looks a bit innocent for her role in DE LA PART DES COPAINS–). Also characteristic is the note of ’70s sleaze brought in by the pedophile suggestions –Bronson’s daughter, her nice tits and Katanga’s lust for her. It’s true that the French thrillers were usually less sleazy and extravagant than the Italian ones. Unlike Marais and Belmondo, who both blossomed earlier, Bronson was strongly identified with sleaze.Mason plays a dignified villain, growing paler and paler from internal hemorrhage. Here the script is endearing in its physiological precision and medical keenness. Katanga, a kind of an arch–villain, is the least interesting character.Jill Ireland does a bit part.In DE LA PART DES COPAINS the pace is good and the flick proves quite suspenseful. This outing is representative for the Bronson of the ’70s—’80s. There’s not much to disappoint those who understand what Terence Young and the ’70s Bronson mean. The flick is even spiced with a glimpse of nudity and the repeated allusions to Bronson daughter’s _nubileness (without the creepy, alienating connotations from CAPE FEAR, made a decade earlier). Mrs. Ullmann had some legs to show. And her performance is required to be as physical as Bronson’s; as Mason remarks, she’s a tough girl. Otherwise, small cast, modest budget, nonsense plot line.The script, a Richard Matheson adaptation by Albert Simonin, is a minimal one, barely sketched.

  • kelsey-velasquez
    kelsey velasquez

    Charles Bronson takes his drearily and ultra-violent vendetta after his spouse , Liv Ullman and daughter , are kidnapped by a drug boss , James Mason , and his hoodlums: Michael Constantine , Luigi Pistilli , Jean Topart.This brutal thriller contains noisy action , car chases , intrigue , and lots of violence among crooks . However , filmmaking and writing are average .Typical Bronson flick has Charles in his ordinary role as an avenger taking law on his own hands. Based on the novel by Richard Matheson called “Ride the nightmare” which is butchered to produce the ordinary vengeance movie .It boasts superior cast with prestigious secondaries as Luigi Pistilli, Michael Constantine , the great James Mason and Jill Ireland, Bronson’s wife. Special mention for Jean Topart as a moronic henchman and Liv Ulmman who gives a nice acting as anguished and captured wife.It displays an atmospheric and thrilling score by Michael Magne. Including evocative cinematography shot on location in Francia , Azul Coast. This turgid motion picture was regularly directed by the prolific Terence Young, including some flaws and gaps. Young was an uneven filmmaker with hits and flops. As he made three of the best Bond films :Doctor No , Thunderball, From Russia with love , he also directed other genres , Western : Red Sun , Dramas /intrigue : Klansman, Bloodline , Jigsaw man , The poppy is also flower, wait until dark ; Costumer : Adventures of Moll Flanders , Adventure : The Rover and WWII : Triple Cross .Rating 5,5/10 , acceptable and passable . The movie will appeal to Bronson fans. Charles does all that can be expect of him and he will reward his legions of enthusiasts.

  • biktoria-korompoke
    biktoria korompoke

    On the action 50 pack classics I’m watching many older movies for the first time,since i enjoy the Charles Bronson films i thought i would enjoy cold sweat,i was right its a good Italian/french/Belgium co production about a Korean war veteran(Charles Bronson)who moves on with his life after being involved with gangsters who were in the military with him,most notably is an army captain (james mason)gone bad, he holds Bronson’s wife(Liv Ullman)and stepdaughter(yannick delulle)hostage there’s some good car chases,fighting and some pg violence.Bronson’s real life wife(Jill Ireland)plays the captains hipper girlfriend.its not as good as deathwish,but its a well made early Charles Bronson actioner. 8 out of 10.

  • gabrielle-humbert
    gabrielle humbert

    This film has a cast of all time greats of the Silver Screen, James Mason(Ross)”Lolita” who tries to hide his British accent, but he occasionally slips. Liv Ullman(Fabienne Martin) looks beautiful in this picture and plays a wife to Charles Bronson(Joe Martin)famous for his “Death Wish flicks” and the late Jill Ireland(Moira) who was married to Charles Bronson in real life. Throughout the film, there is always a car being driven through mountain roads around and around, and a desperate car chase to seek a doctor and then proceeds to run back over the same mountain roads. The car hits all kinds of cars, ditches and never seems to have a dent or broken windshield. If you like Charles Bronson, Jill Ireland, Liv Ullman and James Mason when they all looked young, this is worth watching. However, the plot is way out in left field!!!

