Devon Butler is an eight-year old who dreams of being a cop. He watches police TV shows, knows police procedures, and plays cops and robbers with his friend Ray. One day, while snooping around in a warehouse, he witnesses a murder. He goes to the police, who want the information, but won’t get it until they make Devon a cop. The police then team him with veteran cop (and child hater) Nick McKenna, and the two team up in comic series of events to find the killer.

Also Known As: 2 atairiasta lagonika, Cop & 1/2, Ченге и половина, Un piedipiatti e mezzo, Hátulgombolós hekus, Bir Buçuk Polis, Um Tira e 1/2, Cop & a 1/2, Полицейский с половиной, Polícia de Palmo e Meio, Un flic et demi, Enas batsos kai misos, Un policía y medio, Póltora gliniarza, Cop & half, Maxi-strisser og mini-strømer, Un policía y pico, Kyttä ja puolikas, Cop & ½, Cop and a Half, En och en halv snut, Ein Cop und ein Halber

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