Nico Geraldi is a tough undercover cop in the manner of Serpico. His rough and unkempt appearance belies his seriousness regarding crime and criminals. As a ring of pickpockets and thieves plagues Geraldi’s city, he attempts to find the fences and criminal masterminds behind the thieves. Richard Russo is the crime boss. He successfully dodges the police, while he manages his criminal empire with cunning and ruthlessness. In the end, Geraldi must deal with Russo using unofficial means.

Also Known As: 暴走ひったくり750, Policaj proti tolpi, O akatanikitos me tin kokkini Honda, Cop in Blue Jeans, Die Strickmütze West, En Barsk Strømer, Jepari ryysyissä, O batsos me ta ble, Kamikazi, o ekdikitis, Boso hittakuri 750, Um Chui de Blue Jeans, Der Superbulle mit der Strickmütze, Snuten i dom blå jeansen, The Cop in Blue Jeans, Flics en jeans, Farmeres zsaru, Spaningspatruljen, Squadra antiscippo, Die Bullen auf den heißen Feuerstühlen West, Brigada todo terreno

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