  • yasmin-correia
    yasmin correia

    Though proudly billed as Terence Young’s COLD SWEAT, this turned out to be a below-average international concoction: the plot is formulaic – albeit adapted from a novel by Richard Matheson – one that Bronson often returned to, of a man whose past catches up with him (in fact, I recently watched Sergio Sollima’s similar but superior VIOLENT CITY [1970]).The film is doubly disappointing, however, for wasting the talents of actors of the caliber of James Mason and Liv Ullmann – the latter clearly wishes she was elsewhere, while the former often resorts to hamminess (with a ridiculous American accent to match). As expected, the narrative flanks Bronson with real-life spouse Jill Ireland – here in perhaps her most embarrassing performance as a spoiled hippie brat; needless to say, the star more often than not lets his physique do the acting for him – but his is an undeniable screen presence and, as I’ve written elsewhere, he just happened to fit the bill for what was required of an action star in the late 60s/70s.The supporting cast also includes Michel Constantin (who was also in VIOLENT CITY), “Euro-Cult” regular Luigi Pistilli, and Jean Topart – all of them appearing as members of Mason’s gang, with the latter being the most villainous of the lot and who gets his just desserts in memorable fashion. The best thing the violent film has going for it are the plentiful and exciting action sequences, particularly a lengthy – if somewhat irrelevant – car chase towards the end (once again, the work of Remy Julienne). Though the budget DVD at least presented it in the correct aspect ratio, the print for COLD SWEAT (which, along with a few other Bronson titles, has fallen into the public domain) was still too soft and murky to do justice to its variety of European locations.

  • briana-king
    briana king

    I watch movies for specific reasons. I don’t always look for such things as a plot. What did I get out of “Cold Sweat”?First, a reminder to mix business AND pleasure. The gentlemen who produced this could have filmed in New Jersey. Rather, they chose the south of France. Good choice! Beaulieau-sur-Mer in the south of France, as well as the lovely French countryside way down south.Charles Bronson pumped up, as usual. It appears that he does a set of push-ups before every scene. He’s cut, in a black T-Shirt for the whole film. And he’s not in his famous revenge mode. Here, he calculates. And expresses himself, emotionally. See the quote section…Terrance Young’s direction. Yes, the early Bond-film director is at his bond-vivant! best, with rich panoramas and an eye for pretty things. I’ll have another, garson.Nice Airport and a really cool 1970 hair salon. Think Korova milk bar ala Clockwork Orange.Old French cars from the late 60’s. Those Citroens are cool. And that off-roading experience in that red sedan was hilarious. Also, the close-up of the bias-ply tire folding over…priceless.Finally, attractive leading ladies.If you can find this movie, watch it! I found my DVD at Fleet Farm coupled with another Bronson movie, “Chino” for the reasonable charge of $4.99.

  • wayne-lucas-watts
    wayne lucas watts

    ‘Cold Sweat’ is a 70’s actioner I was actually quite pleasantly surprised by. Charles Bronson plays a guy whose cronies have caught up with him after spending many years in jail for a crime that he fled from. He’s in sanctuary in France with his wife (played, rather slummingly wouldn’t you say? By Liv Ullmann), and what do you know, his evil friends from the past catch up with him and takes his whole family hostage so that they can complete the One More Job together. Bronson accepts, but since this is a Bronson film, He’s Got Other Tricks Up His Sleeve. So begins a fun little cat and mouse game, mainly dealing with the daughter or other of the bad guys (played hilariously by James Mason) and the trade-offs Manson and Mason are fun to watch. There’s lots of chases too! Wee! Finally, I just want to comment on the print of the film I saw on DVD. It looked somewhat banged up, but I thought it just added to the viewing aesthetic of the movie! I just felt I was in a New York grindhouse movie theater, with this double featured with say, Dolomite or something.