Since 1970, Comic-Con in San Diego has grown from an small and obscure comic book event, to a major multi-media extravaganza attracting thousands. As various creative celebrities discuss what attracts them to this shindig and how it has grown and changed, we follow various people who have come from all over. Whether it be a veteran comic book vendor trying to make a profit in an event that is now marginalizing his medium, aspiring artists wanting to break into it, an ambitious costumer or a romantic geek with a special surprise for his girlfriend, they all experience a special time of year where the fantastic imagination is celebrated.

Also Known As: Комик-Кон, эпизод четвертый: Фанатская надежда, Comic-Con Epizod V: Fani kontratakuja, Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope, Comic-con Episódio IV: Esperança dos Fãs, Comic Con: Ein Trip durch die Welt des größten Science-Fiction und Fantasy Festivals, Comic-Con: O Mundo da BD

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