The feature film directed by Elem Klimov, shot in the genre of military drama. The action takes place on the territory of Belarus in 1943. In the center of the story is a Belarusian boy, who witnesses the horrors of the Nazi punitive action, turning from a cheerful teenager into a gray-haired old man for two days.

Also Known As: Komm und sieh' West, Va' e vedi, Go and Look, Honoo 628, Kom en zie, Idz i patrz, Idi i smotri, Vino si vezi, Иди и смотри Soviet, Go and See, Иди и виж, Ga en kijk, Иди и смотри, Venga y vea, Idi i gledaj, Viens et vois, Requiem pour un massacre, Va et regarde, Geh und sieh East, Tule ja katso, Jdi a divej se, Ela na deis, Vem e Vê, Komm und sieh', Ubit Gitlera Soviet, Jöjj és lásd!, Idi i smotri Soviet, Έλα να δεις, Iди i дивись, Masacre, Du-te si vezi, Ven y mira, Pojdi in glej, Gel ve gör, Vá e Veja, Gå och se..., Masacre: Ven y mira, Jdi a dívej se Czech, Eik ir žiurek, Kom og se, Come and See

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  • steve-the-peeve
    Steve the Peeve

    What a disappointment! I tried watching on here because this great and unknown film (at least in the UK) seems almost impossible to find or buy, in the HD quality it merits. In the event you need a PhD to make the subtitles work properly (I don’t want to “vote” on the merits of different providers; I just want something which WORKS) and the buffering is terrible even with a high speed connection. If I wanted to be reminded of that old song about “The windmills of your mind” I could watch it on You Tube – not stare at the black circle on here whirring round for twenty minutes. In fairness, many thanks for your altruism in uploading this…but the results are a waste of human life. Sorry to be stroppy, but I could have spend my time looking for the DVD on eBay.

  • anonymous

    fix the subtitles, none of the two options you have actually match with the video

  • shawn

    Please fix the files so videos on this site will actually work thanks

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    please fix the subtitles, they are out of sync

  • critter

    COME AND SEE | Elem Klimov | Soviet Union | 1985 – Deep in the Russian hinterlands the Wehrmacht has saturated the ground, the atmosphere, the plant and animal life, and every function of humanity with chaos, deprivation, death, and horror. Klimov has not sought to present a slice of documentary pie, but offers the viewer an impressionistic head-soak that lingers in the psyche like a bad taste. A film of vast power and penetrating hopelessness. Written by Ales Adamovich, Belarusian Soviet writer, critic, and Doctor of Philosophy in philology. The narrative is fractured, offering no root of linear familiarity; but proceeding in jerks and snatches often without any sense of contiguous relation between segments. COME AND SEE could even be thought of as a sequel to IVAN’S CHILDHOOD, consisting of a pastiche of the executed Ivan’s memories wired together with confusion, dread, and frenzy.
    Venice Film Festival 2017 – Winner Venezia Classici Award – Best Restored Film
    IMDb Rating 8.3/10 – 46,926

  • vikv

    vikv can you make this movie play it wont work