Three young men with disabilities hit the road with a jaded nurse driver to a brothel in Montreal catering to people with special needs. Remake of the acclaimed Belgian film ‘Hasta La Vista’.::CAYA Film

Also Known As: Come As You Are

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  • maksimov-osip-fedosevich
    maksimov osip fedosevich

    This is done really well. Sit back and enjoy this movie!

  • adalberto-lomeli-cervantez
    adalberto lomeli cervantez

    So this was original to me, so heir heir, this was good and heartfelt humour on the issues of disability. to get laid as a multihandicapped are not easy, and the frustrations are truly hairpinning and earpinning to say the least, and where the sexual needs should be universal to everyone, the walls of moral and purity stands so tall so that it may choke you and you dont want to breath . ive been working as a medical nurse at a unit with physical multihandicapped people, and at several geriatrics centers, and ive always sensed the punity of not being able to get ones deeds done, sexuality are one of the human primal needs, like breathing and eating, so i praise them who dares to make films on this subject, so why sit in a rolling chair when you can sit in a rocking chair, its just a matter of fantasy and to lower the morals a bit……just a pity the makers didnt introduce a female caracter too in this flick, why is it always the males who shall have their nether parts cooked???well its a film worth seeing, mostly for its topic, and also for the nice acts done by the quartet main cast. also this film has a very vivid and very good score to follow the development of the story.the grumpy old man , have always had those radical ideas and solutions on my mind, but being a one percenter in my profession, its not an easy task to set ideas like this out in real life,the christian morals and female hang to filtyfy issues like this are like the wall of prays to overcome, but this was an inspiration to watch, and ill hope you will too, either abled or disabled, it is a brainopener. recommended

  • isabela-manole
    isabela manole

    Enough with remates that don’t add anything new except for the language. The original is great and deserves better attention and all the credits for its originality.

  • jose-angel-llobet
    jose angel llobet

    A buddy movie about 3 differently-abled young men who go on a road trip. It’s hysterically funny, moving with great character development, and the actors are pitch perfect.

  • albert-alvaro-clemente
    albert alvaro clemente

    I loved this movie. I was so lucky to get to see this at Tallgrass Film Festival in Wichita, Kansas. This movie is wonderful. Funny, sweet, sad, endearing and a little bit crazy. Three disabled sorta friends going to a brothel to lose their virginity with none other than the incredible Gabourey Sidibe hired to be their driver. I cannot recommend enough.